Venues - L'Hemisphere Gauche
Name:L'Hemisphere Gauche
Location:Canada, Quebec, Montreal
Phone:(514) 591-5004
History Of Events [ 22 Total ] [ Show Flyers ]
2011-10-28 Badass Halloween Iszoloscope2010-03-12 Ska, Reggae Evening Show Iii
2010-03-07 Tomorrow's Glory, You Vs. Me, White Room2010-02-27 Joel Kaiser & The Devils Own, Eddy Blake And The Honky Tonk
2010-02-20 D.O.H N' Guests2010-02-12 Tattva, Infinite Moksha, Mad June, Masataq
2010-01-16 Minimal Wage Scumpunch ...2009-12-12 Show Métal
2009-12-11 Kman And The 45's And The Ska-Mones !!!!!!!!2009-12-10 Soirée Bénéfice: D'un Fleuve À L'autre, Projet De Stage Qsf
2009-11-30 Les Lundis Humour Gore, Edition "Immersion"2009-11-27 Iz & The Two Tone Rockers And Joël Kaiser & The Devils Own
2009-11-07 Cryptik Howling, Tba, Lacrimae Mortalium2009-08-31 Peppertree, Mon Electric Bijou, Ariane Mercure
2009-08-20 Phoque Fest: Les Stups, Cougarettes, More2009-08-14 Derelict, Deeply Confused, Ovif
2009-06-20 Soirée Métal Extrême - Synastry, The Catalyst, Will Of The A2009-05-19 Mina May, Lowbrow, Sick Friend
2009-04-04 Mia Verko, Chasing Bright Lights2008-09-27 The Horny Bitches
2008-04-19 Total Chaos, Ab Irato2007-05-12 Consciousness Takin Over
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