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Name:Decibel Underground
Location:Canada, Quebec, Montreal
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If It's Too Loud, You're Too Old! Feat. Gridlok [L
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
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Konkrete Jungle Montreal
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
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2010-05-22 Cruz Control Présente Pour Son 3ème Anniversaire: Far Too Lo2010-03-13 Paral-Lel | Monkey Money
2010-02-12 First Love2010-01-23 Thump Think: Sabinonstop, Lectrik
2009-11-28 Maysr, Redd Dredd, Wreck2009-11-21 Maysr, Redd Dredd, Wreck
2009-11-14 Maysr, Redd Dredd, Wreck2009-11-11 Wednesday I'm In Love
2009-11-07 Maysr, Redd Dredd, Wreck2009-11-06 Paradise Garage
2009-10-31 Maysr, Redd Dredd, Wreck2009-10-30 Paradise Garage's Thriller Halloween
2009-10-30 Paradise Garage2009-10-24 Maysr, Redd Dredd, Wreck
2009-10-23 Paradise Garage2009-10-17 Maysr, Redd Dredd, Wreck
2009-10-10 Maysr, Redd Dredd, Wreck2009-10-03 Maysr, Redd Dredd, Wreck
2009-09-26 Maysr, Redd Dredd, Wreck2009-09-19 Maysr, Redd Dredd, Wreck
2009-09-12 Maysr, Redd Dredd, Wreck2009-09-05 Maysr, Redd Dredd, Wreck
2009-08-29 Maysr, Redd Dredd, Wreck2009-08-22 Maysr, Redd Dredd, Wreck
2009-08-21 Tunisiano, Sat, Cobna, 1pact, Craze2009-07-18 Headzup!: Mr. Pityful, Miles Moore
2009-07-11 If It's Too Loud, You're Too Old! Feat. Gridlok [L.A.]2009-06-12 Konkrete Jungle Montreal
2009-05-30 Total Science [Uk]2009-05-16 That Last Minute Thang !
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