Venues - Saphir, Club
Name:Saphir, Club
Location:Canada, Quebec, Montreal
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★★★ Kid Reverse (Fr), Zimo, Dto, Dr.Bix ★★★
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
32 Photos
Saphir 2nd Floor With Elo!i, Dorian Grey, Dr Bix
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
30 Photos
★★★ The 2nd Floor : : Dorian Grey - Élo!i - Dr.Bix
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
17 Photos
Dj Cy-Fi
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
2 Photos
Dialect, Zimo, Dorian Grey, Dj Okin @ Saphir
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
25 Photos
Mary Hell Vs Mayday
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
24 Photos
Ctrl Frk: 2 Man Army!
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
1 Photos
Ctrl Frk
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
25 Photos
Ctrl Frk : B.Rich ( Usa )
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
9 Photos
Ctrl Frk
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
16 Photos
Ctrl Frk: Dj Dialect Vs Milton Clark
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
10 Photos
Ctrl Frk With Udachi ( New-York )
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
93 Photos
Beat Me Up: Mary Hell
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
26 Photos
Open Turntable Hardcore-Underground
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
82 Photos
Hardcore-Underground Guest Princestopiate
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
10 Photos
Beat Me Up: Mary Hell
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
7 Photos
Hardcore Underground: Zone33, Put-In
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
46 Photos
Hardcore Underground
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
28 Photos
Beat Me Up: Mary Hell, Cherry Cola
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
17 Photos
Beat Me Up! with Dirty Licious
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
25 Photos
Hardcore Underground
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
15 Photos
Hardcore Underground
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
8 Photos
Hardcore Underground
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
19 Photos
pre-party de defonce ta T.V.
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
25 Photos
Hardcore Underground
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
22 Photos
Festival Kinetik official after party AMP vs DWN
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
6 Photos
Hard-tek hard-core Drum n Bass
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
11 Photos
Pré-Party Bucherons
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
10 Photos
Beat Me UP !
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
12 Photos
Beat Me Up: Mary Hell, Figure 8, Stereoguns
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
6 Photos
Final Mix -Jordan Dare, Rhys Taylor, Sarcastic, Po
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
44 Photos
Psycore Nites
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
32 Photos
Dubstep Experiment 3.5 Loetech (Toronto)
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
5 Photos
Beat Me Up ! Figure 8 (Omnikrom) + Mary Hell
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
23 Photos
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
21 Photos
Beat Me Up : Sean Kosa + Mary Hell
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
16 Photos
Psycore Nite: Br34th3, Absolute, ByPaSs TomTom, NA
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
10 Photos
Beat Me Up: Sean Kosa, Romeo Kardec, Mary Hell, Ch
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
6 Photos
Psycore nite at Saphir / Indica, Iznogood, AnimA..
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
42 Photos
Beat Me Up & QueerEaction: Mary Hell + Cherry Cola
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
39 Photos
Pad Class (Live), Tony Ezzy (Live), Scott C, Rhys
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
90 Photos
Thank God it's Thursday
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
6 Photos
Beat Me Up : Jordan Dare + Mz Sunday Luv & Mary He
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
9 Photos
International Women's Day barnstormer w/ DJ Maus,
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
18 Photos
Myagi aka Sole Claw (BC) + Sean Kosa + Rhys Taylor
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
43 Photos
Mateo Murphy, Pinky 38, Bassochist & Doc Funk @ Mi
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
52 Photos
Thank god it's Thursday!
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
2 Photos
BeatMeUp: NuRavers On The Block + Mz Sunday Luv &
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
24 Photos
Thank god it's Thursday (Bloody Valentine)
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
7 Photos
Foam Valentine
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
19 Photos
Beat Me Up: Quebec Connection + Mz Sunday Luv & Ma
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
3 Photos
Beat Me Up: Monsieur Scott, Mz Sunday Luv, Mary He
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
8 Photos
Thanks God it's Thursday (Raves'r'us preparty)
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
5 Photos
Beat Me Up: Haris Pilton (Live) + Mz Sunday Luv &
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
25 Photos
Ciné Chaos
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
20 Photos
Sean Kosa, Sarcastic, Axel Klein, Omni
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
71 Photos
Deekline (Rat Records/UK)
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
13 Photos
Twilight, Christmas party
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
23 Photos
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
20 Photos
Beat Me Up : CPI + Mz Sunday Luv & Mary Hell
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
15 Photos
Rinse Out
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
11 Photos
Beat Me Up: Denyse Juncutt + Mz Sunday Luv & Mary
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
14 Photos
Rinse Out
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
7 Photos
Beat Me Up: Cherry Cola + Mary Hell
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
11 Photos
NCV + Mix Thursday present Frankie Bones
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
10 Photos
Beat Me Up: Jordan Dare + Mary Hell
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
3 Photos
Beat Me Up: Jacob Asher + Mary Hell
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
6 Photos
Beat Me Up: Dirty Dan + Mz Sunday Luv & Mary Hell
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
11 Photos
Mix Thursday: DJ Assault
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
73 Photos
Nostalgia Pre-party w/ Chromeo
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
1 Photos
Soirée Apocalypse
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
29 Photos
Sarcastic, Tony Ezzy feat. Zark 22, Sean Kosa & Ha
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
28 Photos
Rue w/ Murdock, Jesse Morris & Mr. Stitch @ Mix Th
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
4 Photos
Romeo Kardec, Miss Molly, Melon & Syndikit @ Mix T
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
11 Photos
Women On Wax @ Mix Thursday ft. Lynne T, Tashish,
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
48 Photos
Dirty XXXmas feat. Speaker Phreaker, Doc Savage, A
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
10 Photos
Nivoc, Omni, Bind, Dee Bass & Radarsat-1 @ Mix Thu
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
31 Photos
tag team night vol. 2 @ Mix feat. Sebastian Prelar
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
18 Photos
Exhumed, Thorn Within, Brief Respite
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
4 Photos
Mix Thursday: Myagi, Oz Squad
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
2 Photos
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
24 Photos
Mix Thursday: Stand Up and Get Down, Sase One, Dav
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
