Venues - Blizzarts, Bar
Name:Blizzarts, Bar
Location:Canada, Quebec, Montreal
Description:Blizzarts used to be a nondescript storefront on the part of the St. Laurent thoroughfare that's genuinely hip rather than trendy. Now, it's one of the hottest little bars in town, and you'd be hard pressed to find a seat in here on a Friday or Saturday night. Which is fine, because if you're at Blizzarts, you'd rather dance, dance, dance.

In the afternoons, Blizzarts is a place to hang back, chill out and watch passers-by flaunt what their mamas gave them up and down the Main. When the DJs start around ten or eleven, the kettle really starts to boil. Their Dancehall Night is the best in the city, with more bump and grind every week than the week before. And just to set foot in the place on that night says you want trouble. Their D 'n B (Drum and Bass) night with DJ Maus also sizzles, especially since she adopted an unofficial mandate to bring her European colleagues in for impromptu jam sets whenever they're in town. The listings change often, so check weekly newspaper listings or call if you have a preference for a certain kind of tune, although there's no better place than this to try out something new.

Blizzarts' visionary co-owner and hands-on manager, Peter, is a self-proclaimed art fanatic and amateur collector; is the bar is also a gallery. The scenery changes every month, with a growing roster of local talent that names Blizzarts as the gallery that gave them their break.
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The Session Feat. Recoil
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
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The Session Feat. Vilfy
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
43 Photos
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
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Oh Snap!
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
26 Photos
Oh Snap!
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
35 Photos
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2012-03-22 Les Yakuzas Du Son: Melodrastik2012-02-23 Yakuzas Du Son Presente Sarcastic
2011-06-19 64hz Présente >> Les Yakuzas Du Son >> Quatorzième Rendez-Vo2011-02-13 Dig.It.Al Sundays #1: Djoolz, Son Raw & Sarcastic
2010-09-19 Yakuzas Du Son : : Cinquième Opus2010-08-05 An Intimate Evening With Capital J
2010-07-04 Sarcastic @ Swing & Skip2010-07-03 Plateau Saturdays
2010-07-01 Attitude City Thursdays2010-06-26 Plateau Saturdays
2010-06-24 Attitude City Thursdays2010-06-19 Plateau Saturdays
2010-06-17 Attitude City Thursdays2010-06-12 Plateau Saturdays
2010-06-10 Attitude City Thursdays2010-06-05 Plateau Saturdays
2010-06-03 Attitude City Thursdays2010-05-29 Plateau Saturdays
2010-05-27 Attitude City Thursdays2010-05-25 The Session Feat. R.C.A.
2010-05-22 Plateau Saturdays2010-05-20 Attitude City Thursdays
2010-05-18 The Session Feat. Recoil2010-05-15 Plateau Saturdays
2010-05-13 Attitude City Thursdays2010-05-11 The Session Feat. Efes
2010-05-08 Plateau Saturdays2010-05-06 Attitude City Thursdays
2010-05-01 Plateau Saturdays2010-04-29 Revenge Of The Nerdz
2010-04-27 The Session: Mayday, Corey K, Jordan Dare2010-04-24 Plateau Saturdays
2010-04-22 Revenge Of The Nerdz2010-04-20 The Session Feat. Vilify & Pinto
2010-04-17 Plateau Saturdays2010-04-15 Revenge Of The Nerdz
2010-04-13 The Session Feat. Bliss2010-04-11 Freedembass Spring Edition
