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Name:Katacombs, Les
Location:Canada, Quebec, Montreal
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Prism Code Tuesdays @ Katacombes
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
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Prism Code Tuesdays @ Katacombes
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
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Prism Code Psytrance Tuesdays @ Katacombes - Andre
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
188 Photos
Prism Code Tuesdays @ Katacombes
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
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Prism Code Tuesdays @ Katacombes
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
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Prism Code Psytrance Tuesdays Presents : Resident
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
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Amp Night, Ohgr Tickets Give Away
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
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2017-06-22 Iszoloscope, Vromb, Creature & More (Amp Industrial Night)2013-12-20 Warp Zone
2012-11-09 Paroxysm, Pallor Mortis, Impalement, Darkaeon2011-11-08 Prism Code Tuesdays @ Katacombes Grand Finale!!
2011-10-28 Ibd, Smurf X's Grave Yard Party2011-10-25 Prism Code Tuesdays @ Katacombes
2011-10-18 Prism Code Tuesdays @ Katacombes2011-10-11 Prism Code Tuesdays @ Katacombes
2011-10-04 Prism Code Tuesdays @ Katacombes2011-09-27 Prism Code Tuesdays @ Katacombes
2011-09-20 Prism Code Tuesdays @ Katacombes2011-08-30 Prism Code Tuesdays @ Katacombes
2011-08-23 Prism Code Tuesdays @ Katacombes2011-08-02 Prism Code Tuesdays @ Katacombes
2011-07-12 Prism Code Tuesdays @ Katacombes2011-07-05 Prism Code Tuesdays All Djane Night @ Katacombes
2011-07-02 Exhibition Grotesque2011-06-28 Prism Code Tuesdays @ Katacombes
2011-06-21 Prism Code Tuesdays @ Katacombes2011-05-10 Prism Code Tuesdays @ Katacombes
2011-05-03 Prism Code Tuesdays @ Katacombes2011-04-29 Trans-X Live: Alice And The Serial Numbers
2011-04-26 Prism Code Tuesdays @ Katacombes - Mesmerizer !2011-04-19 Prism Code Tuesdays @ Katacombes
2011-04-15 Grindcore: Mesrine, Carbonized 16 Yr-Old Victim, Discorp, Ra2011-04-12 Prism Code Tuesdays @ Katacombes
2011-04-05 Prism Code Tuesdays @ Katacombes2011-03-29 Prism Code Tuesdays @ Katacombes
2011-03-15 Prism Code Tuesdays @ Katacombes2011-03-08 Prism Code Tuesdays @ Katacombes
2011-03-01 Prism Code Tuesdays @ Katacombes2011-02-22 Prism Code Tuesdays @ Katacombes
2011-02-15 Prism Code Tuesdays @ Katacombes2011-02-08 Prism Code Tuesdays @ Katacombes
2011-02-04 Magazine Limouzine2011-02-01 Prism Code Tuesdays @ Katacombes
2011-01-25 Prism Code Tuesdays @ Katacombes2011-01-18 Prism Code Tuesdays @ Katacombes
2011-01-11 Prism Code Tuesdays @ Katacombes2010-12-21 Prism Code Psytrance Tuesdays @ Katacombes
2010-12-07 Prism Code Psytrance Tuesdays @ Katacombes2010-11-30 Prism Code Psytrance Tuesdays @ Katacombes - Andrei K's Birt
2010-11-23 Prism Code Psytrance Tuesdays @ Katacombes2010-11-19 Mtl Destruction Battle Of The Djs Presented By Supernova.Com
2010-11-16 Prism Code Tuesdays @ Katacombes2010-11-09 Prism Code Tuesdays Presents : The Tech Safari Crew
2010-11-02 Prism Code Tuesdays @ Katacombes2010-10-26 Prism Code Tuesdays @ Katacombes
2010-10-19 Prism Code Tuesdays @ Katacombes2010-10-12 Prism Code Tuesdays @ Katacombes
2010-10-05 Prism Code Tuesdays @ Katacombes2010-09-28 Prism Code Tuesdays @ Katacombes
2010-09-25 The Badass Conspiracy2010-09-02 Black Bomb A De Paris Aux Katacombes
2010-08-28 Enthroned, Destroyer 666, Pathology, Estuary, Cardiac Arrest2010-08-24 Prism Code Psytrance Tuesdays Presents : Resident Knights
2010-08-17 Prism Code Tuesdays Presents : Battle Royal (Round 1)2010-07-23 Aliceffekt, Orgasma Live : : Badass @ Katacombes
2010-06-28 Burning Monday2010-06-21 Burning Monday
2010-06-14 Burning Monday2010-06-11 Badass @ Katacombes
2010-06-07 Burning Monday2010-06-04 Imminent Live, Badass Dj's
2010-05-31 Burning Monday2010-05-24 Burning Monday