2 Photos
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
130 Photos
Mix Thursday: Luv, Doctor Octoboobies, DJ Shit, Co
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
13 Photos
DJ Kick, Axel Klein, Snork, Tipsy T & Melon
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
55 Photos
Rob Brown, Mister Mostest, Krillin & Dee Bass vs F
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
44 Photos
Axionfigga, Dave O'Brien, Dialect, Galaksy, Jacob
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
22 Photos
Golgo 13, Kikit, Murdock, Omoc, Rain Force, Slyde
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
17 Photos
Sebastian Prelar
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
18 Photos
Coma, Second State 1
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
51 Photos
Philgood, Dave O’Brien, Deliz
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
5 Photos
The Next Level
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
5 Photos
The Next Level
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
13 Photos
The Next Level
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
3 Photos
The Next Level
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
2 Photos
The Next Level
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
19 Photos
Replikant v2 + Nanochrist
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
10 Photos
The Next Level
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
33 Photos
The Next Level
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
42 Photos
Replikant v2
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
1 Photos
New Year's Day Madness
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
2 Photos
Bunch of Drunks
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
27 Photos
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
2 Photos
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
9 Photos
IDJ @ Saphir
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
25 Photos
Mo'Lissa's Birthday Bash
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
46 Photos
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
23 Photos
IDJ @ Saphir's
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
31 Photos
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
20 Photos
Saphir Thursdays
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
13 Photos
Corey K
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
30 Photos
Revenge of the Alcoholics
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
28 Photos
Sase One's Birthday Bash
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
42 Photos
More Drinking
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
23 Photos
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
61 Photos
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
75 Photos
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2012-02-09 ★★★ Ratio 8: 1 @ 2nd Floor ★★★2012-01-18 Dj Hexa-5@saphir
2012-01-11 Unsolved Chemestery Drkuttz2011-12-01 Psycho Lounge
2011-10-13 Switch Feat. Sarcastic, Monokini San2011-10-06 Switch: Spacekadet -Laf-O -Plecko & Djewel
2011-09-29 Switch - With Guestl: Spacekadet- Laf -O2011-09-27 Deep Jam Tuesdays Accoustik
2011-09-22 Switch With Guest : Dj Mart One - Wally2011-09-20 Open Deep Jam Accoustique Session
2011-09-15 Switch2011-08-16 Deep Jam Tuesdays
2011-07-09 Iconoclastica: Cassandria Daiva, Danika Bass, Cedric Taillon2011-05-26 My Two Side - Florian Msk Dj Set Et Alakazoo
2011-05-24 Deep Jam Tuesdays2011-05-19 My Two Side -- Dj Alakazoo, Mad-Kiloz
2011-05-17 Deep Jam Tuesdays2011-05-12 My Two Side - Dj Moebius Et Alakazoo
2011-05-10 Deep Jam Tuesdays 7th - Famelik - Podgorny - Lockout2011-04-21 Les Jeudis Aquarium: Giant Octopus
2011-04-12 Deep Jam Tuesdays2011-03-31 Les Jeudis Aquarium: Giant Octopus
2011-03-24 Les Jeudis Aquarium: Giant Octopus2011-03-17 Les Jeudis Aquarium: Giant Octopus
2011-03-10 Les Jeudis Aquarium: Giant Octopus2011-03-03 Les Jeudis Aquarium: Giant Octopus
2011-02-24 Les Jeudis Aquarium: Giant Octopus2011-02-17 Les Jeudis Aquarium: Giant Octopus
2011-02-10 Les Jeudis Aquarium: Giant Octopus2011-02-03 Les Jeudis Aquarium: Giant Octopus
2011-01-27 ★★★ The 2nd Floor: : Mélodrastik Vs Milton Clark, Deuce Havo2011-01-20 Les Jeudis Aquarium: Giant Octopus
2011-01-13 Les Jeudis Aquarium: Giant Octopus2011-01-06 Les Jeudis Aquarium: Giant Octopus
2010-12-31 Dwn Nye 20112010-12-24  : Giant Octopus
2010-12-16 ★★★ Dr.Bix, Medouksasor, Mad-K, Okin ★★★2010-11-18 ★★★ Kid Reverse (Fr), Zimo, Dto, Dr.Bix ★★★
2010-10-21 ★★★ The 2nd Floor : : ★dr.Bix B-Day Bash★, Moebius, Nā, Okin2010-10-07 ★★★ The 2nd Floor : : Melodrastik- Dialect - Yomig ★★★
2010-09-30 The 2nd Floor: Psydraulix Vs Virtual Light, Hexa5, Okin2010-09-23 Saphir 2nd Floor With Elo!i, Dorian Grey, Dr Bix
2010-09-23 ★★★ The 2nd Floor : : Dorian Grey - Élo!i - Dr.Bix - Clectic2010-07-22 ★★★ The 2nd Floor ★★★
2010-07-17 ★★★ The 2nd Floor : : Édition Du Samedi ★★★2010-07-15 ★★★ Mr.Tea, Bijoux, Zimo ★★★
2010-07-03 Massive Attack2010-07-02 Soirée Dark Wave, Panic
2010-07-01 Superlaser Thursdays, Beat Me Up Thursdays2010-06-29 We Strangled Your Cat
2010-06-26 Soirée Rock Métal, Rock ’n’ Roll Addiction2010-06-25 Soirée Dark Wave, Panic
2010-06-24 Superlaser Thursdays, Beat Me Up Thursdays2010-06-22 We Strangled Your Cat
2010-06-19 Soirée Rock Métal, Rock ’n’ Roll Addiction2010-06-18 Soirée Dark Wave, Panic
2010-06-17 ★★★ The 2nd Floor : : Moebius ★★★2010-06-17 Superlaser Thursdays, Beat Me Up Thursdays
2010-06-15 We Strangled Your Cat2010-06-12 Soirée Rock Métal, Rock ’n’ Roll Addiction
2010-06-11 Soirée Dark Wave, Panic2010-06-10 Superlaser Thursdays, Beat Me Up Thursdays
2010-06-08 We Strangled Your Cat2010-06-05 Soirée Rock Métal, Rock ’n’ Roll Addiction
2010-06-04 Soirée Dark Wave, Panic2010-06-03 ★★★ The 2nd Floor : : Spécial Dnb, Breaks, Electro ★★★
2010-06-03 Superlaser Thursdays, Beat Me Up Thursdays2010-06-01 We Strangled Your Cat
2010-05-29 Soirée Rock Métal, Rock ’n’ Roll Addiction2010-05-28 Soirée Dark Wave, Panic
2010-05-27 Superlaser Thursdays, Beat Me Up Thursdays2010-05-25 We Strangled Your Cat
2010-05-22 Soirée Rock Métal, Rock ’n’ Roll Addiction2010-05-21 Dj Cy-Fi
2010-05-20 Superlaser Thursdays, Beat Me Up Thursdays2010-05-18 We Strangled Your Cat
2010-05-15 Soirée Rock Métal, Rock ’n’ Roll Addiction2010-05-14 Soirée Dark Wave, Panic
2010-05-13 ★★★ Milton Clark ★★★2010-05-11 We Strangled Your Cat
2010-05-08 Soirée Rock Métal, Rock ’n’ Roll Addiction2010-05-07 Soirée Dark Wave, Panic
2010-05-06 Superlaser Thursdays, Beat Me Up Thursdays2010-05-04 We Strangled Your Cat
2010-05-01 Soirée Rock Métal, Rock ’n’ Roll Addiction2010-04-30 Soirée Dark Wave, Panic
2010-04-29 ★★★ The 2nd Floor : : Funkyfalz & Dj Muslim ★★★2010-04-29 Superlaser Thursdays, Beat Me Up Thursdays
2010-04-27 We Strangled Your Cat2010-04-24 Soirée Rock Métal, Rock ’n’ Roll Addiction
2010-04-23 Soirée Dark Wave, Panic2010-04-22 ★★★ The 2nd Floor : : Nico³ ★★★
2010-04-22 Superlaser Thursdays, Beat Me Up Thursdays2010-04-20 We Strangled Your Cat
2010-04-20 O C D J2010-04-17 Soirée Rock Métal, Rock ’n’ Roll Addiction
2010-04-16 Soirée Dark Wave, Panic2010-04-15 Dialect, Zimo, Dorian Grey, Dj Okin @ Saphir
2010-04-15 Superlaser Thursdays, Beat Me Up Thursdays2010-04-13 O C D J
2010-04-10 Soirée Rock Métal, Rock ’n’ Roll Addiction2010-04-09 Soirée Dark Wave, Panic
2010-04-08 Superlaser Thursdays, Beat Me Up Thursdays2010-04-06 We Strangled Your Cat
2010-04-03 Soirée Rock Métal, Rock ’n’ Roll Addiction2010-04-02 Soirée Dark Wave, Panic
2010-04-01 Scarnek, Okin, Vndl, Élo!i2010-03-30 We Strangled Your Cat
2010-03-27 Soirée Rock Métal, Rock ’n’ Roll Addiction2010-03-26 Soirée Dark Wave, Panic
2010-03-25 Superlaser Thursdays, Beat Me Up Thursdays2010-03-23 We Strangled Your Cat
2010-03-20 Soirée Rock Métal, Rock ’n’ Roll Addiction2010-03-19 Soirée Dark Wave, Panic
2010-03-18 Thursdays At The 2nd Floor2010-03-18 Superlaser Thursdays, Beat Me Up Thursdays
2010-03-16 We Strangled Your Cat2010-03-13 Soirée Rock Métal, Rock ’n’ Roll Addiction
2010-03-12 Soirée Dark Wave, Panic2010-03-11 Vezper
2010-03-09 We Strangled Your Cat2010-03-06 Are You Electric?
