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Name:Stereo Bar Closed
Location:Canada, Quebec, Montreal
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Miss Bijoux, Philgood, Mono-Poly
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
8 Photos
Techno.Fm & Noisefloor Present A Night Of Techno
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
7 Photos
Dirty Fridays: X-Cube, Jeff Fontaine
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
5 Photos
X-Cube & Jeff Fontaine
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
20 Photos
HeadzUp! Vs F.A.M.E. - Miles Moore Birthday Bash
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
1 Photos
Carrousel: Maus & Vega
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
9 Photos
No Excuse: Bender x-tended set
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
2 Photos
My Favorite Robot
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
6 Photos
No Excuse, Bender, Jeff Grosse(Boston)
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
3 Photos
No Excuse: Sean Kosa, Bender
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
6 Photos
Dirty - My Favorite Robot
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
30 Photos
Swanklove- Francois LeBaron, Oly Arsenal and Jeff
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
18 Photos
Juarez & Friends
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
14 Photos
Next Level
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
31 Photos
Amp_01, D.Manik, Nigel Sutton
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
83 Photos
Nigel Sutton, D.Manik
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
39 Photos
Stereo Bar...Next Level
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
83 Photos
History Of Events [ 477 Total ] [ Show Flyers ]
2010-11-12 11e Anniversaire: Lee Burridge (Gb), Tiefschwarz (All), Ostr2010-11-06 Danny Tenaglia (Nyc), Behrouz (Sf)
2010-11-05 Misstress Barbara (Canada), Maus (Canada)2010-10-30 Scareo: Rob Mirage (Nyc), Michelangelo (Usa)
2010-10-29 Shades Of Stereo: Steve Lawler (Gb), Leon (Italie), David Ph2010-10-23 Stereo Collective: Danny Torrence, Christian Pronovost
2010-10-22 Shades Of Stereo: Maher Daniel, Ostrich2010-10-16 Work: Peter Rauhofer (Nyc), David Tort (Esp)
2010-10-15 Get Physical: Dj T. (All), Maüs, Jorg2010-10-11 Junior Vasquez (Nyc), Angel Moraes (Nyc), Steve Bear Sas,, I
2010-10-10 Mark Farina (Sf), Max Hebert2010-10-09 After Bal Militaire: Abel Ramos (Esp), Stéphan Grondin
2010-10-08 Drumcode Vs Leftroom: Joel Mull (Gb), Matt Tolfrey (Gb), Inx2010-10-02 Victor Calderone (Nyc)
2010-10-01 Sander Kleinenberg (Uk)2010-09-25 Pablo Ceballos (Spain)
2010-09-18 The Martinez Brothers (Nyc)2010-09-17 Poker Flat Nights: Mr. C (Gb, Usa), Adultnapper (Usa)
2010-09-11 Steve Bear (Canada), Joubin (Canada)2010-09-10 Tone Depth (Canada), Maus (Canada)
2010-09-05 D-Formation (Spain), Joubin (Canada)2010-09-04 Cevin Fisher (Usa), Ned Sheperd (Canada)
2010-09-03 Harry Choo Choo Romero (Usa)2010-08-28 Pure Behrouz: Behrouz (Usa)
2010-08-27 Shades Of Stereo: Soundshaper, Maher Daniel, Ostrich2010-08-21 Stereo Collective: Nicola Torriero, Danny Torrence
2010-08-20 Lancement Du Cd Monitor: Erik El, Bruno Brown2010-08-14 Oscar G (Miami), Angel Moraes
2010-08-13 Stereo Fridays2010-08-07 Evolve: Victor Calderone (Nyc)
