Venues - Academy Dancehall
Name:Academy Dancehall
Location:Canada, Quebec, Montreal
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Ufc Pre-Party With Nc-17 & Guests!
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
20 Photos
Cruz Control, Omni : Comme Un Poisson Dans L'eau
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
14 Photos
Brace Yourself - Ed Rush & Optical [Virus]
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
79 Photos
Hardcore Underground A L'academy
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
6 Photos
13 % Diskfunctional W, Stephen Beaupre
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
9 Photos
CASPA (UK, Fabriclive, Dub Police)
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
47 Photos
Chemikal Mystery: Shane Gobi
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
56 Photos
Tribal Fuzion
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
6 Photos
Luna-C @ Freeform Fridays
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
45 Photos
[A]ppendics Shuffle, Mighty Kat, Mono-poly, Kasten
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
37 Photos
Planète Break... La Suite
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
70 Photos
F.A.M.E. & Soultek present a Red Circle Label Part
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
6 Photos
DJ Craze & MC Armanni
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
8 Photos
Planete Break - Le retour
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
58 Photos
F.A.M.E. Launch Party w/ Omni, Kosa & Kardec
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
118 Photos
Kasteniede, Joystick, Mighty Kat, Mono-poly
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
42 Photos
Extend Finale - Clifford Brown's Birthday w/ Philg
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
24 Photos
Soiree Risquee #24 monthly with Alka_Rex (NYC-live
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
14 Photos
Extend w/ Deebacc & Alexis Bowles
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
24 Photos
Extend - Caterpillars Edition w/ Axel Klein & X-Cu
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
37 Photos
DJ Craze
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
18 Photos
Extend - Italians do it Better w/ Yugo & Leo Cruz
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
11 Photos
Lazy Days session with Joshua aka Dj Iz (San Franc
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
16 Photos
Extend - Birds Edition w/ Fancy Fhreek & Sean Kosa
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
29 Photos
Extend w/ Robeat & Philgood
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
62 Photos
Extend - Rock Hard w/ Marinelli & Jordan Dare
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
10 Photos
Extend - Acid Halloween w/ JohnG & Plastique de Rê
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
19 Photos
Extend w/ Omni & Stitch - Death Party
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
7 Photos
Extend - Bliss' Birthday Bash !
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
1 Photos
Extend w/ Yugo & Philgood - Porn Edition !
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
7 Photos
Extend w/ Sean Kosa & Marinelli - Fire Crotch !
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
41 Photos
Dizzy: The Mole vs Mathew Jonson (Live), Mightykat
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
8 Photos
Reid Speed
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
28 Photos
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
67 Photos
Synesthesia 2
