Venues - Foufounes Electriques, Club
Name:Foufounes Electriques, Club
Location:Canada, Quebec, Montreal
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Datsik And Flux Pavillion
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
137 Photos
Monsters Of Death Tour 2009
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
6 Photos
Combichrist, Amp Night
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
102 Photos
Under Pressure
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
2 Photos
Under Pressure
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
12 Photos
The Good Doctor'S Annual Checkup
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
19 Photos
Under Pressure 2007
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
12 Photos
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
7 Photos
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
2 Photos
Under Pressure
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
79 Photos
Non-Phixion, Euphrates, A-Track
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
4 Photos
Usuals Retards Drunken Night
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
68 Photos
Sunshine Pre-party
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
49 Photos
Black Taboo
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
8 Photos
Tha Alkaholiks
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
39 Photos
Under Pressure
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
130 Photos
5$ Pitcher Foufs Night
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
34 Photos
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
1 Photos
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
12 Photos
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2018-06-13 Alec Empire (Presented By Amp & Recon)2011-10-07 Endast, The Catalyst, Trainwreck Architect, Protocol
2011-10-02 Strike Anywhere, Invités2011-09-21 Evergrey, Sabaton, Powerglove, The Absence
2011-09-18 Katatonia, Heaven's Cry, Un Being2011-09-16 Nekromantix, The Brains, Invité
2011-09-14 Koffin Kats, Joel Kaiser & The Devils Own Gratuit2011-08-26 Vreid, Kampfar, Necronomicon
2011-07-08 Origin, Hate Eternal, Vital Remains, Abysmal Dawn, ...2011-05-29 Marduk, Black Anvil, Aura Noir, Panzerfaust, Hod
2011-04-01 Grimskunk, The Brains2010-11-22 Forbidden, Evile, Gamma Bomb, Bonded By Blood
2010-10-03 Immolation, Vader, Abigail Williams, Lecherous Nocturne, Pat2010-10-02 Atari Teenage Riot
2010-09-19 Sick Of It All2010-08-23 Datsik And Flux Pavillion
2010-07-03 Charred Walls Of The Damned, Don Jamieson2010-07-03 Eclectic Saturday
2010-07-02 Big City Night2010-07-01 Ladies' Night
2010-06-30 Wednesdays, Mercredis Skate2010-06-29 Gogo Tuesdays
2010-06-26 Eclectic Saturday2010-06-25 Big City Night
2010-06-24 Ladies' Night2010-06-23 Wednesdays, Mercredis Skate
2010-06-22 Gogo Tuesdays2010-06-19 Eclectic Saturday
2010-06-18 Big City Night2010-06-17 Ladies' Night
2010-06-16 Wednesdays, Mercredis Skate2010-06-15 Gogo Tuesdays
2010-06-12 Eclectic Saturday2010-06-11 Big City Night
2010-06-10 Ladies' Night2010-06-09 Wednesdays, Mercredis Skate
2010-06-08 Gogo Tuesdays2010-06-05 Eclectic Saturday
2010-06-04 Big City Night2010-06-03 Ladies' Night
