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Location:Canada, Quebec, Montreal
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No Excuse, Bender, Sean Kosa
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
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No Excuse: Bender, Jeff Grosse, Marinelli
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
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No Excuse: Unknown, Sean Kosa, Bender
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
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2010-12-29 Madness Musical Junction: Toddy Flores2010-12-28 Madness Musical Junction: Toddy Flores
2010-12-23 Shortcut Vs, King Richard2010-12-22 Madness Musical Junction: Toddy Flores
2010-12-21 Madness Musical Junction: Toddy Flores2010-12-15 Madness Musical Junction: Toddy Flores
2010-12-14 Madness Musical Junction: Toddy Flores2010-12-08 Madness Musical Junction: Toddy Flores
2010-12-07 Madness Musical Junction: Toddy Flores2010-11-30 Madness Musical Junction: Toddy Flores
2010-11-26 Party 5e Anniversaire: Stéphane Belfort, King Richard2010-11-23 Madness Musical Junction: Toddy Flores
2010-11-19 Vendredis Classiques: King Richard2010-04-29 Lancement Haüs Music: Carl Müren, Alex Lamarre, Dj Haüs, Mik
2010-04-08 Lancement Haüs Music: Carl Müren, Alex Lamarre, Dj Haüs, Mik2010-02-13 Drinking Date: Dj Louis Xiv, Guest Dj
2010-02-05 Classic Fridays2010-01-23 Part Ii: Domenic Pandolfo, Louis Xiv, Alex Lamarre
2009-12-23 Suspended In Time2009-12-03 La Bouffe Sous Tous Ses Sens
2009-11-28 Domenic Pandolfo, Louis Xiv, Alex Lamarre2009-11-27 4ième Anniversaire Balroom Bar
2009-08-22 Axel Klein, Passan2009-08-21 Truspin
2009-08-14 King Of The Jungle: Domenic Pandolfo, Alex Lamarre, Sherlok2008-11-28 3e Anniversaire: King Richard
2007-10-07 X-Cube + King Louis & +2007-07-19 Paul Kalkbrenner Live
2007-06-10 Vendetta : Bender Vs King Louis2006-10-29 Jeff Grosse and Bender- No Excuse/Diskho-cancelled
2006-10-22 No Excuse, Bender, Sean Kosa2006-10-15 No Excuse, Bender, Sean Kosa
2006-10-08 No Excuse, Sean Kosa, Mightykat2006-09-24 No Excuse: Bender, Sean Kosa
2006-09-17 No Excuse: Bender, Sean Kosa2006-09-10 No Excuse: Bender, Vega, Marinelli
2006-09-03 No Excuse: Remo, Bender, Sean Kosa2006-08-27 No Excuse: Bender, Sean Kosa, Marinelli
2006-08-20 No Excuse: Bender, Jeff Grosse, Marinelli2006-08-13 No Excuse: Sean Kosa, Romeo Kardec
2006-08-06 No Excuse: Bender, Vega, Marinelli2006-07-30 No Excuse: Sean Kosa, Bender, Saturnin
2006-07-23 No Excuse: Sean Kosa, Krista2006-07-16 No Excuse, Bender
2006-07-09 No Excuse, Romeo Kardec, Bender2006-07-02 No Excuse, Sean Kosa, Bender
2006-04-30 No Excuse: Vega, Bender2006-04-23 No Excuse: Sean Kosa
2006-04-16 No Excuse: Unknown, Sean Kosa, Bender2006-04-09 No Excuse: Sean Kosa, Bender
2006-04-02 No Excuse: Sean Kosa, Bender 
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