Venues - Friendship Cove
Name:Friendship Cove
Address:215a Murray
Location:Canada, Quebec, Montreal
History Of Events [ 45 Total ] [ Show Flyers ]
2010-03-31 These Are Powers, Javelin2010-03-29 Makeout Videotape, Silly Kissers, Homosexual Cops, Rat Tail,
2010-03-20 Teenanger, Hellshovel, Holy Cobras, Interracial Love Triangl2010-03-12 Girls Gone Mild: Data Cave, Team Canada, The Shambles
2010-03-05 The White Wires, Sonic Avenues, Walnut Kids Etc2010-01-30 Jeff The Brotherhood, Tonstartssbandht, Denial Tone, Rape Fa
2010-01-17 The Blind Shake, Omon Ra, Futensil, Interracial Love Triangl2009-12-03 Slim Twig, Dirty Beaches (Return), The Pink Noise
2009-11-22 Sunday Matinee Vol.4: Denial Tone, Crude Genes, Germ Attak, 2009-11-14 Mind Eraser, Obliteration, Omegas, Brazen Hell
2009-09-23 Wavves, Ganglians2009-09-18 Ty Segall
2009-09-12 Box Elders2009-09-04 Lullabye Arkestra, Metz
2009-08-30 The Smith Westerns, The Sunday Sinners2009-08-20 Daily Void (Ex-Functional Blackouts), Denial Tone, Tonitix
2009-08-19 Picked On, Common Enemy2009-08-16 Burning Love, Buildings, Vile Intent
2009-08-14 States, Postcards, The Walnut Kids, Foreign Bodies2009-08-09 Nobunny (Mem. Sneaky Pinks), The Pink Noise, The White Wires
2009-08-06 Dichotomy, Vile Intent, Shatter It All, Power Cup2009-07-31 School Jerkls, Reject, Foreign Bodies, Slobs
2009-07-26 Calvin Johnson, Bad Flirt, Adam And The Amethysts2009-07-17 Pulling Teeth, Pala, Kraken
2009-07-14 Hatred Surge, Mammoth Grinder, Brazen Hell, Vile Intent2009-07-11 Wet Hair, Dead Luke, The Pink Noise, Ect
2009-07-06 Glue, Cokebust, Sick Fix, Foreign Bodies, Slobs2009-06-23 The Apers, Sweet Heart Sebastian, The Walnut Kids
2009-06-18 Golden Triangle2009-06-12 Burning Love, Totally Stoked, Ended, Omegas, Vile Intent, Th
2009-06-10 Aids Wolf, Gay Beast, Nervous System, Miss Lady Swamp Pussy2009-06-08 Canadian Rifle, Barrier, Facials
2009-05-20 Tyvek, Black Feelings, Grand Trine2009-05-15 Complications, Omegas, Switzerland, Illegal, Foreign Bodies
2009-04-21 Box Elders [Nebraska], White Wires, Dead Wife, Dirty Wedding2009-03-07 Gastric Female Reflex, Dreamcatcher, Wasted Nymph
2009-02-08 Sunday Matinee Vol. 22008-12-20 Holi-Daze Bash: Ultra Thin, Big Chocolate Flavour, Dead Wife
2008-12-13 Criminal Damage, Complications, Omegas, Bad Habits, Prevenge2008-12-09 Teeth Mountain
2008-11-22 Blackships, Titan, Vile Intent, Prevenge2008-11-01 Friendship Cove Anniversary Party: Greenbelt Collective, Mix
2008-05-16 Danger danger mammoth hunter, Hey Predator!, Depost Through2008-04-25 Half Baked, Mathias Mental, A, V Hot Action, Organ Mood
2008-04-18 The Books Elusive, Open Fields 
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