2010-03-05 Pop Mutant, We Are Wolves2010-03-04 The2ndfloor Présentent Sju: : Mo-Fo, Vndl, Okin, C-Mos @ Sap
2010-03-02 We Strangled Your Cat2010-02-27 Faceplant
2010-02-27 Down To Ruins Live !! Extreme Metal Blasts : D2010-02-26 Pop Mutant! Girls Drink On Us
2010-02-25 Mad Ones Thursdays W, Sixteen And Pregnant2010-02-23 We Strangled Your Cat
2010-02-20 Soirée Rock Métal, Rock ’n’ Roll Addiction2010-02-19 Pop Mutant: After De We Are Wolves A Montreal En Lumieres
2010-02-18 Mad Ones Thursdays2010-02-16 We Strangled Your Cat
2010-02-13 Gender Blender W, Dj Muslim2010-02-12 Lvx Guest Spot At Dwn
2010-02-11 Superlaser Thursdays, Beat Me Up Thursdays2010-02-09 We Strangled Your Cat
2010-02-06 Soirée Rock Métal, Rock ’n’ Roll Addiction2010-02-05 Soirée Dark Wave, Panic
2010-02-04 Mad Ones Thursdays2010-02-03 Generation Fluo
2010-02-02 We Strangled Your Cat2010-01-30 Soirée Rock Métal, Rock ’n’ Roll Addiction
2010-01-29 Soirée Dark Wave, Panic2010-01-28 Mad Ones Thursdays
2010-01-27 Generation Fluo2010-01-26 We Strangled Your Cat
2010-01-23 Soirée Rock Métal, Rock ’n’ Roll Addiction2010-01-22 Soirée Dark Wave, Panic
2010-01-21 Mad Ones Thursdays2010-01-20 Generation Fluo
2010-01-19 We Strangled Your Cat2010-01-16 Soirée Rock Métal, Rock ’n’ Roll Addiction
2010-01-15 Soirée Dark Wave, Panic2010-01-14 Mad Ones Thursday
2010-01-13 Generation Fluo2010-01-12 We Strangled Your Cat
2010-01-09 Soirée Rock Métal, Rock ’n’ Roll Addiction2010-01-08 First Pop Mutant Of 2010
2010-01-07 Knightriders! W, La Débauche Ext. Dj Set2010-01-06 Generation Fluo
2010-01-05 We Strangled Your Cat2010-01-02 Soirée Rock Métal, Rock ’n’ Roll Addiction
2010-01-01 Soirée Dark Wave, Panic2009-12-31 New Year's Eve W, Pop Mutant
2009-12-30 Generation Fluo2009-12-29 We Strangled Your Cat
2009-12-26 Soirée Rock Métal, Rock ’n’ Roll Addiction2009-12-25 Soirée Dark Wave, Panic
2009-12-24 Beat Me Up: Mary Hell, Invités2009-12-23 Generation Fluo
2009-12-22 We Strangled Your Cat2009-12-19 Metal Show In Honour And In Memory Of Dimebag
2009-12-18 Pop Mutant!! Girls Drink On Us 'til Midnight!!2009-12-17 Beat Me Up: Mary Hell, Invités
2009-12-16 Generation Fluo2009-12-15 We Strangled Your Cat
2009-12-12 Gender Blender2009-12-11 Soirée Dark Wave, Panic
2009-12-10 Knightriders! W, La Debauche, Julian C. Tag Team2009-12-09 Generation Fluo
2009-12-08 We Strangled Your Cat2009-12-05 Gender Blender
2009-12-04 Soirée Dark Wave, Panic2009-12-03 Mary Hell Vs Mayday
2009-12-03 Dj Deadbeat Dad2009-12-02 Hardcore Au Saph
2009-12-01 We Strangled Your Cat2009-11-28 Dj Arakis, Dj Jonnybonnyrock
2009-11-27 Nitzer Ebb Pre-Show Party2009-11-26 Superlaser Thursdays, Beat Me Up Thursdays
2009-11-25 Generation Fluo2009-11-24 We Strangled Your Cat
2009-11-21 Soirée Rock Métal, Rock ’n’ Roll Addiction2009-11-20 Soirée Dark Wave, Panic
2009-11-19 Knightriders: La Debauche, Julian C.2009-11-18 Generation Fluo
2009-11-17 We Strangled Your Cat2009-11-14 Soirée Rock Métal, Rock ’n’ Roll Addiction
2009-11-13 Soirée Dark Wave, Panic2009-11-12 Knightriders! W, Dooze Jackers
2009-11-11 Generation Fluo2009-11-10 We Strangled Your Cat
2009-11-07 Soirée Rock Métal, Rock ’n’ Roll Addiction2009-11-06 Soirée Dark Wave, Panic
2009-11-05 Superlaser Thursdays, Beat Me Up Thursdays2009-11-04 Generation Fluo
2009-11-03 We Strangled Your Cat2009-10-29 Beat Me Up: Mary Hell, Invités
2009-10-22 Beat Me Up: Mary Hell, Invités2009-10-17 Cocktailclub Soundsystem: Simon Called Peter
2009-10-15 Beat Me Up: Mary Hell, Invités2009-10-08 Beat Me Up: Mary Hell, Invités
2009-10-01 Beat Me Up: Mary Hell, Invités2009-09-24 Beat Me Up: Mary Hell, Invités
2009-09-17 Beat Me Up: Mary Hell, Invités2009-09-10 Beat Me Up: Mary Hell, Invités
2009-09-05 Soirée Rock Métal, Rock ’n’ Roll Addiction2009-09-04 Soirée Dark Wave, Panic
2009-09-03 Superlaser Thursdays, Beat Me Up Thursdays2009-09-01 We Strangled Your Cat
2009-08-29 Soirée Rock Métal, Rock ’n’ Roll Addiction2009-08-28 Soirée Dark Wave, Panic
2009-08-27 Superlaser Thursdays, Beat Me Up Thursdays2009-08-25 We Strangled Your Cat
2009-08-22 Soirée Rock Métal, Rock ’n’ Roll Addiction2009-08-21 Soirée Dark Wave, Panic
2009-08-20 Superlaser Thursdays, Beat Me Up Thursdays2009-08-18 We Strangled Your Cat
2009-08-15 Soirée Rock Métal, Rock ’n’ Roll Addiction2009-08-14 Soirée Dark Wave, Panic
2009-08-13 Superlaser Thursdays, Beat Me Up Thursdays2009-08-11 We Strangled Your Cat
2009-08-08 Soirée Rock Métal, Rock ’n’ Roll Addiction2009-08-07 Soirée Dark Wave, Panic
2009-08-06 Dj Bliss @ Beat Me Up2009-08-04 We Strangled Your Cat
2009-08-01 Soirée Rock Métal, Rock ’n’ Roll Addiction2009-07-31 Soirée Dark Wave, Panic
2009-07-30 Beat Me Up: Mary Hell, Invités2009-07-28 We Strangled Your Cat
2009-07-25 Soirée Rock Métal, Rock ’n’ Roll Addiction2009-07-24 Soirée Dark Wave, Panic
2009-07-23 Beat Me Up: Mary Hell2009-07-21 We Strangled Your Cat
2009-07-18 Soirée Rock Métal, Rock ’n’ Roll Addiction2009-07-17 Soirée Dark Wave, Panic
2009-07-16 Beat Me Up: Mary Hell2009-07-14 We Strangled Your Cat
2009-07-11 Soirée Rock Métal, Rock ’n’ Roll Addiction2009-07-10 Soirée Dark Wave, Panic
