Venues - Pinokkio, Club
Name:Pinokkio, Club
Location:Canada, Quebec, Montreal
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2009-05-30 Luv 90s2009-05-29 Luv 90s
2009-05-28 Melissa Lavergne2009-05-23 Luv 90s
2009-05-22 Luv 90s2009-05-21 Sebastien Diaz
2009-05-16 Luv 90s2009-05-15 Luv 90s
2009-05-14 Marie-Christine Lavoie2009-05-09 Luv 90s
2009-05-08 Luv 90s2009-05-07 Abeille Gelinas
2009-05-02 Luv 90s2009-05-01 Luv 90s
2009-04-30 Francois Babin (Star Academie 03 Finalist)2009-04-25 Luv 90s
2009-04-24 Luv 90s2009-04-23 Jean-Marie Lapointe
2009-04-18 Luv 90s2009-04-17 Luv 90s
2009-04-16 Jonathan Goulet (Fighter Ufc)2009-04-11 Luv 90s
2009-04-10 Luv 90s2009-04-09 Pat Côté (Fighter Ufc)
2009-04-04 Luv 90s2009-04-03 Luv 90s
2009-04-02 Steve Claveau (Xmma), Edith Labelle (Octogon Girl Ufc)2009-03-28 Luv 90s
2009-03-27 Luv 90s2009-03-26 Benoît Gagnon
2009-03-21 Luv 90s2009-03-20 Luv 90s
2009-03-19 Pinup Saints2009-03-14 Luv 90s
2009-03-13 Luv 90s2009-03-12 Jennifer Silencieux
2009-03-07 Luv 90s2009-03-06 Luv 90s
2009-03-05 Cynthia (Ls)2009-02-28 Luv 90's
2009-02-27 Luv 90's2009-02-26 Maxim Martin
2009-02-21 Luv 90's2009-02-20 Luv 90's
2009-02-19 Anne Krystel Goyer (Playboy Vixens)2009-02-14 Luv 90's
2009-02-13 Luv 90's2009-02-12 Geneviève Denault (Loft Story 5)
2009-02-07 Luv 90's2009-02-06 Luv 90's
2009-02-05 Cynthia Sauro (Loft Story 5)2009-01-31 Luv 90's
2009-01-30 Luv 90's2009-01-29 Michèle Lévesque, Christian (Od)
2009-01-24 Luv 90's2009-01-23 Luv 90's
2009-01-22 Bruny Surin, Nicolas Nicolas MacRozonaris2009-01-17 Luv 90's
2009-01-16 Luv 90's2009-01-15 Ring Girls Calendrier 2009, Fighters Xmma.Tv
2009-01-10 Luv 90's2009-01-09 Luv 90's
2009-01-08 Annie Gagnon (Canal Argent), Julie Couture (Lcn)2009-01-03 Luv 90's
2009-01-02 Luv 90's2008-12-31 Diabolique 2008
2008-12-27 Luv 90's2008-12-26 Luv 90's
2008-12-20 Luv 90's2008-12-19 Luv 90's
2008-12-18 Alexandre Despatie, Benoit Huot2008-12-13 Luv 90's
2008-12-12 Luv 90's2008-12-11 Kim Rusk
2008-12-06 Luv 90's2008-12-05 Luv 90's
2008-12-04 Eric Salvail, Isabelle Racicot2008-11-29 Luv 90's
2008-11-28 Luv 90's2008-11-27 Jean-Marie Lapointe
2008-11-22 Luv 90's2008-11-21 Luv 90's
2008-11-20 Alain Parisien2008-11-15 Luv 90's
2008-11-14 Luv 90's2008-11-13 Kim St-Pierre
2008-11-08 Luv 90's2008-11-07 Luv 90's
2008-11-06 Martin Ross2008-11-01 Luv 90's
2008-10-30 Francisco Randez2008-10-19 Full House: Max Julien
2008-10-12 Full House: Max Julien2008-09-28 Full House: Max Julien
2008-09-21 Full House: Max Julien2008-09-14 Full House: Max Julien
2008-09-07 Full House: Max Julien2008-08-31 Full House: Max Julien
2007-07-31 Eddy Jasmin2007-06-05 Stéfane Lippé
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