2010-04-10 Plateau Saturdays2010-04-08 Revenge Of The Nerdz
2010-04-06 The Session Feat. Rilly Guilty & Jonny Jungle2010-04-04 Swing And Skip: Easter Edition
2010-04-03 Plateau Saturdays2010-04-01 Revenge Of The Nerdz
2010-03-30 The Session Feat. Rcola & Density2010-03-28 Mtl Breakbeat Revival 1st Edition
2010-03-27 Plateau Saturdays2010-03-25 Revenge Of The Nerdz
2010-03-23 The Session Feat. Subtone2010-03-20 Plateau Saturdays
2010-03-18 Attitude City Thursdays2010-03-16 The Session: Mayday, Corey K, Jordan Dare
2010-03-14 Freedembass: The Sh** Show2010-03-13 Plateau Saturdays
2010-03-11 Revenge Of The Nerdz2010-03-09 The Session Feat. Dj Sarcastic
2010-03-07 Swing And Skip 32010-03-06 Plateau Saturdays
2010-03-04 Revenge Of The Nerdz2010-03-02 The Session Feat. Dj Hosta
2010-02-27 Plateau Saturdays2010-02-25 Revenge Of The Nerdz
2010-02-23 The Session Feat. Dj Bassfacial2010-02-20 Plateau Saturdays
2010-02-18 Revenge Of The Nerdz2010-02-16 The Session: Mayday, Corey K, Jordan Dare
2010-02-14 Freedembass: Dub Hertz Edition2010-02-13 Plateau Saturdays
2010-02-11 Revenge Of The Nerdz2010-02-09 The Session Feat. Dj Bus
2010-02-07 Swing And Skip Ii2010-02-06 Plateau Saturdays
2010-02-04 Attitude City Thursdays2010-02-02 The Session Feat. Construct
2010-01-30 Plateau Saturdays2010-01-28 Attitude City Thursdays
2010-01-26 The Session Feat. Jonny Jungle2010-01-24 Mtl Future Garage Presents: Swing And Skip - Hgldt Vs Intocc
2010-01-23 Plateau Saturdays2010-01-21 Attitude City Thursdays
2010-01-19 The Session: Bass-Ic2010-01-17 E.S.L Crew Presents Vilify
2010-01-16 Plateau Saturdays2010-01-14 Attitude City Thursdays
2010-01-12 The Session Feat. Recoil2010-01-10 Freedembass Xii
2010-01-09 Plateau Saturdays2010-01-07 Attitude City Thursdays
2010-01-05 The Session Feat. Vilfy2010-01-02 Plateau Saturdays
2009-12-31 Attitude City Thursdays2009-12-30 Bass Drive Wednesdays
2009-12-29 Teenwolf2009-12-26 Plateau Saturdays
2009-12-24 Attitude City Thursdays2009-12-22 Teenwolf
2009-12-19 Plateau Saturdays2009-12-17 Attitude City Thursdays
2009-12-15 Teenwolf2009-12-13 Freedembass Xi
2009-12-12 Style Cutters Sale2009-12-10 Attitude City Thursdays
2009-12-08 Teenwolf: The Farewell Edition2009-12-05 Plateau Saturdays
2009-12-03 Attitude City Thursdays2009-12-02 Dub Lounge X-Mas Fundraiser For N.D.G. Food Depot
2009-12-01 Teenwolf2009-11-29 Bear Trap Mon Ours
2009-11-28 Plateau Saturdays2009-11-26 Attitude City Thursdays
2009-11-25 Dj Jacob Cino2009-11-24 Teenwolf
2009-11-23 Auntie Jo Presents: Mondays Are For Make-Outs2009-11-22 Babylion
2009-11-21 Birthday Bop2009-11-20 Nude
2009-11-19 Attitude City Thursdays2009-11-17 Teenwolf
2009-11-15 Esl Crew : Guest Sarcastic2009-11-14 Plateau Saturdays
2009-11-12 Attitude City Thursdays2009-11-10 Teenwolf
2009-11-08 Freedembass X2009-11-07 Plateau Saturdays
2009-11-05 Attitude City Thursdays2009-11-03 Teenwolf
2009-10-27 Teenwolf: A-Rock Et Shaydakiss2009-10-20 Teenwolf: A-Rock Et Shaydakiss
2009-10-13 Teenwolf: A-Rock Et Shaydakiss2009-10-11 Freedembass Ix
2009-10-06 Teenwolf: A-Rock Et Shaydakiss2009-09-29 Teenwolf: A-Rock Et Shaydakiss
2009-09-22 Teenwolf: A-Rock Et Shaydakiss2009-09-15 Teenwolf: A-Rock Et Shaydakiss
2009-09-13 Freedembass Viii2009-09-08 Teenwolf: A-Rock Et Shaydakiss
2009-09-05 Plateau Saturdays2009-09-03 Revenge Of The Nerdz
2009-09-01 Teenwolf: A-Rock Et Shaydakiss2009-08-29 Plateau Saturdays