2009-07-09 Beat Me Up: Mary Hell2009-07-07 We Strangled Your Cat
2009-07-04 Soirée Rock Métal, Rock ’n’ Roll Addiction2009-07-03 Soirée Dark Wave, Panic
2009-07-02 Superlaser Thursdays, Beat Me Up Thursdays2009-06-30 We Strangled Your Cat
2009-06-27 Soirée Rock Métal, Rock ’n’ Roll Addiction2009-06-26 Soirée Dark Wave, Panic
2009-06-25 Superlaser Thursdays, Beat Me Up Thursdays2009-06-23 We Strangled Your Cat
2009-06-20 Soirée Rock Métal, Rock ’n’ Roll Addiction2009-06-19 Soirée Dark Wave, Panic
2009-06-18 Superlaser Thursdays, Beat Me Up Thursdays2009-06-16 We Strangled Your Cat
2009-06-13 Soirée Rock Métal, Rock ’n’ Roll Addiction2009-06-12 Soirée Dark Wave, Panic
2009-06-11 Superlaser Thursdays, Beat Me Up Thursdays2009-06-09 We Strangled Your Cat
2009-06-06 Soirée Rock Métal, Rock ’n’ Roll Addiction2009-06-05 Soirée Dark Wave, Panic
2009-06-04 Superlaser Thursdays, Beat Me Up Thursdays2009-06-02 We Strangled Your Cat
2009-05-30 Soirée Rock Métal, Rock ’n’ Roll Addiction2009-05-29 Soirée Dark Wave, Panic
2009-05-28 Superlaser Thursdays, Beat Me Up Thursdays2009-05-26 We Strangled Your Cat
2009-05-23 Ctrl Frk: Dialect And Vilify2009-05-22 Soirée Dark Wave, Panic
2009-05-21 Superlaser Thursdays, Beat Me Up Thursdays2009-05-19 We Strangled Your Cat
2009-05-16 Ctrl Frk: 2 Man Army!2009-05-15 Soirée Dark Wave, Panic
2009-05-14 Superlaser Thursdays, Beat Me Up Thursdays2009-05-12 We Strangled Your Cat
2009-05-09 Ctrl Frk2009-05-08 Soirée Dark Wave, Panic
2009-05-07 Superlaser Thursdays, Beat Me Up Thursdays2009-05-05 We Strangled Your Cat
2009-05-02 Soirée Rock Métal, Rock ’n’ Roll Addiction2009-05-02 Ctrl Frk
2009-05-01 Soirée Dark Wave, Panic2009-04-30 Superlaser Thursdays, Beat Me Up Thursdays
2009-04-28 We Strangled Your Cat2009-04-25 Soirée Rock Métal, Rock ’n’ Roll Addiction
2009-04-25 Ctrl Frk2009-04-24 Soirée Dark Wave, Panic
2009-04-23 Superlaser Thursdays, Beat Me Up Thursdays2009-04-21 We Strangled Your Cat
2009-04-18 Ctrl Frk : B.Rich ( Usa )2009-04-17 Soirée Dark Wave, Panic
2009-04-16 Superlaser Thursdays, Beat Me Up Thursdays2009-04-14 We Strangled Your Cat
2009-04-11 Ctrl Frk: Dj Endo ( Usa )2009-04-10 Soirée Dark Wave, Panic
2009-04-09 Superlaser Thursdays, Beat Me Up Thursdays2009-04-07 We Strangled Your Cat
2009-04-04 Ctrl Frk : Pinky 382009-04-03 Soirée Dark Wave, Panic
2009-04-02 Generation Fluo2009-03-31 We Strangled Your Cat
2009-03-28 Ctrl Frk: Fm Radio Gods ( Live Act )2009-03-27 Soirée Dark Wave, Panic
2009-03-26 Generation Fluo2009-03-24 We Strangled Your Cat
2009-03-21 Ctrl Frk2009-03-20 Soirée Dark Wave, Panic
2009-03-19 Generation Fluo2009-03-17 We Strangled Your Cat
2009-03-14 Ctrl Frk: Pad Class (Live), Indica2009-03-13 Soirée Dark Wave, Panic
2009-03-12 Generation Fluo2009-03-10 We Strangled Your Cat
2009-03-07 Ctrl Frk2009-03-06 Soirée Dark Wave, Panic
2009-03-05 Beat Me Up: Mary Hell & .X2009-03-04 Generation Fluo
2009-03-03 We Strangled Your Cat2009-02-28 Ctrl Frk
2009-02-27 Soirée Dark Wave, Panic2009-02-26 Superlaser Thursdays, Beat Me Up Thursdays
2009-02-25 Hardcore Underground 100% Live P.A.2009-02-24 We Strangled Your Cat
2009-02-21 Ctrl Frk: Dj Dialect Vs Milton Clark2009-02-20 Soirée Dark Wave, Panic
2009-02-19 Knightriders, Beat Me Up Thursdays2009-02-18 Generation Fluo
2009-02-17 We Strangled Your Cat2009-02-14 Ctrl Frk With Udachi ( New-York )
2009-02-13 Soirée Dark Wave, Panic2009-02-12 Superlaser Thursdays, Beat Me Up Thursdays
2009-02-11 Hardcore Underground2009-02-10 We Strangled Your Cat
2009-02-07 Soirée Rock Métal, Rock ’n’ Roll Addiction2009-02-06 Soirée Dark Wave, Panic
2009-02-05 Beat Me Up: Mary Hell, Invités2009-02-04 Generation Fluo
2009-02-03 We Strangled Your Cat2009-01-31 Panic!
2009-01-29 Beat Me Up: Mary Hell, Brendon Duvall2009-01-28 Hardcore Underground Supersonic Tag-Team !!!
2009-01-27 We Strangled Your Cat2009-01-24 Panic!
2009-01-22 Beat Me Up: Mary Hell, Invités2009-01-20 We Strangled Your Cat
2009-01-17 Panic!2009-01-15 Beat Me Up: Mary Hell, Dj Gingy
2009-01-14 Hardcore Underground2009-01-13 We Strangled Your Cat
2009-01-10 Panic!2009-01-09 Soirée Dark Wave, Panic
2009-01-08 Beat Me Up: Mary Hell2009-01-07 Generation Fluo
2009-01-06 We Strangled Your Cat2009-01-03 Panic!
2009-01-02 Soirée Dark Wave, Panic2009-01-01 Beat Me Up Thursdays
2008-12-31 Amp Night, Memmaker2008-12-30 We Strangled Your Cat
2008-12-27 Panic!2008-12-25 Beat Me Up: Mary Hell
2008-12-23 We Strangled Your Cat2008-12-20 Panic!
2008-12-18 Beat Me Up: Mary Hell2008-12-17 Hardcore Underground: Belladonnakillz, Plague, Teroristkriss
2008-12-16 We Strangled Your Cat2008-12-13 Panic!
2008-12-11 Beat Me Up: Mary Hell2008-12-09 We Strangled Your Cat
2008-12-06 Panic!2008-12-04 Beat Me Up: Mary Hell
2008-12-03 Open Turntable Hardcore-Underground2008-12-02 We Strangled Your Cat
2008-11-29 Panic!2008-11-27 Mary Hell, Arcade, Bamboche, Paris Fripon
2008-11-25 We Strangled Your Cat2008-11-22 Panic!
2008-11-20 Beat Me Up: Mary Hell, Djs Arcade, Bamboche, Paris Fripon2008-11-19 Hardcore-Underground Guest Princestopiate
2008-11-18 We Strangled Your Cat2008-11-15 Panic!