2010-08-06 Julian Prince, Terry Tilldawn2010-08-01 Dc, Ball: Ana Paula (Rio), Isaac Escalante (Mexico),
2010-07-31 Dc, Party: Freemasons (Gb), Peter Rauhofer (Nyc), Alain Jack2010-07-30 Dj Vibe (Portugal), Joubin
2010-07-24 Be Yourself Part 2: Danny Tenaglia (Nyc)2010-07-23 Danny Tenaglia (Nyc)
2010-07-17 Christian Pronovost, Steve Bear Sas2010-07-16 Album Release: Max Graham
2010-07-10 David Tort (Esp)2010-07-09 Circo Loco: Clive Henry (Gb), Matthias Tabzmann (All), Kenny
2010-07-03 Stéphan Grondin, Chris Soul (Nyc)2010-07-02 Soundshaper, Olivier Saint-Germain, Dominic Dublin
2010-06-30 Danny Howells (Gb)2010-06-26 Hector Romero (Nyc)
2010-06-25 Tiga, Ivan Smagghe (Paris), Thomas Von Party2010-06-23 Chus & Ceballos (Madrid)
2010-06-19 Angel Moraes (Nyc)2010-06-18 Steve Lawler (Gb)
2010-06-12 The Martinez Brothers (Nyc)2010-06-11 Sharam (Usa)
2010-06-05 Tom Stephan, Superchumbo (Londres)2010-06-04 Claude Vonstroke (Sf), Christian Martin (Usa), Voodeux (Usa)
2010-05-29 Sultan (Canada), Ned Shapard (Canada)2010-05-23 Victor Calderone (Nyc)
2010-05-22 John Creamer (Usa), Lee Kalt (Usa)2010-05-21 Dj Xl
2010-05-15 Harry Choo Choo Romero (Usa)2010-05-14 Tobi Neumann (Germany), Daniel Bell (Usa)
2010-05-08 D-Formation (Spain)2010-05-07 Satoshi Tomiie (Japan)
2010-05-01 All Night Long: Behrouz (La)2010-04-30 Stereo Fridays: Soundshaper, Dj Maüs
2010-04-24 All Night Long: Danny Torrence2010-04-23 Stereo Fridays: Dj Sneak, Max Hebert
2010-04-17 Peter Rauhofer, Steve Bear Sas2010-04-16 Dubfire
2010-04-10 Joubin, Nick Torriero2010-04-09 Noizes
2010-04-04 Subliminal Sessions: Erick Morill (Nyc)2010-04-03 Angel Moraes (Nyc), Nyan Narine
2010-04-02 Sander Kleinenberg (Holl), Ned Shepard2010-03-27 Chocolate Factory 2010: Onionz (Nyc), Joeski, Sameer, Frank
2010-03-26 Tone Depth2010-03-20 All Night Long: Chus & Ceballos (Madrid)
2010-03-19 Desolat Night: Loco Dice, Martin Buttrich, Livio & Roby2010-03-13 Def Mix: Frankie Knuckles (Nyc), Christian Pronovost
2010-03-12 Tiga, Seth Troxler, Thomas Von Party2010-03-06 Objectivity: The Martinez Brothers (Nyc), Danny Torrence
2010-03-05 Damian Lazarus, Jamie Jones, Maher Daniel2010-02-27 Dj Vibe
2010-02-20 Hector Romero2010-02-13 Victor Calderone (Nyc)
2010-02-06 Behrouz2010-01-30 Stereo Saturdays: Nouveau Concept, (Aucun Dj Ne Sera Dévoilé
2010-01-23 Stereo Saturdays: Nouveau Concept, (Aucun Dj Ne Sera Dévoilé2010-01-16 Stereo Saturdays: Nouveau Concept, (Aucun Dj Ne Sera Dévoilé
2010-01-15 Sultan, Ned Shepard, Maher Daniel2010-01-09 Stereo Saturdays: Nouveau Concept, (Aucun Dj Ne Sera Dévoilé
2010-01-02 Stereo Saturdays: Nouveau Concept, (Aucun Dj Ne Sera Dévoilé2009-12-31 Julian Prince, Danny Torrence, Joubin, Nicola Torriero, Brun
2009-12-26 Stereo Saturdays2009-12-19 Stereo Saturdays
2009-12-12 Stereo Saturdays2009-12-05 Stereo Saturdays
2009-12-03 Franz & Shape, Mini2009-11-21 Stereo Saturdays
2009-11-20 Stereo 10 Year Anniversary: Pure Behrouz2009-11-14 Stereo 10 Year Anniversary: Stereo Saturdays
2009-11-13 Tiga, Thomas Von Party, Audion Live2009-11-07 Stereo Saturdays: Nouveau Concept
2009-10-31 Halloween Special2009-10-30 Produkt Présente: Fedde Le Grand (Hollande)
2009-10-24 Saturdays2009-10-12 Victor Calderone (Nyc)
2009-10-11 Danny Howells (Uk)2009-10-10 Saturdays
2009-10-03 Saturdays2009-09-26 Saturdays
2009-09-19 Saturdays2009-09-12 Stereo Saturdays: Nouveau Concept!
