Venues - Cagibi, Le
Name:Cagibi, Le
Location:Canada, Quebec, Montreal
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2010-08-31 Mardi Spaghetti2010-08-24 Mardi Spaghetti
2010-08-17 Mardi Spaghetti2010-08-10 Mardi Spaghetti
2010-08-03 Mardi Spaghetti2010-07-27 Mardi Spaghetti
2010-07-20 Mardi Spaghetti2010-07-13 Mardi Spaghetti
2010-07-06 Mardi Spaghetti2010-06-30 Dj Relay Wednesdays
2010-06-29 Mardi Spaghetti2010-06-28 The Weekend Is Dead
2010-06-23 Dj Relay Wednesdays2010-06-22 Mardi Spaghetti
2010-06-21 The Weekend Is Dead2010-06-16 Dj Relay Wednesdays
2010-06-15 Mardi Spaghetti2010-06-14 The Weekend Is Dead
2010-06-09 Dj Relay Wednesdays2010-06-08 Mardi Spaghetti
2010-06-07 The Weekend Is Dead2010-06-02 Dj Relay Wednesdays
2010-06-01 Mardi Spaghetti2010-05-31 The Weekend Is Dead
2010-05-26 Dj Relay Wednesdays2010-05-25 Mardi Spaghetti
2010-05-24 The Weekend Is Dead2010-05-19 Dj Relay Wednesdays
2010-05-18 Mardi Spaghetti2010-05-17 The Weekend Is Dead
2010-05-12 Dj Relay Wednesdays2010-05-11 Mardi Spaghetti
2010-05-10 The Weekend Is Dead2010-05-05 Dj Relay Wednesdays
2010-05-04 Mardi Spaghetti2010-05-03 The Weekend Is Dead
2010-04-28 Dj Relay Wednesdays2010-04-27 Mardi Spaghetti
2010-04-26 The Weekend Is Dead2010-04-21 Dj Relay Wednesdays
2010-04-20 Mardi Spaghetti2010-04-19 The Weekend Is Dead
2010-04-14 Dj Relay Wednesdays2010-04-13 Mardi Spaghetti
2010-04-12 The Weekend Is Dead2010-04-07 Dj Relay Wednesdays
2010-04-06 Mardi Spaghetti2010-04-05 The Weekend Is Dead
2010-03-31 Dj Relay Wednesdays2010-03-30 Mardi Spaghetti
2010-03-29 The Weekend Is Dead2010-03-27 The King Is Dead, Long Live The King.. Happy Birthday Turner
2010-03-24 Dj Relay Wednesdays2010-03-23 Mardi Spaghetti
2010-03-22 The Weekend Is Dead2010-03-19 Ghostkeeper, Eric En
2010-03-17 Dj Relay Wednesdays2010-03-16 Mardi Spaghetti
2010-03-15 The Weekend Is Dead2010-03-10 Dj Relay Wednesdays
2010-03-09 Mardi Spaghetti2010-03-08 The Weekend Is Dead
2010-03-03 Dj Relay Wednesdays2010-03-02 Mardi Spaghetti
2010-03-01 The Weekend Is Dead2010-02-27 Insane Gown Posse At Nuit Blanche
2010-02-24 Dj Relay Wednesdays2010-02-23 Mardi Spaghetti
2010-02-22 The Weekend Is Dead2010-02-17 Dj Relay Wednesdays
2010-02-16 Mardi Spaghetti2010-02-15 The Weekend Is Dead
2010-02-10 Dj Relay Wednesdays2010-02-09 Mardi Spaghetti
2010-02-08 The Weekend Is Dead2010-02-04 Aquarius Birthday Bash: Sweatpant Definition, Id M Theft Abl
2010-02-03 Dj Relay Wednesdays2010-02-02 Mardi Spaghetti
2010-02-01 The Weekend Is Dead2010-01-27 Dj Relay Wednesdays
2010-01-26 Mardi Spaghetti2010-01-25 The Weekend Is Dead
2010-01-20 Dj Relay Wednesdays2010-01-19 Mardi Spaghetti
2010-01-18 The Weekend Is Dead2010-01-17 No Lonesome Tune: Tribute To Ausin Singer Songwriters
2010-01-13 Dj Relay Wednesdays2010-01-12 Mardi Spaghetti
2010-01-11 The Weekend Is Dead2010-01-06 Dj Relay Wednesdays