2008-11-13 Beat Me Up: Mary Hell, Arcade, Bamboche, Paris Fripon2008-11-11 We Strangled Your Cat
2008-11-08 Panic!2008-11-06 Beat Me Up Thursdays: Mary Hell, Sean Kosa
2008-11-05 Hardcore Underground2008-11-04 We Strangled Your Cat
2008-11-01 Panic!2008-10-31 Pop Mutant - Helloween
2008-10-28 Casablanca Club: Cherry Cola2008-10-22 Hardcore Underground
2008-10-21 Casablanca Club: Cherry Cola2008-10-16 Beat Me Up Thursdays: Mary Hell, A Rock
2008-10-14 Casablanca Club: Cherry Cola2008-10-08 Hardcore Underground - Free!!!
2008-10-07 Casablanca Club: Cherry Cola2008-09-30 Casablanca Club: Cherry Cola
2008-09-25 Beat Me Up: Mayday, Bliss2008-09-24 Hardcore Underground
2008-09-23 Casablanca Club: Cherry Cola2008-09-18 Beat Me Up: Mary Hell
2008-09-16 Casablanca Club: Cherry Cola2008-09-12 Goth Night: Kao Bday
2008-09-11 Beat Me Up: Mary Hell2008-09-10 Hardcore Underground
2008-09-09 Casablanca Club: Cherry Cola2008-09-04 Beat Me Up: Mary Hell
2008-09-02 Casablanca Club: Cherry Cola2008-08-28 Beat Me Up: Mary Hell
2008-08-27 Hardcore Underground: Iz, Alakazoo2008-08-21 Beat Me Up: Mary Hell
2008-08-20 Arrash Ta Moustache2008-08-14 Beat Me Up Thursdays: Mary Hell, Nrotb
2008-08-13 Hardcore Underground: Zone33, Put-In2008-08-07 Beat Me Up Thursdays: Mary Hell, Axel Klein
2008-07-31 Beat Me Up: Mary Hell, Bsbtrgd2008-07-30 Hardcore Underground
2008-07-24 Beat Me Up: Mary Hell, Cherry Cola2008-07-17 Beat Me Up! with Dirty Licious
2008-07-16 Hardcore Underground2008-07-05 Helix
2008-07-02 Hardcore Underground2008-06-19 Beat Me Up Thursdays : Mary Hell, AC Slater (NY)
2008-06-18 Hardcore Underground2008-06-11 pre-party de defonce ta T.V.
2008-06-04 Hardcore Underground2008-05-29 Beat Me Up Thursdays: Mary Hell, Mike Mind
2008-05-22 Beat Me Up Thursdays: Mary Hell, DJ Bliss2008-05-21 Hardcore Underground
2008-05-18 Festival Kinetik official after party AMP vs DWN2008-05-15 Beat Me Up: Mary Hell, Bsbtrg Club
2008-05-08 Beat Me Up2008-05-01 Beat Me Up: Scream Club
2008-04-24 Beat me up thursdays with B.Rich2008-04-17 Dirty Licious Birthday Bash @ Beat Me UP
2008-04-03 Superlaser, Beat Me Up2008-04-02 Dark Alakazoo, Br34th3
2008-04-01 DJs Speechless, Morning Breath2008-03-27 Superlaser Thursdays: Arcade, Bamboche, Paris Fripon
2008-03-23 Resurrection V.022008-03-15 Never Drafted, Outspoken, & Dead Celebrity
2008-03-06 Beat Me Up! with Dirty Licious and Axel Klein.2008-03-05 Hard-tek hard-core Drum n Bass
2008-02-27 Pré-Party Bucherons2008-02-21 Beat Me UP is the best on Thursday !!!
2008-02-14 BEAT ME UP with Mary Hell, Lynne T, Nell Boy2008-01-31 Beat Me Up: Electro Dance Party
2008-01-29 We Strangled Your Cat2008-01-26 Panic: Plastik Patrick
2008-01-24 Beat Me Up Electro Dance Party2008-01-17 Beat Me Up electro dance Party
2008-01-03 Beat Me Up: Mary Hell, Axel Klein2007-12-31 Panic On Times Square : Saphir New Years Eve Party (1st floo
2007-12-31 Revolution On Times Square : Saphir New Years Eve Party (2nd2007-12-20 BEAT ME UP -AXEL KLEIN-MARINELLI-MARY HELL
2007-12-13 Beat Me UP !2007-12-06 Beat Me Up: Mary Hell, Figure 8, Stereoguns
2007-11-29 Final Mix -Jordan Dare, Rhys Taylor, Sarcastic, Poontz, Dj B2007-11-22 Mix Thursdays w/ Fu Ancko, Pad Class (live) & Milton Clark
2007-11-21 Psycore Nites: Iszoloscope, LVX, L: li, Dark Alakazoo2007-11-15 Mix Thursdays: NCV CD Launch
2007-11-14 Psycore Nites: Br34th3, SunHunter, Dark Alakazoo2007-11-08 Mix Thursday Tagteam 2 the Death
2007-11-07 Psycore Nites2007-11-04 Beat Me Up ! Mary Hell + Romeo Kardec
2007-11-01 B-Rock B-Day Bash: Dj Mana, RCola, Dialect2007-11-01 Mix Thrusdays
2007-10-26 Buried Alive 9 From Outer Space Halloween Party feat. Disman2007-10-25 Dubstep Experiment 3.5 Loetech (Toronto)
2007-10-21 Beat Me Up !2007-10-18 Mix Thursdays : Rhys Dreams Out Loud
2007-10-14 Beat Me Up !2007-10-11 Tagteam throwdown @ Mix Thursday
2007-10-07 "Beat Me Up !" Party Animal : Mary Hell + Sean Kosa + Cherry2007-10-04 Sarcastic 12" Launch Party / Pinky's Birthday!!--Mix Thursda
2007-09-27 Goodbye DeeBass Bon Voyage We Love You2007-09-20 DJ INIS, Philgood, RhysTaylor, Dj Bias, Melon
2007-09-13 DAVE LUXE (Belgium) + Dirty Dan + Hectic2007-09-06 Sean Kosa, Sase One + Drixel
2007-09-02 BEAT ME UP first anniversary: SEAN KOSA, BLISS, MARY HELL, P2007-08-30 Deekline (UK-Rat Records)
2007-08-26 Beat me Up w/ Mary Hell & Clifford Brown2007-08-23 Stitch + DJ MANA + Deliz (NCV)
2007-08-19 Beat Me Up : Mary Hell + Nellboy (Live!)2007-08-16 Mix Thursdays: Rhys Taylor, Fu Ancko & Clifford Brown
2007-08-14 Dieselboy2007-08-10 Dark Wave Nights 10th Anniversary
2007-08-09 Bias, Deebass, CoreyK, Pistol Pete2007-08-05 Beat Me Up ! Mary Hell & Sean Kosa
2007-08-02 Sean Kosa, Melon, Rhys Taylor, Bind2007-08-01 Psycore Nite
2007-07-29 resonance @ saphir avec iszoloscope, dark alakazoo & guest2007-07-29 BEAT ME UP ! Mary Hell + Johnny Bonny Rock
2007-07-22 Beat Me Up ! Figure 8 (Omnikrom) + Mary Hell2007-07-22 resonance @ saphir --- Iznogood et Dark Alakazoo
2007-07-21 Saphir2007-07-19 Nu-Ragga Soundclash
2007-07-15 Beat Me Up : Sean Kosa + Mary Hell2007-07-15 resonace @ saphir NA - dark alakazoo - iszoloscope et +
2007-07-12 CoreyK B-day BBQ w/Sean Kosa + Stern (live)2007-07-08 Resonance: Iszoloscope, Dark Alakazoo
2007-07-08 Beat Me Up: Mary Hell2007-07-05 Mix Thursdays: Endo, Evafresh
2007-07-01 Beat Me Up: Sean Kosa, Mz Sunday Luv & Mary Hell2007-06-28 Chronic Bass (Momenta) Release Party
2007-06-27 Psycore Nite: Br34th3, Absolute, ByPaSs TomTom, NA, Sickness2007-06-24 Beat me up ! Mary Hell + Cherry Cola + surprise
2007-06-24 RESONANCE - Iszoloscope - Dark Alakazoo & +2007-06-22 Down Beat Session
2007-06-21 Sarcastic vs Axel Klein + Omni vs Sean Kosa + DJ Ever @ Mix 2007-06-14 NCV Release party @ Mix Thursday
2007-06-10 Beat Me Up: Mary Hell, John Lee, Cherry Cola2007-06-07 Andrew Spence aka DJ Slim w/DJ Mana
2007-06-03 Beat Me Up: Sean Kosa, Romeo Kardec, Mary Hell, Cherry Cola2007-05-31 TGIT: Psychedelic Sunshine
2007-05-31 1st annual Notek festival2007-05-30 Psycore nite at Saphir / Indica, Iznogood, AnimA...