2010-06-02 Wednesdays, Mercredis Skate2010-06-01 Gogo Tuesdays
2010-05-29 Eclectic Saturday2010-05-28 Big City Night
2010-05-27 Ladies' Night2010-05-26 Wednesdays, Mercredis Skate
2010-05-25 Gogo Tuesdays2010-05-22 Eclectic Saturday
2010-05-21 Big City Night2010-05-20 Ladies' Night
2010-05-19 Wednesdays, Mercredis Skate2010-05-18 Gogo Tuesdays
2010-05-15 Eclectic Saturday2010-05-14 Big City Night
2010-05-13 Ladies' Night2010-05-12 Wednesdays, Mercredis Skate
2010-05-11 Gogo Tuesdays2010-05-08 Eclectic Saturday
2010-05-07 Big City Night2010-05-06 Ladies' Night
2010-05-05 Wednesdays, Mercredis Skate2010-05-04 Gogo Tuesdays
2010-05-01 Eclectic Saturday2010-04-30 Voyeur: Jordan Dare, Invités
2010-04-29 Ladies' Night2010-04-28 Wednesdays, Mercredis Skate
2010-04-27 Gogo Tuesdays2010-04-24 Eclectic Saturday
2010-04-23 Voyeur: Jordan Dare, Invités2010-04-22 Ladies' Night
2010-04-21 Wednesdays, Mercredis Skate2010-04-20 Gogo Tuesdays
2010-04-17 Eclectic Saturday2010-04-16 Voyeur: Jordan Dare, Invités
2010-04-15 Ladies' Night2010-04-14 Wednesdays, Mercredis Skate
2010-04-13 Gogo Tuesdays2010-04-11 Brother Ali
2010-04-10 Eclectic Saturday2010-04-09 Voyeur: Jordan Dare, Invités
2010-04-08 Ladies' Night2010-04-07 Skarhead, Riviera Regime, Danny Diablo & The Shotblockers, T
2010-04-06 Gogo Tuesdays2010-04-05 Overkill, Vader, God Dethroned
2010-04-03 Cj Ramone2010-04-02 Voyeur: Jordan Dare, Invités
2010-04-01 Ladies' Night2010-03-31 Bmc: Anonymus
2010-03-30 Gogo Tuesdays2010-03-27 Eclectic Saturday
2010-03-26 Voyeur: Jordan Dare, Invités2010-03-25 Ladies' Night
2010-03-24 The Brains, Koffin Kats, Dreadnoughts2010-03-23 Gogo Tuesdays
2010-03-22 Humour Gore2010-03-20 Eclectic Saturday
2010-03-19 Voyeur: Jordan & Dj Bliss2010-03-18 Ladies' Night
2010-03-17 The Drunken Dru Band, Farler's Fury2010-03-16 Gogo Tuesdays
2010-03-13 Eclectic Saturday2010-03-12 Voyeur: Jordan Dare, Invités
2010-03-11 Ladies' Night2010-03-10 Orphaned Land
2010-03-09 Gogo Tuesdays2010-03-06 Eclectic Saturday
2010-03-05 Voyeur: Jordan Dare, Invités2010-03-04 Ladies' Night
2010-03-03 Wednesdays, Mercredis Skate2010-03-02 Gogo Tuesdays
2010-02-28 Leatherface, Yesterday's Ring2010-02-27 Eclectic Saturday
2010-02-26 Voyeur: Jordan Dare, Invités2010-02-25 Ladies' Night
2010-02-24 Off With Their Heads, Winslow2010-02-23 Gogo Tuesdays
2010-02-20 Eclectic Saturday2010-02-19 Official Voyeur Launch: Dan Black, Jordan Dare
2010-02-18 Ladies' Night2010-02-17 Wednesdays, Mercredis Skate
2010-02-16 Gogo Tuesdays2010-02-14 Martyr
2010-02-13 Eclectic Saturday2010-02-12 Voyeur: Jordan Dare, Invités
2010-02-11 Ladies' Night2010-02-10 Wednesdays, Mercredis Skate
2010-02-09 Gogo Tuesdays2010-02-06 Eclectic Saturday
2010-02-05 Voyeur: Jordan Dare, Invités2010-02-04 Ladies' Night
2010-02-03 Wednesdays, Mercredis Skate2010-02-02 Gogo Tuesdays
2010-01-31 Regimental The Oneton Vernissage 20102010-01-30 Eclectic Saturday
2010-01-29 Voyeur: Jordan Dare, Invités2010-01-28 Ladies' Night
2010-01-27 Gza (Aka Genius, Wu-Tang Clan)2010-01-26 Gogo Tuesdays
2010-01-23 Eclectic Saturday2010-01-22 Voyeur: Jordan Dare, Invités
2010-01-21 Ladies' Night2010-01-20 Wednesdays, Mercredis Skate
