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Name:Syndrome, Club
Location:Canada, Quebec, Montreal
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Canada, Quebec, Montreal
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2010-02-25 Party Années '802009-12-10 Discount Mtl#8
2009-11-26 Discount Mtl#62009-11-19 Discount Mtl#5
2009-11-12 Discount Mtl#42009-08-27 Cheap As Candy: '80s Night: Loon Choir, Stars And Sighs, Bat
2009-08-20 Cheap As Candy: The Gospel, Big In China2008-05-02 Friday Night
2007-06-30 C'est la fête à Corrine fak on s'en va au Syndrôme!2004-05-19 Syndrome Neurotik
2004-05-12 Syndrome Neurotik2004-05-05 Syndrome Neurotik
2004-04-28 Syndrome Neurotik2004-04-20 Syndrome Neurotik
2004-04-13 Syndrome Neurotik2004-04-11 Groovy Aardvark
2004-04-07 Syndrome Neurotik2004-03-31 Syndrome Neurotik
2004-03-24 Syndrome Neurotik2004-03-17 Syndrome Neurotik
2004-03-10 Syndrome Neurotik2004-03-03 Syndrome Neurotik
2004-02-25 Syndrome Neurotik2004-02-18 Syndrome Neurotik
2004-02-11 Syndrome Neurotik2004-02-04 Syndrome Neurotik
2004-01-28 Syndrome Neurotik 
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