2007-05-27 Beat Me Up! Mary Hell + Cherry Cola + Philgood + We are wolv2007-05-24 Thank God it's Thursday - Burn the DJ
2007-05-24 The Rogue Element (UK) w/Bind + Melon + Rhys Taylor + SpaceK2007-05-20 Beat Me Up & QueerEaction: Mary Hell + Cherry Cola + Bliss +
2007-05-17 TGIT: Hard House In The Sun2007-05-17 Nu Ravers on the Block + Seismologik
2007-05-13 Beat Me Up Mary Hell + Cherry Cola + Monsieur Scott2007-05-10 TGIT: Heat Induced Trance
2007-05-10 Philgood, FuAncko2007-05-06 Beat Me Up: Mary Hell + Sean Kosa + Cherry Cola
2007-05-03 TGIT: Hardcore Sunburns2007-05-03 Pad Class (Live), Tony Ezzy (Live), Scott C, Rhys Taylor & M
2007-04-29 Beat Me Up : Omni & Mary Hell2007-04-26 Thank God it's Thursday: Blessed be the oldschool
2007-04-26 Mix Thursday 2ND Anniversary2007-04-22 Beat Me Up : Dirty Dan + Cyan, Mary Hell
2007-04-19 Dave the Drummer @ Thank God it's Thursday2007-04-19 BLIM, Sean Kosa & Rhys Taylor @ Mix
2007-04-15 Beat Me Up : Kevlar (Live) + Drew McCallum, Mary Hell2007-04-12 Thank God it's Thursday: What would Jesus spin?
2007-04-12 Omni, Bias & Stitch @ Mix2007-04-08 Beat Me Up : Bliss + Mary Hell
2007-04-05 Thank God it's Thusday: Thou shalt dance to trance2007-04-05 Khiasma / Sase One / Maysr / DJ Sixx (Mexico)
2007-04-01 Beat Me Up: Sean Kosa + Haris Pilton (Live) Mary Hell2007-03-29 DJ Sarcastic's bday disaster feat. J-Fizz and The Rastitute
2007-03-29 Thank God it's Thursday: Back to the Groove preparty2007-03-25 Beat Me Up : Maus + Mz Sunday Luv & Mary Hell
2007-03-22 Stern (live), Sase One, Max Miles & Rhys Taylor @ Mix2007-03-22 Thank God it's Thursday
2007-03-18 Beat Me Up : Sarcastic + Mz Sunday Luv, Nellboy (Live) & Mar2007-03-15 Cezch, Sixtoo, DJ Bind, Evader MC
2007-03-15 Thank God it's Thursday2007-03-11 Beat Me Up : Jordan Dare + Mz Sunday Luv & Mary Hell
2007-03-08 Thank God it's Thursday: Clash preparty2007-03-08 International Women's Day barnstormer w/ DJ Maus, Miss Bijou
2007-03-04 Beat Me Up: Sean Kosa + Mz Sunday Luv & Mary Hell2007-03-01 Thank God it's Thursday: Hardcore Extravaganza!
2007-03-01 Myagi aka Sole Claw (BC) + Sean Kosa + Rhys Taylor + Spaceka2007-02-28 MIG(BMC) + Chemistry + Karma Atchikah + Ro G + Psylangwage
2007-02-25 Beat Me Up: Cherry Cola, Mz Sunday Luv, Mary Hell2007-02-22 Mateo Murphy, Pinky 38, Bassochist & Doc Funk @ Mix
2007-02-22 Thank god it's Thursday!2007-02-18 BeatMeUp: NuRavers On The Block + Mz Sunday Luv & MaryHell
2007-02-15 Thank god it's Thursday (Bloody Valentine)2007-02-15 Ghislain Poirier, Sarcastic & Hectic
2007-02-14 Foam Valentine2007-02-11 Beat Me Up: Quebec Connection + Mz Sunday Luv & MaryHell, Da
2007-02-08 Thank god it's Thursday (Indica's birthday)2007-02-08 A-Rock & Hatchmatik, Nathan Burns & SOundshaper, Rhys Taylor
2007-02-04 Beat Me Up: Monsieur Scott, Mz Sunday Luv, Mary Hell, DarkAl2007-02-01 Thanks God it's Thursday (Raves'r'us preparty)
2007-02-01 Jordan Dare, Taxi Nouveau, Corey K, Dirty Dan2007-01-28 Beat Me Up: Haris Pilton (Live) + Mz Sunday Luv & Mary Hell
2007-01-28 Ciné Chaos2007-01-25 Thank God it's Thursday!
