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Location:Canada, Quebec, Montreal
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Bonobo (DJ SET)
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
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2011-04-15 Tarun Nayar 22º Of Beatitude Tour: Montreal2011-04-08 Popchoppers, Std: Dev, Vs, Van Did
2011-02-10 Multiverse: Merkaba2011-01-13 Multiverse: Quasars
2010-07-30 The Soul Of Rnb2010-05-14 The Session Presents: Original Sin [U.K.]
2010-05-07 The Soul Of Rnb2010-04-17 Dieselboy (Nyc)
2010-04-10 Woodhands (Album Launch)2010-04-01 Hexes And Ohs, Dapinknoise
2010-03-29 Little Dragon, Vv Brown2010-03-19 The Session Presents: Teebee [Norway]
2010-03-13 Woods, Real Estate, Valleys2010-03-04 Emi Honda, Nive Nielsen [Greenland]
2010-02-17 Leslie And The Lys, Christopher The Conquered2010-01-29 Masala Sono #4 : Magalie Cherie
2010-01-23 The Session: Marcus Intalex [U.K.]2010-01-22 Final Show
2010-01-08 The Soul Of Rnb2009-12-11 Alexandre St. Onge, After The Weather, Ghetto Pony, (The) Sl
2009-12-03 Masala Sono #32009-12-01 Swollen Members, Ko, Barton Fink
2009-11-28 Inword Album Launch2009-11-20 F (Soul), Aot, Jonathan Emile
2009-11-18 The Rural Alberta Advantage, Great Bloomers2009-11-13 Laurent Bourque
2009-11-12 John Showman And Chris Coole Dual Cd Release - Of Foggy Hogt2009-11-09 Deastro, Max Tundra
2009-11-07 The Soul Of Rnb2009-11-06 Amos Joannides And The French Guys, Andy Murphy
2009-11-05 Ohbijou2009-10-08 Mumiy Troll, Invités
2009-10-03 Pop Montreal: Dj Rupture, Tobacco, Lemonade2009-10-02 Pop Montreal: The Homosexuals, Chain And The Gang, An Albatr
2009-09-30 Pop Montreal: Matt And Kim, Holger2009-09-12 Barton Fink, Elektric Bones
2009-09-08 Stereo Total2009-08-18 Ashes On The Table, Doody The Tiger, Kamikazi Press, Industr
2009-08-15 The Framework, Politique2009-07-14 Japandroids, Slim Twig, Play Guitar
2009-07-12 Cotton Jones [Ex-Page France], Maple Falls, Bent By Elephant2009-07-11 Flying Lotus, My Man Henri
2009-07-10 Quantic, Andy Williams2009-07-09 Huis Clos, Belt
2009-06-15 Band Of Skulls2009-06-11 An Horse, Telekinesis, Harvee
2009-06-03 Nista, Code Pie, Fox Jaws, Leif Vollebekk2009-05-29 Barton Fink ['nothing' Single Launch], Kamikaze Baby
2009-05-28 United Steel Workers Of Montreal, The Schomberg Fair, Brie N2009-05-08 Tusks, The Mohawk Lodge, Octoberman, Poorfolk, Eamon McGrath
2009-05-07 Sebastien Grainger & The Mountains, Flash Lightnin2009-05-01 Immaculate MacHine, Postcards
2009-04-25 Fanmi Se Fanmi3: Jahnice, Socalled, Mikey Dangerous2009-04-23 Karma & Lotus
2009-04-18 The Gigdoggy Showcase2009-04-16 Westbound Train
2009-04-15 Spiral Beach, Hey Ocean2009-04-04 Cloud Cult, Margo And The Nuclear So-And-So's
2009-04-01 Cut Off Your Hands2009-03-30 Suheir Hammad
2009-03-26 In-Flight Safety2009-03-11 Mother Mother
2009-03-08 The Harbourcoats, Old Believer2009-03-05 Buried Inside, Titan, Black Ships
2009-02-21 Barton Fink, Dinosaur Bones, Modernboys Moderngirls2009-02-20 Zeroes [Ep Launch], Little Scream
2009-01-10 Club Lambi Anniversary: Giselle Numba One, The Witchies, Ran2009-01-09 Red Mass, Demon's Claws, Nick Flanagan
2008-12-19 Bang Camaro, Bad Flirt2008-12-04 Typecast, Illgotngain
2008-11-29 Smif N Wessun, Theology3, La Clinique2008-11-27 Marnie Stern
2008-11-22 No Age, Soft Circle, Silk Flowers2008-11-16 Subtle, Zack Hill (Of Hella) & Peer Pressure, Necromancer!,
2008-11-15 Thunderheist, Obscene Kidz2008-11-13 Jack & Ginger: Ckut Funding Drive
2008-11-07 Darling Demaes [Album Launch], Receivers, Open Fields2008-11-06 Matt And Kim, Best Fwends, Black Feelings
2008-10-30 Born Ruffians, Ruby Coast2008-10-27 Jeans Team, The Octopus Project
2008-09-12 Belleisle, Nightwood, Postcards2008-08-25 Don Caballero, Ponytail
2008-08-23 Danger Danger Mammoth Hunter2008-08-22 The Jon Cohen Experimental, David & The Woods
2008-08-08 Akido2008-06-21 Art Adams Band, Bloodshot Bill
2008-06-20 Fanmi se Fanmi2008-05-23 Pony Up, Hexes & Ohs, Bass Lions, Hero
2008-05-10 El Perro Del Mar, Lykke Li2008-05-02 Fall Of Troy, Foxy Shazam, Tara Melos, The Dear Hunter
2008-04-26 Famous Lovers, Chinatown, Diamond Sea, Postcards2008-04-19 Woodhands, Hilotrons, Mixylodian
2008-04-08 Time Again2008-03-29 Intensive Care, Trophy, The Refined
2008-03-27 Luke Doucet & The White Falcon2008-03-26 Owen, Casey Baker, Paper Rivals
2008-03-19 Mandatory Moustache: Cpc Gangbangs, The Cockroaches, Black F2008-03-18 Louis Xiv, What Made Milwaukee Famous, Carolina Liar
2008-03-15 Johhny Truant, The End2008-03-04 Dub Trio
2008-03-03 Foxy Shazam, Karate High School2008-03-02 Bonobo (DJ SET)
2008-02-23 Most Serene Republic, The Diableros, Parlovr2008-02-20 Mandatory Moustache All-Local Monthly Show Series
2008-02-16 Islands, Handsome Furs, Supa Chow Bros2008-02-02 Infighter, Surface Of Atlantic, The Violent Drag
2008-02-01 Bob Marley Birthday Tribute2007-04-20 Bounce Le Baile
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