2010-05-17 Burning Monday2010-05-10 Burning Monday
2010-05-08 Show Deathmetal, Grindcore, Rock2010-05-03 Burning Monday
2010-04-26 Burning Monday2010-04-19 Burning Monday
2010-04-12 Burning Monday2010-04-05 Burning Monday
2010-03-29 Burning Monday2010-03-27 Kamikaze Dive
2010-03-26 Electroshock 05, Édition Body Electric2010-03-22 Burning Monday
2010-03-15 Burning Monday2010-03-08 Burning Monday
2010-03-06 The Bcasa [Album Launch], Rape Faction2010-03-01 Burning Monday
2010-02-22 Burning Monday2010-02-15 Burning Monday
2010-02-08 Burning Monday2010-02-04 Cjlo Punk Night
2010-02-01 Burning Monday2010-01-30 Anonymous - Cirque De Boudoir
2010-01-25 Burning Monday2010-01-18 Burning Monday
2010-01-16 Nevermore, A Night To Die For...2010-01-11 Burning Monday
2010-01-07 Cjlo Punk Night2010-01-04 Burning Monday
2009-12-28 Burning Monday2009-12-21 Burning Monday
2009-12-14 Burning Monday2009-12-07 Burning Monday
2009-11-30 Burning Monday2009-11-23 Burning Monday
2009-11-16 Burning Monday2009-11-11 Kryptos (India), Potential Threat
2009-11-09 Burning Monday2009-11-07 A Varning From Montreal: Lebenden Toten, Detonate, Hard Char
2009-11-06 A Varning From Montreal: Dsb, Warcry, Abandon, Brutal Knight2009-11-05 A Varning From Montreal: Unruled, Burning Love, Omegas, Urba
2009-11-02 Burning Monday2009-10-03 Blasphemy, Riotor, War Command, Deathroner
2009-09-12 The Varukers, Hymen Holocaust, Diskonected2009-09-11 The Varukers, Illegal, Reject
2009-09-01 A.N.S., Castavets2009-08-31 Burning Monday
2009-08-24 Burning Monday2009-08-22 Hypnophonics: The Arkhams And Nerve Control
2009-08-21 Vicious Cycle, Burning Love, The Castavets2009-08-17 Driller Killer, Malignant Tumor, Fatal Flaw, Reject
2009-08-10 Burning Monday2009-08-03 Burning Monday
2009-08-01 Unruled, Countdown Zero, Les Stups, Manic Manon, Diskonected2009-07-29 Jucifer, Bedlam, Ghast
2009-07-27 Burning Monday2009-07-20 Burning Monday
2009-07-13 Burning Monday2009-07-11 Light Of Shipwreck, Squalor, Ghidrah, Rei Rea
2009-07-06 Burning Monday2009-07-01 Bastardator
2009-06-29 Burning Monday2009-06-26 Contagium
2009-06-22 Burning Monday2009-06-19 The Vibrators, Farley's Fury, Out Of Order, Horny Bitches
2009-06-15 Burning Monday2009-06-13 Lords, Barn Burner, Titan, Vilipend
2009-06-08 Burning Monday2009-06-05 Black Sabbath, Ozzy Tribute
2009-06-01 Burning Monday2009-05-25 Burning Monday
2009-05-18 Burning Monday2009-05-16 Rash 10th Anniversary: Loikaemie
2009-05-15 Snfu, Ab Irato, Hold A Grudge, Crossbones2009-05-14 Dr. Know, The Frostbacks
2009-05-11 Burning Monday2009-05-09 Iron Fist, Dopethrone, And The Saga Continues
2009-05-04 Burning Monday2009-04-27 Burning Monday
2009-04-25 Immoral Squad, Persistence2009-04-24 Memories Of An Old Man, Welwitschia, Mankillsman
2009-04-20 Burning Monday2009-04-13 Burning Monday
2009-04-06 Burning Monday2009-04-03 Uk Subs
2009-03-30 Burning Monday2009-03-23 Burning Monday
2009-03-21 Amp Night, With Left Side Neighbour Live!2009-03-16 Burning Monday
2009-03-09 Burning Monday2009-03-02 Burning Monday
2009-02-23 Burning Monday2009-02-16 Burning Monday
2009-02-09 Burning Monday2009-02-02 Burning Monday
2009-01-26 Burning Mondays2009-01-19 Burning Mondays
2009-01-12 Burning Mondays2009-01-05 Burning Mondays
2008-12-29 Burning Mondays2008-12-22 Burning Mondays
2008-12-15 Burning Mondays2008-12-08 Burning Mondays
2008-12-05 Skinwell [Cd Launch], Sleep Research Facility, Visions2008-12-01 Burning Mondays
2008-11-24 Burning Mondays2008-11-17 Burning Mondays
2008-11-15 Amp Night, Ohgr Tickets Give Away2008-11-10 Burning Mondays
2008-11-03 Burning Mondays2008-09-27 Spontaneous Reply
2008-09-20 Amp,, Harsh Electro-Industrial2008-08-31 Evil Boys, The Snot Rockets
2008-08-23 The Hillbilly Hellcats, The Howlin Hound Dogs2008-08-09 Mars Attacks Nights
2008-06-28 Monarque, Culte D 'Ébola, Mysothéisme2008-05-23 Skin Slicer, Riotor, Bastardator, Bombnation, Abüzor
2008-05-09 Colloseum2008-04-04 Demon's Claws, Teenanger
2008-03-23 Today Is The Day2008-03-21 Never More Than Less, Late Fallen
2008-03-09 Ceremonial Snips, Hell Yeah Fuck Yeah, Safety & Hellbros2008-01-28 Burning Mondays
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