2010-01-05 Mardi Spaghetti2010-01-04 The Weekend Is Dead
2009-12-30 Dj Relay Wednesdays2009-12-29 Mardi Spaghetti
2009-12-28 The Weekend Is Dead2009-12-23 Dj Relay Wednesdays
2009-12-22 Mardi Spaghetti2009-12-21 The Weekend Is Dead
2009-12-19 Kieran Blake2009-12-16 Dj Relay Wednesdays
2009-12-15 Mardi Spaghetti2009-12-14 The Weekend Is Dead
2009-12-09 Dj Relay Wednesdays2009-12-08 Mardi Spaghetti
2009-12-07 The Weekend Is Dead2009-12-05 Papercrows, James Irwin And Carl Spidla
2009-12-04 Papercrows, James Irwin And Carl Spidla2009-12-03 The Hoof And The Heel, James Merluzzi & Neil Taylor, Adam Sa
2009-12-02 Dj Relay Wednesdays2009-12-01 Mardi Spaghetti
2009-11-30 The Weekend Is Dead2009-11-25 Dj Relay Wednesdays
2009-11-24 Mardi Spaghetti: LĂȘ Quan Ninh, Land Of Marigold2009-11-23 The Weekend Is Dead
2009-11-18 Dj Relay Wednesdays2009-11-17 Mardi Spaghetti: Isaiah Ceccarelli And Diane Labrosse, Nicol
2009-11-16 The Weekend Is Dead2009-11-11 Dj Relay Wednesdays
2009-11-10 Mardi Spaghetti2009-11-09 The Weekend Is Dead
2009-11-04 Dj Relay Wednesdays2009-11-03 Mardi Spaghetti
2009-11-02 The Weekend Is Dead2009-10-27 Mardi Spaghetti
2009-10-20 Mardi Spaghetti2009-10-13 Mardi Spaghetti
2009-10-06 Mardi Spaghetti2009-09-29 Mardi Spaghetti
2009-09-22 Mardi Spaghetti2009-09-15 Mardi Spaghetti
2009-09-08 Mardi Spaghetti2009-09-01 Mardi Spaghetti
2009-08-31 The Weekend Is Dead2009-08-30 Mittenstrings
2009-08-29 Les Ghosts Of Ghazals2009-08-28 Copper Kid
2009-08-25 Hamish (Cd Launch)2009-08-24 The Weekend Is Dead
2009-08-22 Extra Happy Ghost2009-08-21 Naw, Freida Abtan, Turner Of Wheels, Jade Malek
2009-08-20 Hobson's Choice, Patrick Gregoire, Charlotte Cornfield2009-08-18 Stuffy Turkey
2009-08-17 Qpirg McGill Summer Film Series: "In The Shadow Of Gold Moun2009-08-16 Cfl Sessions, Erin Lang
2009-08-15 Brise-Cul Records Presente: Kvlt Summer Kamp Iv2009-08-11 Mardi Spaghetti
2009-08-10 The Weekend Is Dead2009-08-04 Mardi Spaghetti
2009-08-03 The Weekend Is Dead2009-08-01 All Girl Summer Fun Fest
2009-07-30 Tale Spin2009-07-29 Naw, Freida Abtan, Turner Of Wheels, Jade Malek
2009-07-28 Mardi Spaghetti2009-07-27 The Weekend Is Dead
2009-07-26 Swift Years, Hotcha2009-07-21 Mardi Spaghetti
2009-07-20 The Weekend Is Dead2009-07-14 Mardi Spaghetti
2009-07-13 The Weekend Is Dead2009-07-12 Patti Smith & 1st Wave Tribute Night
2009-07-11 Cool Dad, Jef Jef2009-07-10 Lowbrow
2009-07-09 Laurel Jackson & The Attractives With Jessica Steiner2009-07-08 The Wind Up Radio Sessions, Postcards, Matt Perri
2009-07-07 Mardi Spaghetti2009-07-06 The Weekend Is Dead
2009-06-30 Mardi Spaghetti2009-06-29 The Weekend Is Dead
2009-06-25 Denial Tone, Dead Wife, Djs Youth Comtemporary, Bonar Law2009-06-23 Mardi Spaghetti
2009-06-22 The Weekend Is Dead2009-06-16 Mardi Spaghetti
2009-06-15 The Weekend Is Dead2009-06-13 Cj Boyd
2009-06-12 Sunparlour Players2009-06-11 Book Launch: "Somewhere To Run From" By Tara Michelle Ziniuk