2010-01-19 Gogo Tuesdays2010-01-16 Eclectic Saturday
2010-01-15 Voyeur: Jordan Dare2010-01-14 Ladies' Night
2010-01-13 Wednesdays, Mercredis Skate2010-01-12 Gogo Tuesdays
2010-01-09 Eclectic Saturday2010-01-08 Big City Night
2010-01-07 Ladies' Night2010-01-06 Wednesdays, Mercredis Skate
2010-01-05 Gogo Tuesdays2010-01-02 Eclectic Saturday
2010-01-01 Big City Night2009-12-31 Ladies' Night
2009-12-30 Wednesdays, Mercredis Skate2009-12-29 Gogo Tuesdays
2009-12-26 Eclectic Saturday2009-12-25 Big City Night
2009-12-24 Ladies' Night2009-12-23 Wednesdays, Mercredis Skate
2009-12-22 Gogo Tuesdays2009-12-19 Eclectic Saturday
2009-12-18 Big City Night2009-12-17 Ladies' Night
2009-12-16 The Brains2009-12-15 Gogo Tuesdays
2009-12-12 Eclectic Saturday2009-12-11 Tomas Von Party
2009-12-10 Ladies' Night2009-12-09 Wednesdays, Mercredis Skate
2009-12-08 Gogo Tuesdays2009-12-07 Municipal Waste, Brutal Truth, Phobia, Cauldron
2009-12-06 Thursday, Dillinger Escape Plan, Fake Problems, Endless Hall2009-12-05 Eclectic Saturday
2009-12-04 Big City Night2009-12-03 Ladies' Night
2009-12-02 Nitzer Ebb, Djachtung2009-12-01 Gogo Tuesdays
2009-11-29 End Program, Plus Minus, Dead Wa2009-11-28 Eclectic Saturday
2009-11-27 Mateo Murphy2009-11-26 Ladies' Night
2009-11-25 Wednesdays, Mercredis Skate2009-11-24 Gogo Tuesdays
2009-11-21 Marduk, Nachtmystium, Mantic Ritual2009-11-20 Big City Night Présente: Dj Cherry Cola (Extended Dj Set)
2009-11-19 Ladies' Night2009-11-18 Wednesdays, Mercredis Skate
2009-11-17 Gogo Tuesdays2009-11-14 Eclectic Saturday
2009-11-13 Big City Night: Kap Bambino2009-11-12 Ladies' Night
2009-11-11 Sade Slavey Live2009-11-10 Gogo Tuesdays
2009-11-08 Monsters Of Death Tour 20092009-11-07 Peinture En Direct 2009
2009-11-06 Big City Night2009-11-05 Ladies' Night
2009-11-04 The 69 Eyes, Dommin, The Becoming2009-11-03 Gogo Tuesdays
2009-10-31 Party D'halloween2009-10-30 Spécial Halloween : Creature, Ariel, Call Me Poupée
2009-10-23 We Have Band2009-10-19 Moonspell
2009-10-16 Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt2009-10-11 Lubricatour, Rev Co, Jim Rose
2009-10-05 MacAbre2009-10-02 Claass, Demon's Claws, Le Kid & Les Marinellis
2009-09-27 Obituary, Goatwhore, Krisiun, The Berserker, Warbringer2009-09-23 The Bouncing Souls, Youth Brigade, Saint Alvia, Off With The
2009-09-13 Primal Fear2009-09-12 Guttermouth
2009-09-11 Big City Night : Andy Rourke (The Smiths, Dj Set)2009-09-09 Punk Rock Karaoke, The Artist Life, Invité
2009-09-07 L'esprit Du Clan, Try To Win2009-09-06 Fear And Loathing : The Sainte Catherines, Trigger Effect, B
2009-09-05 Eclectic Saturday2009-09-04 Big City Night
2009-09-03 Ladies' Night2009-09-02 Wednesdays, Mercredis Skate
2009-09-01 Gogo Tuesdays2009-08-29 Eclectic Saturday
2009-08-28 Big City Night: Cherry Cola, Invités2009-08-27 Ladies' Night
2009-08-26 Wednesdays, Mercredis Skate2009-08-25 Gogo Tuesdays
2009-08-24 Folcon Mc2009-08-23 Isw
2009-08-22 Eclectic Saturday2009-08-21 Big City Night: Cherry Cola, Invités
2009-08-20 Ladies' Night2009-08-19 Garage: Barn Burner
2009-08-18 Gogo Tuesdays2009-08-15 Eclectic Saturday
2009-08-14 Big City Night: Teenage Bad Girl, Cherry Cola2009-08-13 Ladies' Night
