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Name:Space, Afterhours
Location:Canada, Quebec, Trois-Rivieres
Phone:Info-Ligne 819-695-9700
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Info Ligne : 819-695-9700
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2011-01-01 Flavour2010-12-31 Deejay Lynx, Robi Jewel, D-Jooo, Dj Dominic B
2010-12-25 Boxing Day: Dj Dominic B2010-12-24 Soirée De Noël: Drb
2010-12-18 Robi Jewel, D-Jooo2010-12-17 Dj Dominic B
2010-12-11 Lakou, Drb, Flavour, Dj Dominic B2010-12-10 Salle Principale: Dj Dominic B
2010-12-04 Dj Dominic B2010-12-03 Salle Principale: Flavour
2010-11-27 Dj Dominic B2010-11-26 Salle Principale: Dj Lynx
2010-11-20 Dj Dominic B2010-11-19 Rock Tha House: Drb, Dj Lakou
2010-11-13 Dj Dominic B2010-11-12 Fred Vs Bielo
2010-11-06 Dj Dominic B2010-11-05 Salle Principale: Flavour
2010-10-29 Salle Principale: Dominic B2010-10-23 Salle Principale: Dominic B
2010-10-22 Deejay Lynx2010-10-16 Salle Principale: Dominic B
2010-10-15 Peakafeller2010-10-09 Salle Principale: Dominic B
2010-10-08 Flavour2010-08-06 Music In Your Face: Dominic B
2010-07-31 Salle Principale: Dominic B2010-07-30 Music In Your Face: Dominic B
2010-07-24 Salle Principale: Dominic B2010-07-23 Music In Your Face: Flavour, C-Side
2010-07-17 Salle Principale: Drb2010-07-16 Dominic B
2010-07-10 Dominic B, Drb, Gervais Sphinx, Evad2010-07-09 D-Joooo, Dj Biell
2010-07-03 Salle Principale: Lakou, Robi Jewel2010-07-02 Dominic B
2010-05-28 Dominic B2010-05-21 Lakou
2010-05-15 Salle Principale: Flavour2010-05-14 Dominic B
2010-05-01 Salle Principale: Robi Jewel, D-Joooo2010-04-30 Dominic B
2010-04-24 B-Day Party: Flavour2010-04-23 Dominic B
2010-04-17 Salle Principale: Dominic B2010-04-16 Gervais Sphinx
2010-02-06 Retour Au Zedna2010-01-02 Salle Principale: Dominic B
2010-01-01 Party Du 1er De L'an: Dj Lynx, Darryll Kass2009-12-26 Salle Principale: Dominic B
2009-12-25 Noël: Yan Michel, Lakou2009-12-19 Salle Principale: Flavour
2009-12-18 Salle Principale: Dominic B2009-12-11 Salle Principale: Dominic B
2009-12-05 Salle Principale: Dj Lynx2009-12-04 Salle Principale: Dominic B
2009-11-14 Salle Principale: Dj Tommer (Israël), Dj Malick2009-11-06 Boys R Us: Dj Ben B
2009-10-03 Salle Principale: Eddy Jasmin, Yan Michel (Drb)2009-09-25 Dj Ben B, Dj Klo.D, Dj Dominic B
2009-08-01 Salle Principale: Éric Latouche, Yan Michel2009-07-25 Salle Principale: Flavour, Yan Michel
2009-07-18 Salle Principale: Eddy Jasmin, Peakafeller, Yan Michel2009-07-11 Salle Principale: Yan Michel, Franc Gélinas
2009-06-13 Salle Principale: Gervais Sphinx, Matt Vézina, Darryl Kass2009-03-21 Salle Principale: Yves L'heureux
2009-02-21 Eddy Jasmin, Dominic B2009-02-14 Salle Principale: Luke, Debbies Tebbs
2009-02-07 Salle Principale: Drb, Flavour2009-01-31 Pré-Party Forever 2009: Dominic B, Angélika
2009-01-24 Salle Principale: Drb, Idica2008-12-06 Premier Anniversaire: Stéphan Grondincesar Bass Romeo (Chili
2008-11-29 Salle Principale: Dominic B, Dj Luke2008-11-28 Salle Principale: Angélika, Ullich Van Bell
2008-11-22 Salle House: Mario Estrada, Flavour2008-11-21 Salle Principale: Dominic B, Drb
2008-11-15 Salle Principale: Peakafeller, L.Y.N.X.2008-11-14 Salle Principale: Dominic B, Charles Poulin
2008-11-08 Salle House: Debbie Tebbs, Akt2008-11-07 Salle Principale: Dominic B, Drb
2008-11-01 Salle House: Eddy Jasmin, Dominic B, Gervais Sphinx, Flavour2008-10-31 Salle Principale: Dominic B, Ullrich Van Bell
2008-10-25 Salle House: Pat Stanler, Drb2008-10-24 Salle Principale: Dominic B, A.K.T_
2008-10-18 Salle House: Scott Free, Gervais Sphinx2008-10-17 Salle Principale: Dominic B, Yves L'heureux
2008-10-11 Salle House: Debbie Tebbs, Flavour2008-10-10 Salle Principale: Dominic B, Indica
2008-10-04 Lady Angélika, Flavour2008-10-03 Salle Principale: Dominic B, A.K.T_
2008-09-27 Salle House: Eddy Jasmin, Esteban Rockett2008-09-26 Salle Principale: Dominic B, A.K.T.
2008-09-20 Salle House: Flavour, Rdb2008-09-19 Salle Principale: Dominic B, Funky Frank
2008-09-13 Salle House: Debbie Tebbs, Indica2008-09-12 Salle Principale: Flavour, Drb
2008-09-06 Salle House: Flavour, Rdb2008-09-05 Salle Principale: Dominic B, Angelika
2008-08-30 Salle House: Mario Estrada, A.K.T.2008-08-29 Salle Principale: Dominic B, Dj Luke
2008-08-23 Salle House: Angelika, Simon Miller2008-08-22 Salle Principale: Dominic B, A.K.T.
2008-08-16 Foam Beach Party: Flavour, Drb2008-08-15 Salle House: Dominic B, Yves L'heureux
2008-08-02 Salle House: Stefane Lippe, Max Julien2008-06-28 Flavour, Drb
2008-06-27 Dominic B, Angélika2008-06-22 DRB, Flavour
2008-06-21 Pat Santler, DJ Luke2008-06-20 Dominic B, Dj A.K.T
2008-06-15 Sunday Mess: Norm, Alain Jackinsky2008-06-14 Laflèche, Simon Perreault
2008-06-13 Dominic B, Drb2008-06-07 Flavour, Leecroy
2008-06-06 Dominic B, Pat Santler2008-05-10 Eddie Lewis
2008-04-03 Salle Principale: Peakafeller, Dominic B2008-03-27 Euphoria: Kid, Peakafeller
2008-03-20 Salle Principale: Angélika, Simon Miller, Matt Vézina2008-02-20 Salle Principale: Leecrow (Sherbrooke), A.K.T._
2008-02-13 Salle Principale: Dominic B, L.Y.N.X.2008-02-06 Salle Principale: Dominic B, Robi Jewel
2008-01-30 Salle Principale: L.Y.N.X., Flavour2008-01-26 Yan Van B, Angélika
2008-01-25 A.K.T, Peakafeller2008-01-19 A.K.T, Peakafeller
2008-01-18 Marco G, Kal2008-01-12 Funky Frank, Max Hébert
2008-01-11 Dominic B, Drixx2008-01-05 Flavour, C-Side
2008-01-04 Pat Stanler, Arsen2008-01-01 Funky Frank, Gervais Sphinx
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