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
10 Photos
Noah's Ark
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
161 Photos
Friday the 13th vs. Valentine daze
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
39 Photos
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
14 Photos
After New Years 2004
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
23 Photos
Party D'noel - The Revenge of Satan Claus
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
146 Photos
Party D'Noel
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
183 Photos
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2010-09-30 Cartel Thursdays Present: A.K.12002010-09-09 Bass M.O.B. Mtl Presents Appleblim @ Cartel Thursdays
2010-05-01 House & Hohm - Dj Michael Terzian (Aka Sinister) & Avrum Gol2010-04-17 Lost Tribe Ω Opening: Buddah Morales, Nicola Torriero, Nyan
2010-04-16 Bass M.O.B. Presents Mrk1 (Uk)2010-03-05 Fulgeance (Fr), The Gulf Stream, Living~stone, Funkyfalz, Pr
2009-05-29 Rubber Room Fridays With Dj Mini And Davidé2009-05-22 Rubber Room Fridays With The Toxic Avenger And Davidé
2009-05-15 Rubber Room Fridays With Mary Hell And Davidé2009-05-09 "So Delirious" Mashup Party: Dj Offset, Who See
2009-05-08 Rubber Room Fridays With My Favorite Robot, Davidé2009-05-02 Bionik Monkeys
2009-05-01 Rubber Room Fridays: Davidé, Frigid & Plastik Patrik2009-04-25 Etch-A-Sketch
2009-04-24 Rubber Room Fridays: Davidé, Fashionisto & Adam L2009-04-17 Rubber Room Fridays With Resident Dj Davidé And Guest Dj May
2009-04-17 Ufc Pre-Party With Nc-17 & Guests!2009-04-11 Cruz Control, Omni : Comme Un Poisson Dans L'eau
2009-04-10 Rubber Room Fridays - Launches With Vnnr (Belgium)2009-03-20 Brace Yourself - Ed Rush & Optical [Virus]
2009-03-06 Hardcore Underground A L'academy2009-02-28 Deepsy
2009-02-27 Etch-A-Sketch2009-02-21 Deepsy Pres. Nick Holder & Marcelo Cruz @ Academy 21, 02, 09
2009-02-20 Indct Xposure: Just Glow2009-02-14 Tony Desypris (Utopia's Paradise) & Tazz
2009-02-14 Dub Hertz2009-01-30 Deep Under
2009-01-24 Kontakt: Yovan, Troy Carter, Moh2009-01-10 Deepsy Pres.: This Is My House Pt. 2 @ Academy
2009-01-09 Elektro Mayhem2008-12-31 Soulmeka Annual Nye Event
2008-12-27 Dj Datkat (Analog Soul-Nyc)2008-12-20 This Is My House W, Carlito (Percussionnist) & Tazz (Deepsy
2008-12-06 Utopia's Paradise: Tony Desypris & Tazz2008-12-05 Electro: Electrolyze, Kamaka
2008-11-29 Deepsy Pres.: Leave Ur High Heels At Home Pt. 2: Don Barbari2008-11-29 Hot Mess - Suicide Girls: Bind, Corey K, Mayday, Alix, Booty
2008-11-28 Night School: Techjio, Two Man Army, Okin Vs Dr. Bix2008-11-22 Deepsy & Soulmeka Pres.: Fred Everything At Academy
2008-11-21 Pompe Tes Pipes 5, Cruz Control2008-11-15 Deepsy Pres.: Can You Feel It: Underground Revival (Nyc) & T
2008-11-14 Scott Russell, Calculust2008-11-08 Full On: Bugo, Ashley Gauthier
2008-11-07 Glammerslammer2008-10-31 Halloween Glammer Slammer!!!
2008-10-24 Night School Co.2008-09-26 13 % Diskfunctional W, Stephen Beaupre
2008-09-20 Diskfunction: Maus, Mightykat, Dave Allison2008-09-19 Zoo Gang Invite Archipel, Monoblock
2008-09-13 Night School Co2008-08-30 Atyp Ft. Live Art, Danceoff, And More
2008-08-22 Zoo Gang 2: Miskate, Yan Parenteau, Sequential Factory, Clif2008-07-18 The Black Hands
2008-07-12 Fred Everything Album release party-Om records2008-07-11 Zoo Gang: Billy Dalessandro
2008-06-27 A-TYP ft. OpenBar, DanceOff & Romeo Kardec2008-06-21 Mono-poly Birthday, Kasteniede et Allied Nations @ AcademyCl
2008-04-26 Uzi & Jlove2008-04-19 CASPA (UK, Fabriclive, Dub Police)
2008-04-12 A-TYP (Open Bar)2008-03-29 Un Zoo la Nuit: Water Lilly
