Venues - Centre St-Ambroise
Name:Centre St-Ambroise
Location:Canada, Quebec, Montreal
History Of Events [ 11 Total ] [ Show Flyers ]
2010-03-26 The Room And "Between Two Wo-Orlds" Live Skit2009-08-20 Laura Aidanblaise, Jaimee Lee
2009-08-15 Ring My Bell: Italodisco Bike-In2009-06-27 Festival Folk Sur Le Canal
2009-06-23 Fraser, Steve Brockley, James Finnerty2009-05-16 Singer-Songwriter Mini Tour: Matt Stern, Daryl Lamoureux, Da
2008-09-16 Nano And Tim Rideout2008-05-03 John Kameel Farah, Inside A Mind, Blake Market
2008-04-25 Camaromance, Caroline Keating, Pale Ramone2008-02-22 Michael Reinhart, James Finnerty
2008-02-15 Amyl Nitrate, Greg D 
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