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Name:Orchid, Club
Location:Canada, Quebec, Montreal
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Justin Timberlake Tickets Giveaway Part Ii
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
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Material Girl Fridays
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
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2009-12-12 --`> Memories2009-12-04 The Warehaus
2009-02-14 Swagger Like Us2008-12-31 Final Fantasy 2009 The Big Apple
2008-12-06 Stacked Saturdays2008-12-05 Material Girl Fridays
2008-10-31 Halloween 20082007-10-20 World's Sexiest DJ & Former Playmate Live
2007-10-07 Asian Sensations ft. DJ Baby Yu live2007-10-05 Hollywood Night: Open Bar for Girls Before 12am
2007-09-15 Wild Wild West: Coyote Ugly Edition2007-09-01 Angels of Orchid: Bikini Giveaways all Night
2007-08-18 DJ Payce's Birthday Bash2007-08-17 Team Canada: Mash-Up Artists Live on 4 Turntables
2007-07-27 Belgium's Best Hip Hop & RnB: DJ Septik2007-07-13 Blackout Party - Glowsticks for All
2007-07-06 Polaroid Night2007-06-09 Grand Prix Weekend Bash - Import Model Night
2007-06-08 Grand Prix Weekend Bash2007-05-19 Victoria Day Weekend Bash: Part 2
2007-05-18 Victoria Day Weekend Bash: Part 12007-04-27 End of Semester Bash
2007-03-31 Hugo Boss Exclusive Fragrance Launch Party: Part 42007-03-30 Hugo Boss Exclusive Fragrance Launch Party: Part 3
2007-03-24 Hugo Boss Exclusive Fragrance Launch Party: Part 22007-03-23 Hugo Boss Exclusive Fragrance Launch Party: Part 1
2007-03-16 DJ Payce's 1 Year Residency Bash2007-02-16 Valentine's Day: The Honeymoon - Lingerie Special
2007-01-27 Justin Timberlake Tickets Giveaway Part Ii2007-01-26 Justin Timberlake Tickets Giveaway!
2007-01-12 Canada's Best Hip Hop & RnB DJ: Baby Yu2007-01-06 Material Girl Fridays
2006-12-31 NYE: Final Fantasy 2007 - Masquerade2006-12-22 Christmas & End of Semester Bash
2006-08-18 Material Girl Fridays 
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