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Name:Social, Le
Address:1445 Bishop
Location:Canada, Quebec, Montreal
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The Marty Party With Marty McFly
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
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Check Yourself - The Return Of Twisted Bass
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
96 Photos
The Surfacing
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
34 Photos
Cruz Control : Red Onion
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
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2009-09-26 Cirque De Boudoir Presents: Kult - One Night Of Excess In 192009-08-04 Les Mardis "Pub Night"
2009-07-28 Les Mardis "Pub Night"2009-07-21 Les Mardis "Pub Night"
2009-07-18 Les Samedis "Socials"2009-07-16 Tmdp, The Leathers, Dj Chili P, C.I.T.Y.
2009-07-14 Les Mardis "Pub Night"2009-07-11 Les Samedis "Socials"
2009-07-08 Les Mercredis Fubar2009-06-20 Nuit D'amour
2009-05-23 Carnaval Electro2009-04-25 The Marty Party With Marty McFly
2009-04-24 Soirée Bénéfice - St Jeanbasstiste 20092009-02-13 Psybass The 13th, Luv Editon!
2008-11-08 Check Yourself - The Return Of Twisted Bass2008-10-31 Graveyard Stomp: Obscene Kidz, Mary Hell
2008-10-17 Bass Booming Party2008-10-04 Social Saturdays With Dj Noiky
2008-10-03 Electro Ethip Hop: Dj Legit2008-10-02 Lounge Night, Dj Mike Oliver
2008-10-01 Pub Night, Burgers & Pints2008-09-27 Social Saturdays With Dj Noiky
2008-09-26 Electro Ethip Hop: Dj Legit2008-09-25 Lounge Night, Dj Mike Oliver
2008-09-24 Pub Night, Burgers & Pints2008-09-23 Rock Night With Dj Mathieu Beausejour
2008-09-20 Social Saturdays With Dj Noiky2008-09-19 Electro Ethip Hop: Dj Legit
2008-09-18 Lounge Night, Dj Mike Oliver2008-09-17 Pub Night, Burgers & Pints
2008-09-16 Rock Night With Dj Mathieu Beausejour2008-09-13 Social Saturdays With Dj Noiky
2008-09-12 Electro Ethip Hop: Dj Legit2008-09-11 Lounge Night, Dj Mike Oliver
2008-09-10 Pub Night, Burgers & Pints2008-09-09 Rock Night With Dj Mathieu Beausejour
2008-09-06 Cruz Control > Retour Au Bercail2008-08-30 The Surfacing
2008-08-23 Bass To The Future2008-08-02 Electro In My House: Debbie Tebbs, Pb Lowrez, Danika Bass
2008-06-13 Le Dernier Combat, The Last Battle2008-05-17 Cruz Control : Red Onion
2008-05-06 Too Many Deejays2008-04-19 Wide Angle recordings
2008-04-15 Too Many Deejays Party to Death2008-04-12 Embrace Electro Tek
2008-04-08 Too Many Deejays: An Open Mic NIght for Deejays2008-04-01 Too Many Deejays: An Open Mic Night for Deejays
2008-03-25 Too Many Deejays: An Open Mic Night for Deejays2008-03-18 Too Many Deejays: An Open Mic Night for Deejays
2008-03-11 Too Many Deejays: An Open Mic Night for Deejays2008-03-04 Too Many Deejays: An Open Mic Night for Deejays
2008-02-19 Too Many Deejays: An Open Mic for Deejays2008-02-16 Socially Unacceptable
2008-02-10 Too Many Deejays: An Open Mic for Deejays2008-02-01 Too Many Deejays: an open 'mic ' night for DJays
2008-01-27 Les Soirees Tres A L'Aise2008-01-20 Les Soirées Très à L 'Aise Launch Party
2008-01-11 Les Soirees Tres A L'Aise!2007-12-30 Badass Party
2007-07-13 Loose Joints w/ Robert Ouimet2007-07-06 Loose Joints w/ Johnny 5
2007-06-29 Loose Joints w/ Robot Hustle2007-06-15 Loose Joints w/ Delphi
2007-06-08 Loose Joints w/ Hopscotch Players2007-06-01 Loose Joints: Dreaming of You
2007-05-25 Loose Joints w/ Philgood2007-05-20 "Bite My Style" : Sean Kosa, Sunday, Team Canada, Sound Advi
2007-05-18 Loose Joints w/ Poontz2007-05-13 "Bite My Style" Mutante, PornoRobo, Moebius, Sunday, Trash D
2007-05-11 Loose Joints w/ DJ Plush2007-05-06 "Bite My Style" Music 4 Money, Sunday Luv, Clifford Brown, S
2007-05-04 Loose Joints: Disco From Above2007-04-27 Loose Joints - Disco Sauce Edition
2007-04-20 Loose Joints - Thomas Von Party2007-04-13 Loose Joints - Resident's Nights : The Drunkening
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