2009-08-12 Wednesdays, Mercredis Skate2009-08-11 Gogo Tuesdays
2009-08-08 Eclectic Saturday2009-08-07 Big City Night: Cherry Cola, Invités
2009-08-06 Ladies' Night2009-08-05 Wednesdays, Mercredis Skate
2009-08-04 Gogo Tuesdays2009-08-02 Dredg, Rx Bandits, As Tall As Lions
2009-08-01 Eclectic Saturday2009-07-31 Big City Night: Motor, Jordan Dare, Cherry Cola
2009-07-30 Ladies' Night2009-07-29 Priestess
2009-07-28 Gogo Tuesdays2009-07-26 Goatwhore
2009-07-25 The Briggs, Left Alone2009-07-24 Big City Night: Dj Mehdi, Cherry Cola
2009-07-23 Ladies' Night2009-07-22 Wednesdays, Mercredis Skate
2009-07-21 Gogo Tuesdays2009-07-18 Eclectic Saturday
2009-07-17 Big City Night: Cherry Cola2009-07-16 Ladies' Night
2009-07-15 Wednesdays, Mercredis Skate2009-07-14 Gogo Tuesdays
2009-07-11 Eclectic Saturday2009-07-10 Big City Night: Cherry Cola, Invités
2009-07-09 Barn Burner2009-07-08 Calamus
2009-07-07 Gogo Tuesdays2009-07-04 Eclectic Saturday
2009-07-03 Big City Night2009-07-02 Ladies' Night
2009-07-01 Wednesdays, Mercredis Skate2009-06-30 Gogo Tuesdays
2009-06-27 Eclectic Saturday2009-06-26 Big City Night
2009-06-25 Ladies' Night2009-06-24 Wednesdays, Mercredis Skate
2009-06-23 Gogo Tuesdays2009-06-20 Eclectic Saturday
2009-06-19 Fake Blood2009-06-18 Ladies' Night
2009-06-17 ..: : Roi Heenok Aux Foufounes Electriques Le Mercredi 17 Ju2009-06-17 Wednesdays, Mercredis Skate
2009-06-16 Gogo Tuesdays2009-06-15 Blackened Fest : Mayhem, Marduk, Cephalic Carnage, Cattle De
2009-06-13 Eclectic Saturday2009-06-12 Big City Night
2009-06-11 Ladies' Night2009-06-10 Wednesdays, Mercredis Skate
2009-06-09 Gogo Tuesdays2009-06-06 Eclectic Saturday
2009-06-05 Big City Night2009-06-04 Ladies' Night
2009-06-03 Wednesdays, Mercredis Skate2009-06-02 Gogo Tuesdays
2009-05-30 Eclectic Saturday2009-05-29 Big City Night
2009-05-28 Ladies' Night2009-05-27 Wednesdays, Mercredis Skate
2009-05-26 Gogo Tuesdays2009-05-23 Eclectic Saturday
2009-05-22 Big City Night2009-05-21 Ladies' Night
2009-05-20 Wednesdays, Mercredis Skate2009-05-19 Gogo Tuesdays
2009-05-17 Napalm Death, Toxic Holocaust, Abigail Williams, Trap Them, 2009-05-16 Eclectic Saturday
2009-05-15 Big City Night2009-05-14 Ladies' Night
2009-05-13 Wednesdays, Mercredis Skate2009-05-12 Gogo Tuesdays
2009-05-09 Eclectic Saturday2009-05-08 Big City Night
2009-05-07 Ladies' Night2009-05-06 Wednesdays, Mercredis Skate
2009-05-05 Gogo Tuesdays2009-05-02 Eclectic Saturday
2009-05-01 Big City Night2009-04-30 Ladies' Night
2009-04-29 Mad Sin2009-04-28 Gogo Tuesdays
2009-04-25 Eclectic Saturday2009-04-24 Big City Night
2009-04-23 Ladies' Night2009-04-22 Wednesdays, Mercredis Skate
2009-04-21 Gogo Tuesdays2009-04-18 The Creepshow
2009-04-17 Big City Night: Bliss2009-04-16 Ladies' Night
2009-04-15 Wednesdays, Mercredis Skate2009-04-14 Gogo Tuesdays
2009-04-11 Eclectic Saturday2009-04-10 Big City Night
2009-04-09 Ladies' Night2009-04-08 Wednesdays, Mercredis Skate
2009-04-07 Gogo Tuesdays2009-04-05 Life Support Leukemia Benefit W, Hexes & Ohs, Barton Fink, F
2009-04-04 Eclectic Saturday2009-04-03 Big City Night
2009-04-02 Ladies' Night2009-04-01 Wednesdays, Mercredis Skate
2009-03-31 Gogo Tuesdays2009-03-28 Eclectic Saturday
