Venues - Jupiter Room, Club
Name:Jupiter Room, Club
Location:Canada, Quebec, Montreal
Description:Sandwiched in between the developing extremities of the Main, Jupiter Room, on most evenings is packed with trucker capped patrons, distinguished gentlemen, and confused students.

Jupiter Room has a dingy feel to it, and in no way does it attempt to display the contrary. The floor layout makes it difficult to move around, but in someway, this heightens the décor. Speaking of which, Jupiter Room is all about dirty walls, exposed plumbing, and filthy lighting. There are no contrasts, what you see is what you get, and this is exactly what people want. People have fun, dance, drink, and enjoy the already relaxed atmosphere.

The music depends on the night, on Thursday you can hear 80’s music, but on Friday’s is hip-hop and old school R&B. However, the music does depend on the DJ, so pay close attention to what is going on with Jupiter Room.

Also, the pseudo-back-room looks like a fun place to hang out. Reminds me of a cave with a sign planted outside stating: beware of animals hidden in the dark. But by no means should this flashback of mine prevent you from chilling in the back - it is quite comfortable…
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Long Dark Tunnel Feat. Vilify, Construct
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
8 Photos
Trash Ta Face
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
12 Photos
Trash Ta Face
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
36 Photos
Long Dark Tunnel
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
2 Photos
Bullshit, Fun
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
11 Photos
We Love Drum & Bass
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
6 Photos
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2010-07-31 Back To The Roots : Soirée Jungle2010-07-17 We Heart Pressure
2010-07-03 Mod Club2010-07-02 La Touch
2010-06-30 Birthday Wednesdays2010-06-26 Mod Club
2010-06-25 La Touch2010-06-23 Birthday Wednesdays
2010-06-19 Mod Club2010-06-18 La Touch
2010-06-16 Birthday Wednesdays2010-06-12 Mod Club
2010-06-11 Long Dark Tunnel Feat. Ghostbeard [Ninja Tune]2010-06-09 Birthday Wednesdays
2010-06-05 Mod Club2010-06-04 La Touch
2010-06-02 Birthday Wednesdays2010-05-29 Mod Club
2010-05-28 La Touch2010-05-26 Birthday Wednesdays
2010-05-22 Mod Club2010-05-21 La Touch
2010-05-20 Mark Flash (Underground Resistance-Detroit)2010-05-19 Birthday Wednesdays
2010-05-15 Mod Club2010-05-14 La Touch
2010-05-12 Birthday Wednesdays2010-05-08 Mod Club
2010-05-07 La Touch2010-05-05 Birthday Wednesdays
2010-05-01 Mod Club2010-04-30 La Touch
2010-04-28 Birthday Wednesdays2010-04-24 Mod Club
2010-04-23 La Touch2010-04-21 Birthday Wednesdays
2010-04-17 Mod Club2010-04-16 La Touch
2010-04-14 Birthday Wednesdays2010-04-10 Mod Club
2010-04-09 La Touch2010-04-07 Birthday Wednesdays
2010-04-04 Jupiter Room Presents Dj' Jay West Argentina2010-04-03 Mod Club
2010-04-02 Long Dark Tunnel Feat. Vilify, Construct2010-03-31 Birthday Wednesdays
2010-03-27 Fuk U Later: Cherry Cola, Invités2010-03-26 La Touch
2010-03-25 Lioness, Times Neue Roman2010-03-24 Birthday Wednesdays
2010-03-20 Fuk U Later: Cherry Cola, Invités2010-03-19 Jupiter Room
2010-03-17 Birthday Wednesdays2010-03-13 Fuk U Later: Cherry Cola, Invités
2010-03-12 Young & Restless: Jackie Spade, Hakim Guelmi, & Rilly Guilty2010-03-10 Birthday Wednesdays
2010-03-06 Fuk U Later: Cherry Cola, Invités2010-03-05 Kick Fridays
2010-03-03 Birthday Wednesdays2010-02-27 Fuk U Later: Cherry Cola, Invités