2009-08-27 Revenge Of The Nerdz2009-08-25 Teenwolf: A-Rock Et Shaydakiss
2009-08-22 Plateau Saturdays2009-08-20 Revenge Of The Nerdz
2009-08-18 Teenwolf: A-Rock Et Shaydakiss2009-08-15 Plateau Saturdays
2009-08-13 Revenge Of The Nerdz2009-08-11 Teenwolf: A-Rock Et Shaydakiss
2009-08-08 Plateau Saturdays2009-08-06 Revenge Of The Nerdz
2009-08-04 Teenwolf: A-Rock Et Shaydakiss2009-08-01 Plateau Saturdays
2009-07-30 Revenge Of The Nerdz2009-07-28 Teenwolf: A-Rock Et Shaydakiss
2009-07-25 Plateau Saturdays2009-07-24 The Bridge, Lexis, Svedee
2009-07-23 Revenge Of The Nerdz2009-07-21 Teenwolf: A-Rock Et Shaydakiss
2009-07-18 Plateau Saturdays2009-07-16 Revenge Of The Nerdz
2009-07-14 Teenwolf: A-Rock Et Shaydakiss2009-07-12 Freedembass Vii
2009-07-11 Plateau Saturdays2009-07-09 Revenge Of The Nerdz
2009-07-07 Teenwolf2009-07-04 Plateau Saturdays
2009-07-02 Revenge Of The Nerdz2009-06-30 Teenwolf
2009-06-27 Plateau Saturdays2009-06-25 Revenge Of The Nerdz
2009-06-23 Teenwolf2009-06-20 Plateau Saturdays
2009-06-18 Revenge Of The Nerdz2009-06-16 Teenwolf
2009-06-13 Plateau Saturdays2009-06-11 Revenge Of The Nerdz
2009-06-09 Teenwolf2009-06-06 Plateau Saturdays
2009-06-04 Revenge Of The Nerdz2009-06-02 Teenwolf
2009-05-30 Plateau Saturdays2009-05-28 Revenge Of The Nerdz
2009-05-26 Teenwolf2009-05-23 Plateau Saturdays
2009-05-21 Revenge Of The Nerdz2009-05-19 Teenwolf
2009-05-16 Plateau Saturdays2009-05-14 Revenge Of The Nerdz
2009-05-12 Teenwolf2009-05-09 Plateau Saturdays
2009-05-07 Revenge Of The Nerdz2009-05-05 Teenwolf
2009-05-02 Plateau Saturdays2009-04-30 Revenge Of The Nerdz
2009-04-28 Teenwolf2009-04-25 Plateau Saturdays
2009-04-23 Revenge Of The Nerdz2009-04-18 Plateau Saturdays
2009-04-16 Revenge Of The Nerdz2009-04-12 Freedembass Iv
2009-04-11 Plateau Saturdays2009-04-09 Revenge Of The Nerdz
2009-04-04 Plateau Saturdays2009-04-02 Revenge Of The Nerdz
2009-03-28 Mod Club2009-03-26 Revenge Of The Nerdz
2009-03-21 Mod Club2009-03-19 Revenge Of The Nerdz
2009-03-14 Plateau Saturdays2009-03-12 Revenge Of The Nerdz
2009-03-08 Freedembass Iii Dubstep Monthly2009-03-07 Plateau Saturdays
2009-03-05 Revenge Of The Nerdz2009-02-28 Plateau Saturdays
2009-02-27 The Bridge: Dj Lexis, Dj 7d2009-02-26 Revenge Of The Nerdz
2009-02-21 Plateau Saturdays2009-02-20 The Bridge: Dj Lexis, Dj 7d
2009-02-19 Revenge Of The Nerdz2009-02-14 Plateau Saturdays
2009-02-13 The Bridge: Dj Lexis, Dj 7d2009-02-12 Revenge Of The Nerdz
2009-02-07 Plateau Saturdays2009-02-06 The Bridge: Dj Lexis, Dj 7d
2009-02-05 Revenge Of The Nerdz2009-02-03 Revenge Of The Nerdz
2009-01-31 Plateau Saturdays2009-01-30 The Bridge: Dj Lexis, Dj 7d
2009-01-24 Plateau Saturdays2009-01-23 The Bridge: Dj Lexis, Dj 7d
2009-01-17 Plateau Saturdays2009-01-16 The Bridge: Dj Lexis, Dj 7d
2009-01-11 Freedembass Dubstep Monthly2009-01-10 Freedembass Xii
2009-01-10 Plateau Saturdays2009-01-09 The Bridge: Dj Lexis, Dj 7d
2009-01-03 Plateau Saturdays2009-01-02 The Bridge: Dj Lexis, Dj 7d
2008-12-27 Dj Sarcastic, Bijoux & Rhys Taylor Xmaz Jam2008-12-27 Plateau Saturdays
2008-12-26 The Bridge: Dj Lexis, Dj 7d2008-12-20 Plateau Saturdays
2008-12-19 The Bridge: Dj Lexis, Dj 7d2008-12-13 Plateau Saturdays
2008-12-12 The Bridge: Dj Lexis, Dj 7d2008-12-06 Plateau Saturdays
2008-12-05 The Bridge, Dj Lexis, Dj 7d2008-12-01 Mixtapes Mini Mess W, Erik Virtanen, James Finnerty, Tasha C
2008-11-29 Plateau Saturdays2008-11-28 The Bridge, Dj Lexis, Dj 7d