2007-01-25 Nellboy (Live), Bind + Evader MC, Fu Ancko2007-01-21 Beat Me Up: Mad-Kiloz + Mz Sunday Luv & Medouckasor (Live)
2007-01-18 Sean Kosa, Sarcastic, Axel Klein, Omni2007-01-14 Beat Me Up : Nell Boy + Mz Sunday Luv (Live) CPI
2007-01-11 Dialect's mad bday w/ Rhys Taylor + DJ Oewer2007-01-07 Beat Me Up: C.A.S.Q.U.E. (Live) + Mz Sunday Luv & Mary Hell
2007-01-04 Miss Bijoux, Mayday, J-Fizz, Dave O'Brien2006-12-31 Plastik Patrik Panic New Years
2006-12-31 [Black] Celebration 20072006-12-28 Sarcastic & Rhys Taylor, Tipsy T, Axel Klein & Pinky, Jesse
2006-12-21 Christmas Jewbilee2006-12-17 Beat Me Up: Nell Boy + Mz Sunday Luv (Live) Haris Pilton
2006-12-14 Deekline (Rat Records/UK)2006-12-13 Twilight, Christmas party
2006-12-10 Beat Me Up: Meek, Des Calloux et des Carbone, Cyan, Mz Sunda2006-12-09 Lithium (Nirvana tribute)
2006-12-08 Fashion Show - Blinded by the moon2006-12-07 Poontz presents: Dr.Delay (FunkWeapons/USA)+DJ Mana
2006-12-07 Dr.Delay/Mana/Simahalak2006-12-03 Beat Me Up: W/ Cherry Cola & Mary Hell
2006-11-30 Necro Afterparty2006-11-30 Dislexic (Purephunk)
2006-11-26 Beat Me Up : Bliss + Mz Sunday Luv & Mary Hell2006-11-26 Ciné Chaos
2006-11-23 Wikkid Records Album Launch2006-11-22 Twilight
2006-11-19 Beat Me Up : Omni + Mz Sunday Luv & Mary Hell2006-11-16 Rinse Out
2006-11-16 J-Bass (UK/ibreaks)2006-11-12 Beat Me Up : CPI + Mz Sunday Luv & Mary Hell
2006-11-09 Rinse Out2006-11-09 3 Sweet, Sweet Tagteam Sets
2006-11-05 Beat Me Up : Clifford Brown, Mary Hell, MZ Sunday Luv2006-11-02 Rinse Out
2006-11-02 Blim (TCR/UK)2006-10-29 Beat Me Up: Denyse Juncutt + Mz Sunday Luv & Mary Hell
2006-10-27 Dark Wave Nights : Buried Alive 8 My Brain!2006-10-26 4 Turntable Extended set Showdown
2006-10-26 Rinse Out2006-10-22 Beat Me Up: Cherry Cola + Mary Hell
2006-10-19 NCV + Mix Thursday present Frankie Bones2006-10-15 Beat Me Up: Jordan Dare + Mary Hell
2006-10-12 Miss Airie(France)/ Philgood/ Pinky382006-10-08 Beat Me Up: Jacob Asher + Mary Hell
2006-10-08 Dioxyde V2 / Harsh Indust-Rythmic Noise night2006-10-01 Beat Me Up: Dirty Dan + Mz Sunday Luv & Mary Hell
2006-09-28 Bonjay, NCV vs Akarien, Hatchmatik @ Mix Thursdays2006-09-24 Beat Me Up: Philgood + Mz Sunday Luv & Mary Hell
2006-09-21 Mix Thursday: Soundshaper, Nathan Burns, Bias, J-Fizz2006-09-17 Beat Me Up: Andrew Lauder + Mz Sunday Luv & Mary Hell
2006-09-14 Mix Thursday: DJ Assault2006-09-10 Beat Me Up: Nell Boy (Live) + Mz Sunday Luv & Mary Hell
2006-09-07 Siafu Launch: The Goods, Slyde, Delphi, Jesse Morris2006-09-03 Beat Me Up: Jacob Asher + Mz Sunday Luv & Mary Hell
2006-08-31 Sean Kosa, Poontz, Kai2006-08-27 Beat Me Up: Philgood + Mz Sunday Luv & Mary Hell
2006-08-24 Jordan Dare, Nellboy, Radarsat-1, Omni, Axel Klein, Master B2006-08-20 Beat Me Up: Mz Sunday Luv + Mary Hell
2006-08-17 Mighty Kat, Sarcastic, Melon, Miss Bijoux, Lil' Tut, Creatur2006-08-10 Max Miles, Dialect, Spencer Daniels
2006-08-03 Malente, Keph, Fu Ancko2006-07-27 Grand Opening on 2 Floors
2006-07-20 Miss Bijoux, Pinky38, DeeBass2006-07-13 Rhys Taylor's B-Day Wetdown
2006-07-07 Dark Wave Nights 9th Anniversary Party2006-07-06 Ali B
2006-06-29 4X4 (4 turntable tagteam)2006-06-25 Nemesis V.10.0 Party [STILL ON]
2006-06-22 Free Mac Cosmetics2006-06-20 FuckOff
2006-06-15 Poontz B-DAY Madness2006-06-08 Nostalgia Pre-party w/ Chromeo
2006-06-01 Fuck Off2006-06-01 DJ Isis (BC) visits Mix Thursday
2006-05-30 FuckOff!2006-05-25 Mix Thursday monthly tagteam
2006-05-21 Paranoia 20062006-05-18 South Beach Leaze, Tittsworth
2006-05-13 Soirée Apocalypse2006-05-11 Danny Lutz + NCV
2006-04-27 Mix Thursdays 1st Anniversary! Broken Crew vs. Women on Wax2006-04-20 Techno.FM invades Mix Thursday
2006-04-16 Easter of Doom!2006-04-16 Easter Zundbar
2006-04-13 Pinky38, Delphi, Seko, J-Fizz2006-04-12 Psychedelirium
2006-04-06 Sarcastic, Tony Ezzy feat. Zark 22, Sean Kosa & Hatchmatik @2006-04-04 Fuck Off!
2006-03-30 Tag Team night vol 5 @ Mix feat. Chris Hreno & The Mole; Mel2006-03-28 Fuck Off!
2006-03-23 Rue w/ Murdock, Jesse Morris & Mr. Stitch @ Mix Thursday2006-03-21 Fuck Off!
2006-03-16 NCV Launch Party2006-03-14 Fuck Off!
2006-03-10 Chucks Nation + Everything Against Them + Fifty Stars Anger 2006-03-09 Deekline @ Mix Thursday
2006-03-02 A-Rock vs B-Rock w/ Squid & Nathan Burns @ Mix Thursday2006-02-28 Fuck off!
2006-02-23 The Mix Thursday Battle of the Sexes ft. Lynne T vs Spacekad2006-02-22 Disconnect
2006-02-17 The Defamed + Wasted & Drunk + Grabuge + Boicutt & More2006-02-16 Sebastian Prelar, Doctor Octoboobies & DJ Shit, Doc Savage &
2006-02-14 Fuck off!2006-02-09 Jordan Dare, Adam L, DJ Bind & Syrinx @ Mix Thursday
2006-02-02 Sick Puppy (NY), DJ Mana, Poontz, Pinky38 & RamDac @ Mix Thu2006-01-26 Romeo Kardec, Miss Molly, Melon & Syndikit @ Mix Thursday
2006-01-12 Women On Wax @ Mix Thursday ft. Lynne T, Tashish, Killa Jewe2006-01-05 B. Weiser, Omni, Keph, Jesse Morris @ Mix Thursday
2005-12-29 Mix Thursday: Rhys Taylor, Sarcastic, Sean Kosa, Jacob Asher2005-12-22 Dirty XXXmas feat. Speaker Phreaker, Doc Savage, A-Rock, Nat
2005-12-15 Timothy Wisdom (BC), Luv, Davey Delphi & Omoc @ Mix Thursday2005-12-08 Hardsteppers , SoCalled w/ Spacekadet, Corey K + @ Mix Thur
2005-12-06 Fuck The Facts2005-12-02 DWN God Module, Collide Night Special
2005-12-01 Nivoc, Omni, Bind, Dee Bass & Radarsat-1 @ Mix Thursday2005-11-26 Demental
2005-11-24 Electro-Motion @ Mix Thursday2005-11-18 Lancement Du 'Single' Angel of Disorder (Digital Dream)
2005-11-17 Women On Wax @ Mix Thursday2005-11-10 tag team night vol. 2 @ Mix feat. Sebastian Prelar & Sarcast
2005-11-09 Exhumed, Thorn Within, Brief Respite2005-11-03 Mix Thursday: Marty Mcfly, Melon, Stabba, Crispian
2005-10-28 Buried Alive 7 : Seven Feet Under2005-10-27 Mix Thursday: The Mole, Sean Kosa, Fiend, Poontz
2005-10-20 Mix Thursday: Sick Puppy, Adam L, A-Rock, Bias, Whitefish2005-10-13 Mix Thursday: Galaksy, Bass Facial, Tipsy T, Pinky 38, Fishe
2005-10-09 Zundbar, Iszoloscope, CD Release2005-10-06 Mix Thursday: Myagi, Oz Squad
2005-09-29 Mix Thursday: Soundshaper, Jase, Dave O'Brien, Poontz, Scoot2005-09-23 DWN 200 + SKINNY PUPPY DVD VIEWING PARTY
2005-09-22 Mix Thursday: Mateo Murphy, Toltech, Axionfigga, Kill Whitey2005-09-15 Mix Thursday: Stand Up and Get Down, Sase One, Davis, Murdoc
2005-09-11 Zundbar2005-09-08 Mix Thursday: Zark Behida, Basement Wigger, RamDac, Cyan, Di
2005-09-04 Nossimist2005-09-01 Mix Thursday: Mr. Vain, John Federico, Specter, Max Miles, B
2005-08-25 Mix Thursday: Maus, Tony Roma, Kidstatik, Melon, Deliz2005-08-18 Mix Thursday: Endo, Fiend, Mister Mostest, Dee Bass, Doc G.