2010-02-26 The Creamery Presents Cfcf With Jay Watts Iii & Advaance2010-02-24 Birthday Wednesdays
2010-02-20 Fuk U Later @ Jupiter Room2010-02-19 La Touch
2010-02-17 Birthday Wednesdays2010-02-13 Fuk U Later: Cherry Cola, Invités
2010-02-12 Long Dark Tunnel2010-02-10 Birthday Wednesdays
2010-02-06 Fuk U Later: Cherry Cola, Invités2010-02-05 La Touch
2010-02-04 Lancement Cd Pellep Pellep Pellep2010-02-03 Birthday Wednesdays
2010-01-30 Fuk U Later: Cherry Cola, Invités2010-01-29 Jupiter Fridays
2010-01-28 Jupiter Thursdays - Sean Nicholas Savage, Cotton Mouth, Flux2010-01-27 Birthday Wednesdays
2010-01-23 Fuk U Later: Cherry Cola, Invités2010-01-22 Jupiter Fridays
2010-01-21 Frosted Jack Flakes2010-01-20 Birthday Wednesdays
2010-01-16 Fuk U Later: Cherry Cola, Invités2010-01-15 La Touch
2010-01-14 Velvet Chrome, Shortpants Romance, Futensil, Cresting2010-01-13 Birthday Wednesdays
2010-01-09 Mod Club2010-01-08 La Touch
2010-01-06 Birthday Wednesdays2010-01-02 Mod Club
2010-01-01 La Touch2009-12-30 Birthday Wednesdays
2009-12-26 Fuk U Later ... (The Start)2009-12-25 La Touch
2009-12-23 Birthday Wednesdays2009-12-19 Trash Ta Face
2009-12-18 Pre-Christmas Jupiter Fridays Mayhem!2009-12-18 La Touch
2009-12-16 Dead Wife,, Slobs,, Crude Genes2009-12-12 2live Presents: Kid Aloha
2009-12-11 It's Jupiter Fridays!2009-12-10 Punk Rock Show
2009-12-09 Birthday Wednesdays2009-12-05 Empire Fundraiser Party
2009-12-04 Jupiter Fridays Get Messy!2009-12-02 Birthday Wednesdays
2009-11-28 2live Presents Dj Cherry Cola2009-11-27 Howard Jennings, Roads
2009-11-26 Nightwood2009-11-25 Birthday Wednesdays
2009-11-21 Trash Ta Face2009-11-20 Re-Lancement Du Ep Culte D'omnikrom
2009-11-18 Birthday Wednesdays2009-11-14 Synesthasia 2010 Model Auction
2009-11-13 La Touch2009-11-11 Birthday Wednesdays
2009-11-07 Mod Club2009-11-06 Long Dark Tunnel
2009-11-04 Birthday Wednesdays2009-09-05 Mod Club
2009-09-04 La Touch2009-09-02 Birthday Wednesdays
2009-08-29 Mod Club2009-08-28 Jupiter's Last Night On Earth Feat. Andres Velilla, Destro,,
2009-08-28 La Touch2009-08-26 Birthday Wednesdays
2009-08-22 Mod Club2009-08-21 Pompe Tes Pipes @ Stimulus Package (Jupiter Room)
2009-08-19 Birthday Wednesdays2009-08-15 Mod Club
2009-08-14 La Touch2009-08-12 Birthday Wednesdays
2009-08-08 Mod Club2009-08-07 La Touch
2009-08-05 Birthday Wednesdays2009-08-01 Mod Club
2009-07-31 La Touch2009-07-29 Birthday Wednesdays
2009-07-25 Mod Club2009-07-24 La Touch
2009-07-22 Birthday Wednesdays2009-07-18 Mod Club
2009-07-17 Pompe Tes Pipes @ Stimulus Package (Jupiter Room)2009-07-17 La Touch
2009-07-15 Birthday Wednesdays2009-07-11 Mod Club
2009-07-10 La Touch2009-07-08 Birthday Wednesdays
2009-07-04 Mod Club2009-07-03 La Touch
2009-07-01 Birthday Wednesdays2009-06-27 Mod Club
2009-06-26 Bed Bugz2009-06-26 La Touch
2009-06-25 Less Bullshit More Fun2009-06-24 Birthday Wednesdays
2009-06-20 Mod Club2009-06-20 Ctrl Frk: Omni
2009-06-19 Pompe Tes Pipes @ Stimulus Package2009-06-17 Birthday Wednesdays
2009-06-13 Ctrl Frk: Xofer, Two Man Army!2009-06-12 La Touch
2009-06-10 Birthday Wednesdays2009-06-06 Murdock Rock B-Day Bash With Opopo
2009-06-05 La Touch2009-06-04 Ultravox
2009-06-03 Birthday Wednesdays2009-05-30 This Invention Matters, Arietta, Oh No! Forest Fires, The Ba
2009-05-29 La Touch2009-05-28 Ultravox
2009-05-27 Birthday Wednesdays2009-05-23 Hardcore Underground Resurection
2009-05-22 La Touch2009-05-21 Djs Bliss & Mindbend @ Less Bullshit & More Fun
2009-05-20 Birthday Wednesdays2009-05-16 Mod Club
2009-05-15 Pompe Tes Pipes @ Stimulus Package2009-05-14 30 Years Of Milton !!!!