2009-09-06 Roger Sanchez (Nyc), Alain Vinet2009-09-05 Stereo Saturdays: Nouveau Concept! Les Artistes Qui Performe
2009-09-04 Sharam (Wash), Sultan, Ned Shepard2008-11-28 Revival Nights: 3rd Edition Featuring Philgood And Miss Bijo
2008-11-28 Miss Bijoux, Philgood, Mono-Poly2008-11-08 Showcase
2008-10-31 Scary-O-Bar: Oly Arsenal, Julian Prince, Jeff Fontaine2008-10-25 Techno.Fm & Noisefloor Present A Night Of Techno
2008-09-27 Alessandro Y Kostas2008-09-26 St. Marc (Miami)
2008-09-26 Jeff Fontaine, Oly Arsenal2008-09-20 Patrick Hex, Bplex
2008-09-19 Jeff Fontaine, Matty Love, Danny Kay2008-09-13 Danny Torence, King Richard
2008-09-12 Jeff Fontaine, Chopin2008-09-06 Maher Daniel, Moevalith
2008-09-05 Jeff Fontaine, Saturnin2008-09-04 Jeudis Gl'amour, Dj Dusty
2008-08-29 Dirty Swank: Jeff Fontaine, Oly Arsenal2008-08-14 Maria's B'day Oldskool, Lost Tribe - Avrum And Jeff Gold
2008-08-06 Desyn Masiello2008-06-29 After8: Bruno Brown, Erik El
2008-06-28 Warm up2008-06-27 Dirty
2008-06-24 Chopin2008-06-21 Warm up
2008-06-21 After8: Nicola Torriero, Chopin2008-06-20 Dirty
2008-06-15 After8: Malick2008-06-14 After8: Max Hébert @ Stereo Bar
2008-06-13 Dirty: Maus, Jeff Fontaine2008-06-08 After8: Bruno Brown, Erik El
2008-06-07 Warm Up: Aziz2008-06-07 After8: Maher Daniel
2008-06-06 Dirty: Julian Prince, Jeff Fontaine2008-04-25 vendredi "DIRTY SWANK EDITION "
2008-04-05 After 8: Danny Torrence, DJ Malick, Joubin, Nicola Torriero2008-03-28 Jeff Fontaine, Oly Arsenal
2008-03-21 Dirty Fridays: X-Cube, Jeff Fontaine2008-03-14 Avrum Gold, Jeff Gold & Jeff Fontaine 3, 14, 08
2008-01-11 X-Cube & Jeff Fontaine2008-01-01 After 8: David Morales
2007-12-21 Dirty Fridays / w Gold Brothers2007-11-16 Bender vs. Jeff Fontaine
2007-10-19 Dirty Fridays - Gold edition2007-09-15 GLAM Saturdays - Frankie Madgenta guest
2007-09-14 Jeff Fontaine, Jeff Grosse2007-09-09 After 8: DJ Malick
2007-09-08 After 8: Just Jonathan2007-09-02 After 8: Patrick Guay
2007-09-01 After 8: Max Hebert2007-08-26 After 8: Just Jonathan
2007-08-25 After 8: Just Jonathan2007-08-19 After 8: Scott Free
2007-08-18 After 8: Max Hebert2007-08-12 After 8: Just Jonathan
2007-08-11 After 8: Jeff Fontaine2007-08-10 Stereobar Jeff Fontaine vs. Marinelli
2007-08-06 After 8: Patrick Guay2007-08-05 After8: Just Jonathan
2007-08-04 After 8: Max Hebert2007-07-29 After 8: Just Jonathan
2007-07-28 After 8: Max Hebert2007-07-22 After 8: Patrick Guay
2007-07-15 After 8: Danny Torrence2007-07-14 After 8: Max Hebert
2007-07-08 After 8: Alain Jackinsky2007-07-07 Steve Bear Sas, Domenic Pandolfo, Frank Turgeon