2005-08-11 Mix Thursday: Oz Squad, Deyond, Galaksy, Screwhead, Dysklo2005-08-04 Mix Thursday: Luv, Doctor Octoboobies, DJ Shit, Corey K, Bin
2005-07-28 Mix Thursday: Noah Pred, Skhighwalker, Slyde, Kai, Miller2005-07-21 Mix Thursday: Sean Kosa, Poontz, Keph, Axionfigga, DJ Elwood
2005-07-14 Krinjah, Leo Cruz, Davey Delphi, Melon & Dirty Dan @ Mix Thu2005-07-08 Dark Wave Nights 8 Year Anniversary
2005-07-07 Jordan Dare, Pinky 38, Dave O'Brien, Sarcastic & Jasmine2005-06-30 Timothy Wisdom, Steve Beaupre, A-Rock, Kill Whitey & Syrinx
2005-06-23 Nivoc, Charles Iz, Galaksy, FM_Man @ Mix Thursday2005-06-16 DJ Kick, Axel Klein, Snork, Tipsy T & Melon
2005-06-09 Deadbeat, Deliz, Nitrous, Screwhead, Spacekadet2005-06-02 Rob Brown, Mister Mostest, Krillin & Dee Bass vs Freebass
2005-05-26 Black Market, Blakkar Noir, Kiffah, Milton Clark, Naughty Ma2005-05-22 Nemesis V0.8 :: Terrorfakt + Memmaker + Cenotype
2005-05-21 Replikant V2.0 :: VNV Nation special2005-05-19 Dysklo, Poontz, Stabba, The Mole
2005-05-14 Kaotik, Mentat2005-05-12 Axionfigga, Dave O'Brien, Dialect, Galaksy, Jacob Asher, Sim
2005-05-05 Golgo 13, Kikit, Murdock, Omoc, Rain Force, Slyde2005-04-29 NIN Mtl release party
2005-04-28 Sebastian Prelar2005-04-17 Coma, Second State 2
2005-04-16 Coma, Second State 12005-03-27 Nemesis v.07
2005-02-15 Rianforest2005-01-26 Homemade Porno Party
2005-01-18 Bassbin Blowout2005-01-01 Replikant v.2 New year's day special
2004-12-31 Dark Wave Night2004-12-25 Replikant v.2 christmas special
2004-12-21 Ghettoblast2004-12-21 Ghettoblast
2004-12-04 REPLIKANT V.2. + Rise Of The Fallen DVD release2004-11-27 REPLIKANT V.2
2004-11-13 Replikant v.2 Hoccico Release2004-11-06 REPLIKANT V.2
2004-10-21  Nimi's Welcome Home Party2004-10-19 GHETTOBLAST
2004-10-12 GHETTOBLAST2004-10-10 NEMESIS 6.0
2004-10-05 Ghettoblast2004-10-02 REPLIKANT V.2 + SITD release party
2004-09-11 REPLIKANT V.22004-09-05 NEMESIS V.5 with TERORFAKT and MANUFACTURA live
2004-09-04 REPLIKANT V.22004-09-02 The Last Level
2004-08-28 REPLIKANT V.22004-08-26 The Next Level
2004-08-21 REPLIKANT V.22004-08-12 The Next Level
2004-08-10 Milton Clark, Dysklo2004-07-31 REPLIKANT V.2 + PARALEL PROJEK
2004-07-29 The Next Level2004-07-27 Philgood, Nathan Burns
2004-07-24 REPLIKANT V.2 + RETROSIC RELEASE PARTY2004-07-22 The Next Level
2004-07-20 Sebastien Prelar, Sarcastic2004-07-15 The Next Level
2004-07-13 Philgood, Dave O’Brien, Deliz2004-07-08 The Next Level
2004-07-06 Ghetto Blast2004-07-01 The Next Level
2004-07-01 Krinjah2004-06-29 GHETTOBLAST presents Jacked-Up
2004-06-24 The Next Level2004-06-23 Pants Off
2004-06-22 Ghettoblast w/ Philgood2004-06-17 The Next Level
2004-06-15 GHETTOBLAST w/Cyan + Chris Pare2004-06-10 The Next Level
2004-06-08 Ghettoblast @ Saphir2004-06-03 The Next Level
2004-06-01 Ghettoblast @ Saphir2004-05-29 Replikant v2 + Skinny Puppy
2004-05-27 The Next Level2004-05-26 Smooch 'O' Rama
2004-05-25 Ghettoblast w/Dj Mana2004-05-23 Nemesis 4.0
2004-05-22 Replikant v2 + System Syn Release Party2004-05-20 The Next Level
2004-05-18 Ghettoblast w/Rain Force + Sarcastic + Toltec2004-05-15 A Random Exit
2004-05-13 The Next Level2004-05-11 Ghettoblast w/Milton Clark + Dysklo
2004-05-08 Replikant v2 + Re: Agent Live2004-05-06 The Next Level
2004-05-04 Ghettoblast w/Melon + Poontz2004-04-30 My Misery, Deep End, Tragic Vision, Open Wounds
2004-04-29 The Next Level2004-04-27 Ghettoblast
2004-04-24 Replikant v2 + Nanochrist2004-04-22 The Next Level
2004-04-20 Ghettoblast w/Philgood2004-04-18 Kidney Stone
2004-04-17 Replikant v2 + Universal Love Attack2004-04-15 The Next Level
2004-04-11 EASTER2004-04-10 Replikant v2 + Sylvania Live
2004-04-09 Dark Wave2004-04-03 Dark Spring Experiment
2004-03-27 Replikant v22004-03-27 Perdition Live
2004-03-20 Replikant v22004-03-13 Replikant v2
2004-03-07 Undergrads Art Education Expose!2004-03-06 Replikant v2
2004-03-03 CJLO Night2004-02-21 Replikant v2
2004-02-14 Bloody Valentine2004-02-07 Replikant v2
2004-01-31 Replikant v22004-01-24 Replikant v2
2004-01-17 Replikant v22004-01-10 Replikant v2
2004-01-03 Saturday Night Special2004-01-01 New Year's Day Madness
2003-12-31 Armagedon 20032003-12-27 Replikant v2
2003-12-20 Replikant v22003-12-18 Bunch of Drunks
2003-12-13 Replikant v22003-12-06 Replikant v2
2003-11-27 Endo2003-11-20 Replikant v2
2003-11-13 Fun2003-11-06 IDJ @ Saphir
2003-10-30 Mo'Lissa's Birthday Bash2003-10-16 Jungle
2003-08-21 IDJ @ Saphir's2003-08-14 Breaks
2003-08-07 Saphir Thursdays2003-08-02 EPSILON MINUS LIVE
2003-07-31 Runnin' Thursdays2003-07-10 Corey K
2003-07-02 Strong & Free2003-06-26 Revenge of the Alcoholics
2003-06-19 Sase One's Birthday Bash2003-06-12 More Drinking
2003-06-05 Thursday2003-05-29 Drunk
2003-05-05 Nter, Toltech2003-04-30 Fluid
2003-04-20 Punk Rock2003-04-16 Dope Computer
2003-04-09 Marty Mcfly2003-04-02 Mana
2003-03-19 The Electrician2003-03-12 Czech
2003-02-16 Contact2003-01-07 Missing
2002-12-11 Plateau Flexout2002-11-29 Chiasm
2002-10-31 Monster Mashup2002-09-19 GNAT
2002-06-20 Sase One's Birthday Party2002-02-07 Rob Brown
2001-08-16 Summer Soul2001-07-19 Le Lutin
2001-07-05 John B1993-05-19 Y
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