Venues - St-Laurent 2, Bar
Name:St-Laurent 2, Bar
Location:Canada, Quebec, Montreal
History Of Events [ 35 Total ] [ Show Flyers ]
2010-03-09 Surprise Party2010-01-17 The Hoof & The Heel, The 'f' In Fresh
2009-12-06 Glory Glory Man United, Derbert Plaza, Chairs2009-09-06 Absent Sound (Winnipeg)
2009-08-02 Tribute To Muse: Infinite Moshka, Manahil2009-06-30 Glory Glory Man United (Halifax), Silver Starling
2009-06-19 SoirĂ©e Deathcore - Deeply Confused, Virulys, Crimson Lies In2009-06-04 Tonitix, Switzerland, La Couronne Feroce
2009-06-02 Brave Radar, Ok Vancouver Ok, Katie Caron, Rumours2009-05-15 Wet Dirt, Evan Symons, Rivers And Mountains
2009-03-22 Infinite Moksha, Sikatriss, Extinct Or Alive, Bridges To Dre2009-03-17 Glory Glory Man United, Archipelagos, Open Fields
2009-02-18 Metis Yeti, Monkey King, Kram Ran, Great Vowel Shift, Gmackr2009-02-14 Thank You [Thrill Jockey], Mi Ami [Ex-Black Eyes]
2009-02-12 Waterblues, Play Guitar, Michelle Tompkins2008-12-06 Devil Eyes, Soki Soki, Catl
2008-11-10 The Tanks, Alex MacLean & Ted Yates, Samuel Marcus2008-07-10 Korpius, Impalement
2008-07-05 Deceit, Salvation, INSAN3, A Death Lullaby2008-06-28 Eclipse, Elficus, Farsight
2008-06-14 Deeply Confused2008-05-23 Subversive
2008-05-14 Sleepless Nights, Boo Hoo2008-05-08 Jacob S. Harris, Luce Tg
2008-05-01 Sofisticators, Cobra Kiss, Ghetto Pony, Allen Lento2008-04-02 First You Get the Sugar, Little Foot Long Foot, Urban Preach
2008-03-22 Mariposa, The Postage Stamps, The Weather Station2008-03-15 Tokyo Sex Whale, Mad Parish, Speedhair
2008-03-01 Infinite Moksha, Ploz, Done Over, Mind Kill2008-02-21 Art Of Life, Sheldon Rourke, Swift Years
2008-02-16 Sickworld Musik, Jeff & The Unlikely's, Sheldon Rourke2008-02-08 Are You Hip: Jef And The Holograms, Bad Uncle, Postcards, Wh
2008-02-06 Hello Operator, Hexes & Ohs, Euphoria's Depression2008-01-31 Kickers, Coulees, Postcards
2007-11-14 Crowface, Normal Humans, Go Ghetto Tiger 
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