2009-03-27 Big City Night2009-03-26 Ladies' Night
2009-03-25 Wednesdays, Mercredis Skate2009-03-24 Gogo Tuesdays
2009-03-21 Eclectic Saturday2009-03-20 Big City Night
2009-03-19 Ladies' Night2009-03-18 Wednesdays, Mercredis Skate
2009-03-17 Gogo Tuesdays2009-03-14 Eclectic Saturday
2009-03-13 Big City Night2009-03-12 Ladies' Night
2009-03-11 Wednesdays, Mercredis Skate2009-03-10 Gogo Tuesdays
2009-03-07 Street Dogs, Ashers, Hostage Life2009-03-06 Big City Night
2009-03-05 Ladies' Night2009-03-04 Mercredis Skate
2009-03-03 Gogo Tuesdays2009-02-28 Eclectic Saturday
2009-02-27 Big City Night2009-02-26 Ladies' Night
2009-02-25 Wednesdays, Mercredis Skate2009-02-24 Gogo Tuesdays
2009-02-21 Eclectic Saturday2009-02-20 Big City Night
2009-02-19 Ladies' Night2009-02-18 Wednesdays, Mercredis Skate
2009-02-17 Gogo Tuesdays2009-02-14 Eclectic Saturday
2009-02-13 Big City Night2009-02-12 Ladies' Night
2009-02-11 Wednesdays, Mercredis Skate2009-02-10 Gogo Tuesdays
2009-02-08 Combichrist, Amp Night2009-02-07 Eclectic Saturday
2009-02-06 Big City Night2009-02-05 Ladies' Night
2009-02-04 Wednesdays, Mercredis Skate2009-02-03 Gogo Tuesdays
2009-01-30 Big City Nights2009-01-28 Les Mercredis Skate
2009-01-27 Les Mardis Rétro2009-01-25 Les Dimanches Francophones
2009-01-23 Big City Nights2009-01-21 Les Mercredis Skate
2009-01-20 Les Mardis Rétro2009-01-18 Les Dimanches Francophones
2009-01-16 Big City Nights2009-01-14 Les Mercredis Skate
2009-01-13 Les Mardis Rétro2009-01-11 Les Dimanches Francophones
2009-01-10 Eclectic Saturday2009-01-09 Big City Nights
2009-01-08 Ladies' Night2009-01-07 Les Mercredis Skate
2009-01-06 Gogo Tuesdays2009-01-04 Les Dimanches Francophones
2009-01-03 Eclectic Saturday2009-01-02 Big City Nights
2008-12-31 Les Mercredis Skate2008-12-30 Gogo Tuesdays
2008-12-28 Les Dimanches Francophones2008-12-26 Big City Nights
2008-12-24 Les Mercredis Skate2008-12-23 Les Mardis Rétro
2008-12-21 Les Dimanches Francophones2008-12-19 Big City Nights
2008-12-17 Les Mercredis Skate2008-12-16 Les Mardis Rétro
2008-12-14 Les Dimanches Francophones2008-12-12 Big City Nights
2008-12-10 R.A. The Rugged Man, Mc La Sauce, Reef The Lost Cauze2008-12-09 Les Mardis Rétro
2008-12-07 Les Dimanches Francophones2008-12-05 Big City Nights
2008-12-03 Les Mercredis Skate2008-12-02 Les Mardis Rétro
2008-11-30 Les Dimanches Francophones2008-11-28 Big City Nights
2008-11-26 Les Mercredis Skate2008-11-25 Les Mardis Rétro
2008-11-23 Les Dimanches Francophones2008-11-22 Red Mass (Ex-Cpc Gangbangs], Gatineau, Colin Monroe, Radio R
2008-11-21 Big City Nights2008-11-19 Les Mercredis Skate
2008-11-18 Les Mardis Rétro2008-11-16 Les Dimanches Francophones
2008-11-14 Big City Nights2008-11-12 Les Mercredis Skate
2008-11-11 Les Mardis Rétro2008-11-09 Les Dimanches Francophones
2008-11-07 Big City Nights2008-11-05 Ill Bill & Sean Price
2008-11-04 Les Mardis Rétro2008-11-02 Les Dimanches Francophones
2008-10-31 Big City Night: Cherry Cola2008-10-29 The Kids
2008-10-28 Film Des Goules2008-10-26 Global Battle Of The Bands
2008-10-24 Big City Night: Cherry Cola2008-10-18 Danko Jones
2008-10-17 Horror Pops2008-10-15 Lancement Dvd Bmc - 10e Anniversaire!!