2007-07-07 After 8: Just Jonathan2007-06-30 After8: Max Hebert
2007-06-24 Joubin2007-06-23 Malick
2007-06-16 After8: Just Jonathan2007-06-10 Patrick Guay
2007-06-09 Danny Torrence, Domenic Pandolfo2007-06-08 Sultan, Ned Shepard, Tone Depth
2007-06-03 Just Jonathan2007-06-02 Philgood's Birthday Bash
2007-06-01 Hi-Tek Preparty: Jeff Grosse, Jeff Fontaine, Tazz2007-05-20 Diskhotek - Mateo Murphy, Jeff Grosse, Bald and the Beautifu
2007-04-26 HeadzUp! Vs F.A.M.E. - Miles Moore Birthday Bash2007-04-13 Groove Mechanics
2007-04-01 After8: Bruno Brown & Erik El2007-03-30 Swank - Oly 30th Birthday: Jeff Fontaine & Oly Arsenal
2007-03-24 Mouvement Pre-Party2007-03-23 Carrousel: Maus & Vega
2007-03-16 Dirty: Avrum Gold & Jeff Gold2007-03-14 Sex Appeal: Jeff Fontaine & Max Hebert
2007-03-11 After8: Blended Party2007-03-10 After8: Eddy Jasmin
2007-03-07 Sex Appeal2007-02-25 No Excuse Finale w/ Vega, Bender, Marinelli & Clifford Brown
2007-02-25 After8: Bruno Brown & Erik El2007-02-23 Caroussel w/ Saturnin & Vega
2007-02-18 No Excuse - Jeff Grosse (diskho) and Bender2007-02-11 No Excuse: Jeff Fontaine et Oly Arsenal
2007-02-10 After8: Max Hebert2007-02-09 Groove Mechanics: Eloi Brunelle & The Autist
2007-02-08 The Grand Bazar2007-02-04 No Excuse: Bender's tribute to Stephan Bodzin, Marinelli
2007-02-02 Trance Mission2007-01-28 No Excuse, Bender VS Vega 5 hrs set
2007-01-28 After8: Bruno Brown & Erik El2007-01-27 Steve "Bear" Sas & Domenic Pandolfo
2007-01-27 After8: Just Jonathan2007-01-26 Avrum Gold & Jeff Gold
2007-01-21 No Excuse w/ Sean Kosa & Romeo Kardec2007-01-19 Caroussel: Saturnin & Vega
2007-01-14 No Excuse, Bender, Maher Daniel2007-01-13 After8: Max Hebert
2007-01-12 Groove Mechanics: Eloi Brunelle & The Autist2007-01-07 No Excuse, Bender, Julian Prince
2007-01-02 After8: Bruno Brown & Erik El2006-12-30 Steve Bear Sas & Domenic Pandolfo
2006-12-29 Vega & Saturnin2006-12-27 Just Jonathan
2006-12-24 No Excuse: Bender x-tended set2006-12-23 Bruno Brown & Erik El
2006-12-22 My Favorite Robot2006-12-20 Jung & Nelson Yang
2006-12-17 No Excuse, Sean Kosa, Romeo Kardec2006-12-16 Just Jonathan & Luke Native
2006-12-15 Jeff Fontaine & Oly Arsenal2006-12-13 Aziz & Franco Fabi
2006-12-10 No Excuse, Bender, Jeff Grosse(Boston)2006-12-09 Max Hebert, Rob Brown & Steve Gatsoul
2006-12-08 Joubin & Nicola Torriero2006-12-06 Eddy Jasmin & Max Julien
2006-12-03 No Excuse: Sean Kosa, Bender2006-12-02 Eloi Brunelle & The Autist
2006-12-02 The Autist [Groove Mechanic]2006-12-01 Maher Daniel & Ned Shepard