2009-06-10 Rommel Ribeiro2009-06-09 Mardi Spaghetti
2009-06-08 The Weekend Is Dead2009-06-06 Fatigue Magazine #2 Release Party W, Flist, Swellship, Mia V
2009-06-05 Frank FeutrĂ©2009-06-04 Amanda Zelina, Noah Engh
2009-06-02 Mardi Spaghetti2009-06-01 The Weekend Is Dead
2009-05-26 Mardi Spaghetti2009-05-25 The Weekend Is Dead
2009-05-22 Choral Corail, Le Channel2009-05-21 The Greasy Goose Salon: Gesture
2009-05-20 Festival Of Anarchy Roundtable:2009-05-19 Mardi Spaghetti
2009-05-18 Justseeds Slide Show Presentation2009-05-17 Fish & Bird
2009-05-13 Frank Secich, Blue Ash Record Signing Party Hosted By Dj Cra2009-05-12 Mardi Spaghetti
2009-05-11 The Weekend Is Dead2009-05-10 Justseeds Dance Party
2009-05-08 Megan Hamilton2009-04-29 Mountains, Mark Templeton, Nicola Ratti
2009-04-19 Woody Guthrie Tribute Show2009-04-16 The Greasy Goose Salon Series #12: Feeling
2009-04-05 Sunday Afternoon Drones, Vol. 12009-04-03 Mamatschi, The Aww Shucks, Slow Down Molasses
2009-03-25 It's The Scratchy & Realer Show!2009-03-14 Wax Mannequin
2009-03-01 Joe Strummer Tribute Benefit2009-02-18 Ghost Bees, My People Sleeping, Valleys
2009-02-14 The Uncles, Black Soul, Peter Kutin, John Brennan2009-02-12 Valley Of The Shadow Of Death, Peter Kutin, N.Yoganathan, C.
2009-01-11 For The Sake Of The Song2009-01-10 Montreal Nintendo Orkestar, Cloudscapes, Anti-School-Year
2009-01-03 Terra Lightfoot, Little Birdie2008-11-28 Fairytales Are Gay: The Art Of Jonathan Reid Sevigny
2008-11-24 Le Cagibi "Got Ripped Off" Benefit W, Special Noise, Please 2008-11-14 Your Highness, Everybody Happy, Racine
2008-11-08 The Stolen Minks, Double Dip2008-11-01 Kingdom Monera, Schlag Quartet, Brian Seeger
2008-05-31 TEXTURES_24: Ruairi Lazers, Synthamesk, John Farah, Blake Ma2008-05-09 The Crib Death Of The Un-Cool
2008-03-27 Holoscene, For A Minor Reflection, City Of A Hundred Spires2008-02-28 Immigration Discussion, Djs
2008-02-27 Improvised Music2008-02-26 Thee Hunch
2008-02-23 Textures_21, Cosmic Twin Party 32008-02-22 Hip Hop Karaoke
2008-02-21 Jim Bryson, Baby Eagle2008-02-20 Lake Of Stew, Lil Andy, Catherine Kidd
2008-02-19 Belleisle, Mia Verko2008-02-17 Slow Dance Night - Valentine's Day Edition
2008-02-15 Nina Nastasia, Camaromance2008-02-14 Fixture Recordings Showcase With Brave Radar, Postcards, Dir
2008-02-13 Laura Boyle, Newberry Vs. Newberry, Magali Meagher (Phonemes2008-02-10 Trio Jean-Marc Hebert
2008-02-09 Shtreiml2008-02-08 Unreliable Narrator, Gutstrings, Prince Of Wails
2008-02-07 Freedom Frost: Black Dad, Wapstan, Grkzgl2008-02-06 Lake Of Stew, Mike O'Brien & Joe Grass
2008-02-05 Jordi Rosen, David Simard2008-02-02 The Unsettlers, Heathrow
2008-01-30 Exploding Exploding, Black Soul, Hambourghinni2008-01-26 Textures_20: .Cut, Monday Morning Erection, Florence Sl
2008-01-04 Glass Burns CD Launch 
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