2008-10-11 Nofx, Ripcordz2008-10-10 Big City Night: Cherry Cola
2008-10-05 Pop Montreal: The Sainte Catherines, La Descente Du Coude2008-10-03 Amorphis
2008-09-28 Peinture En Direct2008-09-26 Big City Night: Cherry Cola
2008-09-22 The Real McKenzies, Corrigan Fest, Wednesday Night Heroes2008-09-19 Big City Night: Cherry Cola
2008-09-15 Supersuckers2008-09-14 Gbh, Whole Weat Bread, Krum Bums
2008-09-12 Big City Night: Cherry Cola2008-09-09 Gorgeous Frankenstein Feat. Doyle Des Misfists
2008-09-05 Big City Night: Guns N' Bombs2008-08-31 Fear And Loathing
2008-08-30 Terror2008-08-29 Big City Night: Cherry Cola
2008-08-22 Big City Night: Cherry Cola2008-08-21 Ladies Night
2008-08-15 Steves Birthday Party2008-08-10 Under Pressure
2008-08-09 Under Pressure2008-07-25 The Good Doctor'S Annual Checkup
2008-07-05 Green Jelly2008-06-30 Incantation, Vengeful, Funerus, Deamon
2008-06-27 Big City Night: Saboteur Tight Tour avec DJ Mini, Butta Beat2008-06-25 Burning Desires
2008-06-20 Big City Night2008-06-09 Death Angel, God Forbid, Soilent Green, Light This City
2008-04-30 Les Mercredis Skate: Colt 45 & X-Track-Hit2008-04-23 Les Mercredis Skate: Colt 45 & X-Track-Hit
2008-04-16 Les Mercredis Skate: Colt 45 & X-Track-Hit2008-04-09 Les Mercredis Skate: Colt 45 & X-Track-Hit
2008-04-02 Les Mercredis Skate: Colt 45 & X-Track-Hit2008-02-20 Death Boat, Trigger Effect, Take My Money
2008-01-30 Les Mercredis Skate2008-01-27 Les Dimanches Francophones
2008-01-25 Big City Nights2008-01-14 The Queers, The Unbelievers
2008-01-09 Necro, The Psycho Realm, Sick Symphonies2007-12-07 Big City Night ***
2007-12-05 Raised Fist + guests2007-11-30 Teki Latex
2007-11-23 Big City Night with Dj BLISS & Cherry Cola2007-11-18 Dayglo Abortions
2007-11-08 Devils Night:2007-08-12 Under Pressure 2007
2007-07-25 Ice T2007-07-10 From Autumn To Ashes
2007-05-21 RED1 (Radscalz) + MIG (Bmc) + Chemistry + Karma + Psylangwag2007-05-18 Reverend Horton Heat
2007-05-09 Omnikrom + Numero #2007-03-16 Fridays
2007-02-16 La St-Valentin des fuck-cœurs BMC2007-01-19 Laflèche
2007-01-11 Sweet N Sour2006-07-12 Paradigm-X
2006-07-05 Skratch Bastid 'hosts' Del The Funkee Homosapien w/ Team Can2006-05-27 Between The Buried And Me, Chiodos, August Burns Red, and Nu
2006-04-30 Sinik2006-04-10 Paradigm X
2005-11-12 Agnostic Front2005-10-11 Atmosphere
2005-10-02 Drop In - The Orriginal Wankerz Posse2005-09-19 Little Brother
2005-09-18 The Zoobombs2005-09-04 Fear and Loathing in Montreal
2005-08-14 Under Pressure2005-08-12 Under Pressure - Ladies First
2005-08-10 Under Pressure: La Belle Province2005-06-15 Daiquiri + The TunaHelpers
2005-06-01 Non-Phixion, Euphrates, A-Track2005-05-27 Happy Birthday !*StoOp!d*!