2008-03-08 Un Zoo la Nuit : Billy Dalessandro (Chicago)2008-02-23 Un Complot la Nuit - Mossa
2008-02-22 Komodo Dubs2008-02-09 Un Zoo la Nuit with Adultnapper
2008-02-08 Chemikal Mystery: Shane Gobi2008-02-02 Un Zoo la Nuit - DiskHoBalls
2008-02-02 Jeff Grosse + Clifford Brown + Romeo Kardec-DiskhoBalls2008-01-26 Purrvert: Electro Dance Party
2008-01-19 Un Zoo la Nuit2008-01-12 Un Zoo la Nuit - DuVall
2008-01-05 Un Zoo la Nuit - Clifford Brown's B*day with Snax (Berlin)2007-12-31 Soulmeka + Therapy annual NYE bash
2007-12-29 Un Zoo la Nuit: Tags Night2007-12-22 Un Zoo la Nuit - Clubber's Christmas
2007-12-15 Un Zoo la Nuit Launch: Justin Martin (San Fran)2007-11-28 HIP-HOP night
2007-11-24 Tribal Fuzion2007-11-10 Mr Flash (Ed Banger/France)
2007-10-27 Compact Disco Proudly Presents... Robert Ouimet VS. Philgood2007-10-19 Loose Joints pres. JOHN SELWAY
2007-09-29 Nu Ravers On The Block Party w/Felix Cartal (Paris)2007-09-28 Loose Joints presents MINI
2007-09-22 Vagitron U!2007-09-08 Borderline/Dj Quan-D-OUtcome (live) Fancyfhreek vs Alexis Bo
2007-09-06 Komodo Dubs2007-09-01 Compact Disco w/ Robert Ouimet
2007-08-31 Loose Joints: Jeffrey Sfire (Ghostly International) @ Academ2007-08-24 Luna-C @ Freeform Fridays
2007-08-17 [A]ppendics Shuffle, Mighty Kat, Mono-poly, Kasteniede2007-08-04 Compact Disco w/ Nicky Siano
2007-08-02 Komodo Dubs2007-07-28 Le Castle Vania, STA, NROTB
2007-07-21 Vagitron. It's On!2007-07-20 Disfunction: Rob Mello, Mighty Kat
2007-07-13 Soirée Risquée 302007-07-07 Compact Disco
2007-07-06 Planète Break... La Suite2007-07-05 Meet Me at the Gates / Komodo Dubs
2007-06-30 Nu Ravers On The Block: Junkies, Jordan Dare, NROTB2007-06-23 Compact Disco Launch
2007-06-16 Lazy Days Sessions w/ Fred Everything2007-06-15 Soirée Risquée 29
2007-06-09 Zélia presents : Kavinsky2007-06-08 Diskfunction: Mighty Kat, Sety
2007-06-07 Komodo Dubs2007-06-02 Lazy Days Session: Fred Everything
2007-05-25 Soirée Risquée 282007-05-18 F.A.M.E. & Soultek present a Red Circle Label Party feat. Ke
2007-05-11 Diskfunction: Justin Martin, Mightykat2007-05-05 Lazy Days session with Fred Everything
2007-05-04 Soirée Risquée 272007-05-03 Komodo Dubs
2007-04-28 Come Get Head2007-04-13 Diskfunction Jesse Morris, MightyKat, Soundshaper
2007-04-07 Nu Ravers On The Block with Trash Fashion (UK) LIVE, Cherry 2007-04-06 DJ Craze & MC Armanni
2007-03-31 Chris Duckenfield2007-03-29 F.A.M.E. w/ Clifford Brown, M.I.M. (Quebec), Kardec & Kosa
2007-03-27 Dizzy Tuesdays: Dav - Max Hebert2007-03-20 Dizzy Tuesdays: Ernesto - Bender
2007-03-16 Planete Break - Le retour2007-03-13 Dizzy Tuesdays: Mightykat - Bender
2007-03-10 Lazy Days session with Fred Everything2007-03-09 Diskfunction w/ Sammy Dee ( Perlon & PokerFlat) & Mightykat
2007-03-08 F.A.M.E. w/ Jason Pelletier & Nathan Zahn2007-03-06 Dizzy: Bob Hensen from Jacb London
2007-03-02 Soultek Session: Uzi, B'Ugo2007-03-01 Headz Up: Miles Moore, Michael Terzian
2007-02-27 Dizzy w/ Vincent Lemieux2007-02-20 Dizzy Tuesday with Eddy Jasmin & Mightykat
2007-02-16 Diskfunction : : Junction SM (Perlon) en collaboration avec 2007-02-13 Dizzy Tuesday with Saturnin & Mightykat
2007-02-10 Teranga session with Leon Louder2007-02-09 Soultek session with Uzi and B'Ugo
2007-02-08 F.A.M.E. Launch Party w/ Omni, Kosa & Kardec2007-02-02 Soultek session with Uzi and B'Ugo
2007-02-01 HeadzUp february 20072007-01-27 Lazy Days Sessions
2007-01-26 Vincent Lemieux,Crackhaus, Deadbeat2007-01-23 Dizzy tuesday-Uzi Birthday Bash-Mighty Kat and Simon B.
2007-01-19 Kasteniede, Joystick, Mighty Kat, Mono-poly2007-01-04 Headz Up!