2006-11-30 Dirty - Nyan Narine2006-11-29 Sex Appeal - Danny Torrence, David Morales (TBC)
2006-11-26 No Excuse - Bender (extended set)2006-11-25 Family Affair - Steve 'Bear' Sas, Dominic Pandolfo
2006-11-24 Swank - Jeff Fontaine, Oly Arsenal2006-11-23 Dirty - Julian Prince, Bender
2006-11-22 Sex Appeal - Lyle, Nelson Yang2006-11-19 No Excuse - Jason Pelletier, Sean Kosa
2006-11-18 After8: Saturnin2006-11-18 Shameless - Just Jonathan
2006-11-17 Carrousel - Vega (30th anniversaire), Saturnin2006-11-16 Dirty - My Favorite Robot
2006-11-15 Sex Appeal - Aziz, Franco Fabi2006-11-12 No Excuse - Bender, Sean Kosa
2006-11-11 Funktion - Max Herbert, Steve Gatsoul2006-11-11 After8: Just Jonathan
2006-11-10 Move Pre-party - Rob Brown, Leon Louder2006-11-09 Dirty - Maher Daniel, Steven Caicedo
2006-11-08 Sex Appeal - Robert Ouimet, Nelson Yang2006-11-05 No Excuse - Bender & Special Guest DJ
2006-11-04 Discovery - Frederic J2006-11-03 Groove Mechanics - Eloi Brunelle, The Autist
2006-11-02 Dirty - Steven Caicedo (extended set)2006-11-01 Sex Appeal - Max Julien, Eddy Jasmin
2006-10-09 After8: Bender2006-10-01 After8: Patrick Guay, Just Jonathan
2006-09-30 After8: Just Jonathan2006-09-24 After8: Creator
2006-09-23 After8: Ibra2006-09-17 After8: Patrick Guay
2006-09-16 Ze Night - 1st anniv.2006-09-16 After8: Malick
2006-09-15 XL and Just Jonathan2006-09-14 Dirty Thursdays
2006-09-10 After8: Just Jonathan2006-09-09 After8: Max Hebert
2006-09-03 Ulrich Van Bell2006-08-30 Sex Appeal: Stéfane Lippé, Danny Torrence
2006-08-23 Sex Appeal: Jung, Raz2006-08-18 Infatuate Me: Jung+ Just Jonathan
2006-08-12 Eloi Brunelle, Chuck Daniels2006-08-11 Infatuate Me: XL, Just Jonathan
2006-08-10 Avrum Gold, Jeff Gold2006-08-05 Veterans: The Autist, P-Freud
2006-08-03 Dirty: Paolo Mojo, Mighty Kat2006-07-26 Sex Appeal: Jung, Raz
2006-07-22 Ze Night w/Véga & Saturnin @ Stereobar2006-07-21 Pre-Move Party with Max Hébert & Phil Larochelle
2006-07-15 Swanklove- Francois LeBaron, Oly Arsenal and Jeff Fontaine2006-07-01 DJ Arsen + The Autist @ Stereobar
2006-06-30 "Infatuate Me" @ Stereobar with XL, Just Jonathan2006-06-24 "Ze Night" with DJs Satunin and Véga
2006-06-23 "Infatuate Me" @ Stereobar with XL, Just Jonathan2006-06-11 Party 4e anniversaire
2006-06-10 A Night With Malick2006-06-06 Dizzy: Villalobos, Mightykat, Vincent Lemieux
2006-05-26 MTLNights presents Dizzy on the Move w/ Mightykat & DJ Uzi2006-04-07 Rock It: Bender, Just Jonathan
2006-04-06 Dirty: Steve Porter & Joe Mama2006-03-31 XL, Bender
2006-03-30 Dirty: Luke Fair & Driss2006-03-24 XL, Bender