2005-05-25 Souls Of Mischief2005-05-13 Kastel's B-day
2005-05-09 NTK-Komplice Tag Team2005-05-05 Happy Birthday Blacklight
2005-04-26 Sage Francis2005-04-22 Usuals Retards Drunken Night
2005-04-15 Sunshine Pre-party2005-03-27 Black Taboo
2005-03-15 Tha Alkaholiks2005-03-11 Punky Reggae Party
2005-02-26 The Toasters, Bedouin Soundclash, General Rudie & Westbound 2005-02-20 Suffocation, Behemoth, Misery Index, Devilinside
2004-12-26 Black Taboo2004-12-17 Satyricon, Infernal Majesty, Ankkrehg, Rostrum
2004-11-20 Tina's Birthday2004-11-17 Royce 5'9
2004-10-28 HaRdCoRe+HaRdTek2004-10-22 Napalm Death + Misery Index + Inveigh
2004-09-19 ICON OF COIL + CRUXSHADOW LIVE !!2004-08-15 Under Pressure
2004-07-13 5$ Pitcher Foufs Night2004-07-11 MOMENTUM
2004-06-27 Mesrine, Cultivateurs Contestataires, Squalor2004-06-26 Black Taboo
2004-06-16 DnB Konspiracy 72004-06-09 Loco Motionz
2004-05-24 Anonymus, Mononc'Serge2004-05-21 100 Demons, Final Word, Foot Clan
2004-05-18 Suffocation, Dying Fetus, Despised Icon2004-05-17  The Dickies, The Delegates, The Dropouts
2004-05-15 Ghoulunatics (CD launch)2004-05-09 Raiden
2004-04-25 Blood For Blood, Death Before Dishonor, The Prowlers, All St2004-04-18 D'n'B KONSPIRACY_005
2004-04-12 Forever is Forgotten, Ion Dissonance2004-03-21 DnB Konspiracy_004
2004-02-29 Impulse2004-01-25 DnB Konspiracy 2
2003-12-22 Hell Again + Alcoholica2003-12-14 DnB Konspiracy 1: The Convention
2003-11-21 D.O.A.2003-11-11 Raized In Black, Gliss, Arya
2003-11-04 E-Craft & Terrorfakt2003-10-30 Six Feet Under + Skinless + Behemoth + The Black Dahlia Murd
2003-10-29 The Misfits, Ripcordz, Gutter Demons2003-09-28 Assemblage 23
2003-09-08 Decoded Feedback2003-08-30 Arch Enemy + Evergrey + Hate Eternal + The Black Dhalia Murd
2003-08-23 UNDERGROUND DEATHFEST 20032003-08-10 Under Pressure
2003-07-29 Gangrene2003-07-06 Funker Vogt Canadian Survivor Tour 2003
2003-06-10 Smash Up2003-05-13 Khromazone-K
2003-05-05 SOULFLY + E-Town Concrete + Sworn Enemy2003-04-20 The Horrorist + TTC Artists
2003-04-07 Amon Amarth + Behemoth + Unquintessence2002-11-03 hocico + haujobb - Dark Horizon v1
2002-10-09 Mindless Self Indulgence2001-08-21 Imminent Starvation
2001-08-07 Lenny Dee2001-08-05 Under Pressure 2001
2001-05-29 The Horrorist 
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