2007-01-03 Extend Finale - Clifford Brown's Birthday w/ Philgood2006-12-29 Soultek session with Uzi and B'Ugo
2006-12-23 Annual Red Lazy Days session w/Fred Everything2006-12-22 Soiree Risquee #24 monthly with Alka_Rex (NYC-live), Akufen
2006-12-18 Extend w/ Deebacc & Alexis Bowles2006-12-16 Diskfunction w/Ken from ECB & MightKat
2006-12-11 Extend - Caterpillars Edition w/ Axel Klein & X-Cube2006-12-07 Headzup! B-day DJ Michael Terzian
2006-12-04 Extend - Rewind w/ Yafi & Bliss2006-12-01 DJ Craze
2006-11-28 Dizzy Tuesday w/Butane (Alpha house-Dum Unit/St louis)2006-11-27 Extend - Italians do it Better w/ Yugo & Leo Cruz
2006-11-25 Lazy Days session with Joshua aka Dj Iz (San Francisco) and 2006-11-24 Soirée Risquée 23 w/Chic Miniature (live),Ernesto (dj) and V
2006-11-21 Dizzy tuesday w/Vincent Lemieux and Mikael Weill (France)2006-11-20 Extend - Birds Edition w/ Fancy Fhreek & Sean Kosa
2006-11-17 Discfunktion with Bryan Jones (Chicago) and Mighty Kat2006-11-14 Dizzy w/Luci (Mutek rec) and Mighty Kat
2006-11-13 Extend w/ Robeat & Philgood2006-11-11 The Rub & Smalltown Djs
2006-11-10 Soultek session2006-11-07 Dizzy tuesday w/special guest Philip Sherburne (Barcelona) a
2006-11-06 Extend - Rock Hard w/ Marinelli & Jordan Dare2006-11-03 Soultek session
2006-11-02 Headzup!2006-10-31 Dizzy: MightyKat & Vincent Lemieux
2006-10-30 Extend - Acid Halloween w/ JohnG & Plastique de Rêve2006-10-24 Dizzy: MightyKat & Pheek (Live)
2006-10-23 Extend w/ Omni & Stitch - Death Party2006-10-21 Lazy Days: Fred Everything
2006-10-20 Soultek session (Hi tech soul documentary screening-10pm sha2006-10-17 Dizzy: Vincent Lemieux & Matt Rose
2006-10-16 Extend - Bliss' Birthday Bash !2006-10-13 Bad Luck Booty
2006-10-10 Dizzy: MightyKat2006-10-09 Extend w/ Yugo & Philgood - Porn Edition !
2006-10-03 Dizzy: Vincent Lemieux & Poontz2006-10-02 Extend w/ Sean Kosa & Marinelli - Fire Crotch !
2006-09-26 Dizzy: Claude Vonstroke & MightyKat2006-09-25 Extend Launch w/ Romeo Kardec
2006-09-19 Dizzy: Vincent Lemieux2006-09-12 Dizzy: Bender, Mighty Kat
2006-09-07 Headz Up: Miles Moore, Don Barbarino & Michael Terzian2006-08-29 Dizzy: Justin Long & MightyKat
2006-08-25 Soiree Risquee: Ark (Live), Akufen & Vincent Lemieux2006-08-22 Dizzy: The Mole vs Mathew Jonson (Live), Mightykat & Vincent
2006-08-18 Reid Speed2006-08-15 Dizzy: Mossa
2006-08-08 Dizzy: Mighty Kat2006-08-04 Angel Moraes presents Back to My Roots
2006-08-02 Headz Up: Miles Moore, Eloi Brunelle2006-08-01 Dizzy: Bruno Pronsato, Vincent Lemieux
2006-07-26 Women on Wax presents MS B & Ananamiss2006-07-25 Dizzy: Mike Gleeson & MightyKat
2006-07-18 Dizzy2006-07-11 Dizzy
2006-07-04 Dizzy w/Akufen & Vincent Lemieux2006-06-27 Dizzy w/MightyKat
2006-06-21 Hip Hop A La Flute2006-05-31 Women on Wax 1st Year Anniversary Party
2006-05-30 Dizzy II w/ Thomas Franzmann (Perlon)2006-05-23 Dizzy : Mightykat w/Jeff Samuel
2006-05-16 Dizzy: Mightykat, Justin Long2005-10-04 Tuesday Night Live
2004-09-04 Afterdark Free Party2004-04-02 Trancelys
2004-03-19 Synesthesia 22004-03-12 Distortio & Friends 2
2004-03-05 Laguna2004-02-27 Switch
2004-02-20 Noah's Ark2004-02-13 Friday the 13th vs. Valentine daze
2004-02-11 Input2004-02-06 I.Forgo.T
2004-01-23 Freak Records & Voielaktee2004-01-16 Toxicity
2004-01-09 IM52004-01-01 After New Years 2004
2003-12-30 Pre Party Apocalypse2003-12-26 Party D'noel - The Revenge of Satan Claus
2003-12-19 IM5 - Prenatal2003-12-12 12 MG
2003-12-05 Arkanoid2003-11-28 Tactikal
2003-11-14 Frie-Daze2003-11-07 Frie-Daze
2002-12-28 Party D'Noel 
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