2006-03-23 Dirty: ToneDepth & Maher Daniel2006-03-17 XL, Just Jonathan
2006-03-16 Dirty: Desyn Masiello & Jeff Fontaine2006-03-09 Dirty: Bear & Nyan Narine
2006-03-03 XL, Bender2006-03-02 Dirty: Low End Specialists & Just Johnathan
2006-02-24 XL, Bender2006-02-22 Sex Appeal w/ Stéphan Grondin & Jeff Fontaine - levée de fon
2006-02-17 Éloi Brunelle & The Autist Birthday Bash2006-02-17 XL, Bender
2006-02-03 Sean Kosa & Just Jonathan2006-01-27 XL & Bender
2006-01-20 XL & Bender2006-01-13 XL & Bender
2006-01-06 XL & Bender2006-01-02 Patrick Guay à l'After Eight Dayclub
2006-01-01 François Lebaron à l'After Eight Dayclub2005-12-31 Saturnin à l'After Eight Dayclub
2005-12-30 XL, Bender2005-12-24 Just Jonathan & Friends à l'After Eight Dayclub
2005-12-23 Scott Free, Bender2005-12-18 Malick à l'After Eight Dayclub
2005-12-17 Philgood à l'After Eight Dayclub2005-12-16 XL, Bender
2005-12-11 Stéfane Lippé à l'After Eight Dayclub2005-12-10 Eloi Brunelle à l'After Eight Dayclub
2005-12-09 XL, Bender2005-12-04 A Night Of Depeche Mode Classics
2005-12-04 After Eight Dayclub2005-12-03 Danny Torrence à l'After 8 Dayclub
2005-11-04 Juarez & Friends2005-10-27 Uzi, Mighty Kat
2005-10-20 Uzi, Vincent Lemieux2005-10-15 Bender
2005-10-13 Uzi, Simon B2005-10-11 After Eight Dayclub
2005-10-06 Uzi, Bugo2005-09-29 Romeo Kardec
2005-09-24 After Eight Dayclub2005-09-23 XL with BENDER
2005-09-18 After Eight Dayclub2005-09-17 Swank Virgo Edition: Just Jonathan, Jeff Fontaine, Ooly
2005-09-17 After Eight Dayclub2005-09-11 After Eight Dayclub
2005-09-10 After Eight Dayclub2005-09-03 After8
2005-08-19 XL2005-08-18 Uzi, Vincent Lemieux
2005-07-23 After Eight2005-07-09 After Eight
2005-06-02 Next Level2005-05-27 XL
2005-05-20 XL2005-05-19 Dan B & Vano @ Stereobar
2005-05-14 Jeff Fontaine, Oliver Arsenault2005-05-13 XL
2005-05-05 Amp_01, D.Manik, Nigel Sutton2005-05-05 Stereo Bar...Next Level
2005-04-30 Danny Torrence2005-04-29 XL
2005-04-28 Jeff Fontaine2005-04-24 After Eight Day Club
2005-04-23 Max Hebert, Luc Raymond2005-04-22 XL
2005-04-21 Dan B, Vano2005-04-17 After Eight Day Club
2005-04-16 Miguel Garca, Marc Laflamme2005-04-15 XL
2005-04-14 Mateo Murphy2005-04-09 Jeff Fontaine, Oliver Arsenault
2005-04-08 XL2005-04-07 Nigel Sutton, D.Manik
2005-04-02 Rob Brown2005-03-27 After Eight Dayclub
2005-03-20 After Eight Day Club2005-03-07 Stereo Bar...Next Level
2005-03-05 Dan B, Vano2005-03-03 Next Level
2005-03-03 Stereo Bar...Next Level2005-02-11 Next Level
2005-02-11 Stereo Bar...Next Level2005-02-06 Stereo Bar...Next Level