2008-11-23 Split Signal 11: Milton Clark & Friends2008-11-22 Plateau Saturdays
2008-11-21 The Bridge, Dj Lexis, Dj 7d2008-11-15 Plateau Saturdays
2008-11-14 The Bridge, Dj Lexis, Dj 7d2008-11-08 Plateau Saturdays
2008-11-07 The Bridge, Dj Lexis, Dj 7d2008-11-03 Mixtapes Monday
2008-11-01 Plateau Saturdays2008-10-31 The Bridge, Dj Lexis, Dj 7d
2008-10-25 Plateau Saturdays2008-10-18 Plateau Saturdays
2008-10-14 Teenwolf2008-10-11 Plateau Saturdays
2008-10-04 Plateau Saturdays2008-09-27 Plateau Saturdays
2008-09-20 Plateau Saturdays2008-09-16 Teenwolf: Dj Bliss
2008-09-13 Plateau Saturdays2008-09-06 Plateau Saturdays
2008-08-30 Plateau Saturdays2008-08-29 Cocktail Club: Vincent Lemieux
2008-08-23 Plateau Saturdays2008-08-16 Plateau Saturdays
2008-08-09 Plateau Saturdays2008-08-02 Plateau Saturdays
2008-07-19 Plateau Saturdays: Mike Mind2008-07-11 Dj Bliss
2008-06-20 We Don't Play2008-05-30 Djs Bliss & Lexis (Blizzarts)
2008-04-12 Dj Bliss @ Plateau Saturdays2008-03-08 Dj Bliss @ Plateau Saturdays
2008-01-26 Dave O'Brien & Deliz2007-12-22 Plateau Saturdays feat. DJ Sarcastic & Rhys Taylor
2007-11-10 Plateau Saturdays: Dj Bliss2007-10-27 Plateau Saturday with Mary Hell
2007-09-29 NCV Underground Release Party: Bubblewrap vol.22007-07-07 Dave O'Brien & Deliz
2007-04-14 Rhys Taylor vs. Sarcastic @ Plateau2007-02-10 Dave O'Brien & Deliz @ Le Plateau Saturday's
2006-11-25 Dave O'Brien & Deliz2006-10-14 Dave O'Brien + Deliz
2006-08-27 Arscenique w/ Jordan Dare, Sarcastic, Radarsat-1 and more2006-08-05 Rhys Taylor
2006-07-30 Arscenique2006-06-18 Step By Step
2006-06-04 Spank Me2006-04-02 MTLDeluxe
2006-01-29 Voo-Doo2005-12-16 Jivin fridays
2005-12-09 Jivin fridays2005-12-02 Jivin fridays
2005-11-25 Jivin fridays2005-11-19 VOYEUR w/ Crack Haus
2005-11-12 VOYEUR2005-10-29 WATER LILLY, Plastique de REVE,,,,,,,,,,,VOYEUR BLIZZARTS
2005-09-24 Voyeur2005-09-18 Imaginary Places
2005-09-17 Voyeur2005-07-23 Voyeur
2005-07-22 Dj Vision2005-07-02 Voyeur
2005-05-20 Voyeur2005-04-07 Rob Brown
2005-03-31 DJ Keph w/Broken Crew2005-03-24 DJ Bind CD Launch
2005-03-17 Broken hosts DJ Slyde2005-03-07 Breakbeat All-Star Series Hosts Rob Brown
2005-02-24 Radarsat-12005-02-19 VOYEUR
2005-02-17 Robb G2005-02-10 A-Rock
2005-02-05 VOYEUR2005-02-05 Voyeur
2005-02-03 Marty Mcfly2005-01-22 Voyeur
2005-01-01 Chemistry2004-12-16 Sase One
2004-12-09 Roto, Melon, Poontz2004-11-18 D-Monic, Melon, Poontz
2004-11-13 Chemistry2004-11-11 T'Cha, Melon, Poontz
2004-10-23 Chemistry2004-10-14 Tipper Thursday
2004-10-02 Chemistry2004-09-30 Czech
2004-09-18 Jordan Dare, Bliss2004-09-11 Jordan Dare, Bliss, Sean Kosa
2004-08-14 Jordan Dare, Mini, Bliss2004-08-07 Jordan Dare & Bliss @ Chemistry
2004-07-31 Chemistry - Jordan Dare, Dj Bliss, Sean Kosa2004-07-24 Jordan Dare & Bliss @ Chemistry
2004-07-17 Chemistry2004-07-03 Jordan Dare, Bliss , Sean Kosa
2004-06-26 Jordan Dare, Dj Bliss2004-06-19 Chemistry@blizzart
2004-05-29 Complot Records Cd Launch2004-05-10 Poontz, Lynne T., Dj Ever
2004-04-22 Sarcastic & Karl Marx2004-03-11 Czech
2003-12-26 Christian Pronovost2003-12-12 Homeboy Automatic
2003-12-05 Devious, Frank Boulevard2003-11-28 Alex T
2003-11-27 Melon CD Release Party2003-11-24 Monday Night Mashup
2003-11-21 Mr. Roam, Mr Attic2003-11-14 Dj Slyde
2003-10-20 Oh Snap!2003-09-15 Oh Snap!
2003-08-11 Oh Snap!2003-06-09 Oh Snap!
2000-04-30 Social1999-09-13 Mystique Mondays: Tiga
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