2009-05-13 Birthday Wednesdays2009-05-09 Mod Club
2009-05-08 La Touch2009-05-07 Ultravox
2009-05-06 Birthday Wednesdays2009-05-02 Mod Club
2009-05-01 La Touch2009-04-30 Ultravox
2009-04-29 Birthday Wednesdays2009-04-25 Mod Club
2009-04-24 La Touch2009-04-23 Ultravox
2009-04-22 Birthday Wednesdays2009-04-18 Mod Club
2009-04-17 La Touch2009-04-16 Ultravox
2009-04-15 Birthday Wednesdays2009-04-11 Mod Club
2009-04-10 La Touch2009-04-09 Ultravox
2009-04-08 Birthday Wednesdays2009-04-04 Mod Club
2009-04-03 Urban Preacher2009-04-02 Urban Preacher
2009-04-01 Birthday Wednesdays2009-03-28 Chaostomy
2009-03-27 La Touch2009-03-26 Ultravox
2009-03-25 Birthday Wednesdays2009-03-20 Pompe Tes Pipes
2009-03-19 Ultravox2009-03-18 Birthday Wednesdays
2009-03-14 Mod Club2009-03-13 Djs Bliss & Sarcastic @ La Touch
2009-03-12 Ultravox2009-03-11 Amos The Transparent, The High Dials, First You Get The Suga
2009-03-07 Mod Club2009-03-06 La Touch
2009-03-05 Bullshit, Fun2009-03-04 Birthday Wednesdays
2009-02-28 Mod Club2009-02-27 La Touch
2009-02-26 Ultravox2009-02-25 Birthday Wednesdays
2009-02-21 Mod Club2009-02-20 La Touch
2009-02-19 Ultravox2009-02-18 Birthday Wednesdays
2009-02-14 Mod Club2009-02-13 La Touch
2009-02-12 Ultravox2009-02-11 Birthday Wednesdays
2009-02-07 Mod Club2009-02-06 La Touch
2009-02-05 First You Get The Sugar, Revised Edition, Amos Joannides2009-02-04 Birthday Wednesdays
2009-01-31 Mod Club2009-01-30 La Touch: Jordan Dare
2009-01-29 Ultravox2009-01-25 Weekends Never End
2009-01-24 Mod Club2009-01-23 La Touch: Jordan Dare
2009-01-22 Hexes & Ohs [Video Release], Winter Gloves, Politique2009-01-18 Weekends Never End
2009-01-17 Mod Club2009-01-16 La Touch: Jordan Dare
2009-01-15 Ultravox2009-01-11 Weekends Never End
2009-01-10 Mod Club2009-01-09 La Touch: Jordan Dare
2009-01-08 Ultravox2009-01-07 Birthday Wednesdays
2009-01-04 Weekends Never End2009-01-03 Mod Club
2009-01-02 La Touch: Jordan Dare2009-01-01 Ultravox
2008-12-28 Weekends Never End2008-12-27 Mod Club
2008-12-25 Ultravox2008-12-21 Weekends Never End
2008-12-20 Mod Club2008-12-18 Ultravox
2008-12-14 Weekends Never End2008-12-13 Mod Club
2008-12-12 La Touch: Dj Bliss2008-12-11 Ultravox
2008-12-07 Weekends Never End2008-12-06 Mod Club
2008-12-04 Ultravox2008-11-29 Mod Club
2008-11-27 Ultravox2008-11-22 Mod Club
2008-11-20 Ultravox2008-11-15 Mod Club
2008-11-13 Ultravox2008-11-08 Mod Club
2008-11-07 Hot Mess Dance Party2008-11-06 Ultravox
2008-11-01 Mod Club2008-10-31 Hot Mess Dance Party
2008-10-24 Hot Mess Dance Party2008-10-17 Hot Mess Dance Party
2008-09-26 Corey K, Mayday2008-09-19 Hot Mess Vodka Party
2008-09-12 The Gold Diggers: Clifford Brown, Alix2008-08-29 Le Superclub Vagitron!
2008-08-23 Mod Club's Back To School Special2008-08-21 Call Sick On Friday
2008-08-15 The Gold Diggers2008-07-25 United Colours Of Vagitron
2008-07-18 The Gold Diggers2008-07-11 Hot Mess Invites You to Meet the Mess!
2008-07-04 Factory Walk2008-06-27 It 's All Gone VAGITRON!
2008-04-25 Kamaka, Bugo & Uzi2008-04-19 Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, Via Audio
2008-04-18 Fancyfhreek, Bugo & Minamanimal2008-04-11 Jan Pienkowski, Uzi, Minamanimal
2008-04-03 Ultravox2008-03-28 Soultek Session
2008-03-23 Tistik VS microzoo2008-02-29 Lazy Days session with Fred Everything
2008-02-14 Dj Hensforth, Teki Latex2008-01-31 Ultravox
2008-01-26 Mod Club2008-01-18 Teknik: Nova Fridays
2008-01-11 Nova2007-12-15 Soulmeka loves Chicago
2006-04-29 Bump & Hussle2006-04-15 Bump & Hussle
2006-02-19 Nimis birthday bash ( part like 3 ?!?!)2005-10-31 Electrocist
2005-06-15 We Love Drum & Bass2005-06-08 We Love Drum & Bass
2005-06-01 We Love Drum & Bass2005-05-25 We Love Drum & Bass
2005-05-18 We Love Drum & Bass2005-05-11 We Love Drum & Bass
2005-05-04 We Love Drum & Bass2005-04-27 We Love Drum & Bass
2005-02-10 L' Eighties Night2005-01-12 Disorder
2005-01-05 Disorder2004-12-22 Disorder
2004-12-01 Disorder2004-11-24 Disorder
2004-11-17 Disorder2004-11-10 Disorder
2004-11-03 Disorder2003-09-28 Montrealshows Showcase
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