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Name:Jello, Bar
Location:Canada, Quebec, Montreal
Description:Fact meets fantasy in this famed Montreal martini house, ranked three in the world and climbing. D├ęcor is colourful 80s kitsch, be it the retro bar, the louche lounge or the laid-back pool area. Bar staff are slick and stylish and big with their measures, mixing over 50 martinis from cherry to chocolate. Star turns include Nic Cage and Bruce Willis but who cares when there's a Bond girl dancing in your martini glass?
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Psycore X: Disko Tek
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
10 Photos
psycore X
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
4 Photos
History Of Events [ 89 Total ] [ Show Flyers ]
2011-02-22 Florence T,2009-12-18 Dj Kwab (Nyc)
2009-12-11 Network Fridays 5a9 Presents: Brad Slyde2009-12-08 Kristen Bussandri, Dj Sarcastic
2009-12-04 Jon Jonas2009-11-27 Massive Dynamic
2009-11-24 Yulbiz2009-11-20 Network Presents B'ugo
2009-11-13 Network Presents Mike Casali2009-03-07 Urban Preacher
2008-06-03 Elsiane, Caroline Keating2008-04-22 Tony Ezzy LIVE, Dj sarcastic
2008-03-25 New Groove Orchestra2008-01-31 Psycore X: Disko Tek
2008-01-24 psycore X2008-01-17 Psycore X
2008-01-15 New Groove Orchestra, Naughty Emilie @ Plug & Play2008-01-10 Psycore X
2008-01-03 Psycore X2007-12-27 psycore X
2007-12-20 Psycore X2007-12-13 Jeudi Electro dans le Jello !
2007-12-06 Les Jeudis au Jello bar !2007-11-20 Plug n Play feat Groove Attic, Skyhook (live)
2007-10-09 Plug & Play feat. Current Swell (live), Chris Velan (live), 2007-07-24 Kidney Stone, Randy Birthday LIVE w/ DJ Sarcastic
2007-06-26 Plug n Play feat. The Revealers, Mars Hill + DJ Sarcastic2007-05-29 Plug & Play: AOT, Mr Goodvibes, Sarcastic
2007-04-17 Plug & Play feat. AOT, Mr. Goodvibes, Karma & Lotus2007-03-20 Tony Ezzy, Karma & Lotus & Sarcastic @ Plug n' Play
2007-02-20 Plug & Play feat. Ashes on the Table (live), Karma & Lotus2007-02-06 Plug & Play
2007-01-23 Plug & Play feat. Sarcastic, Ashes on the Table, Karma & Lot2006-04-03 Manic Mondays
2006-02-01 The Wells, Sarcastic2005-12-04 U-Turn Sound System
2005-11-13 U-Turn2005-10-09 U-Turn Sessions: Danika's B-Day
2005-10-01 U-Turn Sessions 32005-09-18 U-Turn: Steven Caicedo, Danika, Anne-Marie
2005-08-21 U Turn Session: Steven Caicedo2005-06-30 Osunlade, Jojoflores
2005-06-23 Julie Mcknight, Kenny Bobien, Aya, Lady Bird, Cordell McClar2005-06-16 Jojoflores
2005-06-09 Therapy: Bugo, Misayo2005-06-02 Miss Molly, Misayo
2005-05-26 Jojoflores2005-05-19 Mat Chrysdale, Jojoflores, Misayo
2005-05-12 Jojoflores, Misayo2005-05-05 Jojoflores, Misayo
2005-04-28 Jojoflores, Misayo2005-04-21 Steven Caicedo
2005-04-14 Jojoflores, Misayo2005-04-07 Misayo, JaBig
2005-03-31 Misayo, Eddie Lewis2005-03-24 Steven Caicedo, Anne-Marie
2005-03-17 Jojoflores, Misayo, Mr. V, Alix Alvarez2005-03-10 Dj Zo, JaBig
2005-03-03 Misayo2005-02-24 Misayo, Jojoflores
2005-02-17 Charles Webster, Jojoflores2005-02-10 Jojoflores, Misayo, Tazz, Cruz
2005-01-27 Jojoflores, Misayo2005-01-20 Kalmunity, Jojoflores, Misayo
2005-01-13 Siji, Jojoflores, Misayo2005-01-06 Jojoflores, Misayo
2004-12-30 Jojoflores, Misayo2004-12-23 Jojoflores, Misayo
2004-10-03 Jeff Fontaine, Ooly2004-09-30 Jojoflores, Toddy Flores, Christian Pronovost
2004-09-23 Jojoflores, Misayo2004-09-16 Kalmunity
2004-09-12 Jeff Fontaine, Ooly, Matt Viz2004-09-09 Jojoflores, Misayo
2004-09-05 Jeff Fontaine, Ooly2004-09-02 Tyler Askew
2004-08-26 Eddie Lewis2004-08-22 Julian Prince, Jeff Fontaine, Ooly
2004-08-19 Kalmunity2004-08-12 Tazz, Cruz
2004-08-05 Mike Fresco, Simon B2004-08-01 Jeff Fontaine, Ooly
2004-07-29 Crisco, Dj Salvio, Jojoflores2004-07-22 Jojoflores, Misayo
2004-07-15 Dj Zo, JaBig2004-07-11 Jeff Fontaine, Ooly
2004-07-08 Mike Terzian2004-07-01 Colonel Abrams, Glenn Underground, Jojoflores, Afrolektic Or
2004-06-29 Cafe Soul, Joddy Flores 
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