2004-12-31 Max Hebert, Steven Caicedo, Sari2004-12-18 Eloi Brunelle, Gabo
2004-12-17 Jeff Fontaine, Matt Dimond2004-12-10 Lance Cashion
2004-12-03 Justin Time, Max Hebert, Rob Brown2004-11-27 Big Al
2004-11-26 Steven Caicedo2004-11-13 Patrick Dream
2004-11-12 Julian Prince, Matt Dimond2004-11-05 Max Hebert, Mighty Kat
2004-10-12 Gilles Jr2004-10-08 Frigid
2004-09-25 Danny Torrence2004-09-24 Taimur Agha
2004-09-18 Steven Caicedo2004-09-16 Philgood
2004-09-11 Serge Duchesne2004-09-10 Deepak Sharma
2004-09-03 Noah Pred, Mateo Murphy2004-08-13 Nivoc, Noah Pred
2004-08-12 Philgood, Maüs2004-08-06 Marcello Cruz, Tazz
2004-07-31 Danny Torrence2004-07-24 Serge Duchesne
2004-07-23 Steve Caicedo2004-07-23 Uzi
2004-07-17 Shadi Megallaa2004-07-16 Noah Pred, Leo Cruz
2004-07-10 Luc Raymond2004-07-09 Max Hebert, Insomnia
2004-07-09 Big Al, Sean Miller2004-07-08 Philgood, Pfreud
2004-07-03 Vivie-Ann2004-07-02 Joubin
2004-06-11 Ian Guthrie, Noah Pred2004-06-10 Cruz, Tazz
2004-06-03 Philgood B-Day Party!2004-05-21 Noah Pred
2004-04-30 Steven Caicedo, big guest Proton Session 2 years anniversary2004-04-28 Tony Desypris
2004-04-24 Darcy, Danny Torrence2004-04-23 Mike Shannon, Noah Pred
2004-04-21 DeepJ Max2004-04-17 Dj Torus
2004-04-16 Sari2004-04-14 Patrick Dream, DeepJ Max
2004-04-12 Danny Torrence, Neill McLeod, Stefane Lippe2004-04-10 Sebastien Triumph
2004-04-09 Max Hebert2004-04-07 DeepJ Max CD Giveaway - First 50
2004-04-03 Big Al2004-04-02 Dj Jung, Hassan
2004-03-31 Hump2004-03-27 David Morales, Big Al, Danny Torrence
2004-03-26 Max Hebert, Sari2004-03-25 Jojoflores, Misayo, Bugo
2004-03-24 Hump2004-03-20 Danny Torrence
2004-03-19 Mazi, Steven Caicedo2004-03-18 Jojoflores, Misayo, Bugo
2004-03-17 Hump2004-03-17 DeepJ Max
2004-03-13 Nivoc2004-03-12 Noah Pred Bday
2004-03-11 Jojoflores, Misayo, Bugo2004-03-10 Hump
2004-03-06 Progressia2004-03-05 Sari
2004-02-26 Jojoflores2004-02-20 Mike Bryant, Noah Pred
2004-02-13 Sari, Michael Daniel2004-02-12 Miss Molly, Marcelo Cruz
2004-02-06 Noah Pred, Pascal B2004-02-05 Jojoflores, Misayo, Bugo
2004-01-29 Martin McLeish2004-01-23 Noah Pred, Philgood
2004-01-22 Yannick B, Michael Terzian2004-01-16 Big Al, Sari
2004-01-15 Jojoflores, Misayo, Bugo2004-01-09 The Mole, Noah Pred
2004-01-08 Delabro2004-01-01 Eddie Lewis
2003-12-31 Chris Macphee2003-12-27 Euphoria
2003-12-26 Steven Caicedo, Matt Coleridge2003-12-20 Romeo Kardec
2003-12-19 Soultek, Matt Nee, Noah Pred2003-12-18 Bugo, Christian Pronovost
2003-12-14 Darcy, Sari2003-12-12 Genie, Sari
2003-08-29 Steven Caicedo 
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