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Name:Green Room, Salon
Location:Canada, Quebec, Montreal
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Spins & Needles
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
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Thomas Von Party's Von Birthday Party
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
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Green Room Wednesday: Tony Ezzy, Bold Saber Live,
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
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2010-07-04 Game Night2010-07-03 The Family Jewels
2010-07-01 Let's Get Rad Again2010-06-30 The Hump
2010-06-29 Honky Tonk Tuesdays2010-06-28 Mondays To The Max
2010-06-27 Game Night2010-06-26 The Family Jewels
2010-06-24 Let's Get Rad Again2010-06-23 The Hump
2010-06-22 Honky Tonk Tuesdays2010-06-21 Mondays To The Max
2010-06-20 Game Night2010-06-19 The Family Jewels
2010-06-17 Let's Get Rad Again2010-06-16 The Hump
2010-06-15 Honky Tonk Tuesdays2010-06-14 Mondays To The Max
2010-06-13 Game Night2010-06-12 The Family Jewels
2010-06-10 Let's Get Rad Again2010-06-09 The Hump
2010-06-08 Honky Tonk Tuesdays2010-06-07 Mondays To The Max
2010-06-06 Game Night2010-06-05 The Family Jewels
2010-06-03 Let's Get Rad Again2010-06-02 The Hump
2010-06-01 Honky Tonk Tuesdays2010-05-31 Mondays To The Max
2010-05-30 Game Night2010-05-29 The Family Jewels
2010-05-27 Let's Get Rad Again2010-05-26 The Hump
2010-05-25 Honky Tonk Tuesdays2010-05-24 Mondays To The Max
2010-05-23 Game Night2010-05-22 The Family Jewels
2010-05-20 Let's Get Rad Again2010-05-19 The Hump
2010-05-18 Honky Tonk Tuesdays2010-05-17 Mondays To The Max
2010-05-16 Game Night2010-05-15 The Family Jewels
2010-05-13 Let's Get Rad Again2010-05-12 The Hump
2010-05-11 Honky Tonk Tuesdays2010-05-10 Mondays To The Max
2010-05-09 Game Night2010-05-08 The Family Jewels
2010-05-06 Let's Get Rad Again2010-05-05 The Hump
2010-05-04 Honky Tonk Tuesdays2010-05-03 Mondays To The Max
2010-05-02 Game Night2010-05-01 Trot The Fox
2010-04-29 Let's Get Rad Again2010-04-28 The Hump
2010-04-27 Honky Tonk Tuesdays2010-04-26 Mondays To The Max
2010-04-25 Game Night2010-04-24 Trot The Fox
2010-04-22 Let's Get Rad Again2010-04-21 The Hump
2010-04-20 Honky Tonk Tuesdays2010-04-19 Mondays To The Max
2010-04-18 Game Night2010-04-17 Trot The Fox
2010-04-15 Let's Get Rad Again2010-04-14 The Hump
2010-04-13 Honky Tonk Tuesdays2010-04-12 Mondays To The Max
2010-04-11 Game Night2010-04-10 Trot The Fox
2010-04-08 Let's Get Rad Again2010-04-07 The Hump
2010-04-06 Honky Tonk Tuesdays2010-04-05 Mondays To The Max
2010-04-04 Game Night2010-04-03 The Family Jewels
2010-04-01 Let's Get Rad Again2010-03-31 The Hump
2010-03-30 Honky Tonk Tuesdays2010-03-29 Mondays To The Max
2010-03-28 Game Night2010-03-27 Trot The Fox
2010-03-25 In Flight Safety, Said The Whale2010-03-24 Brasstronaut, Maken Kozapo
2010-03-23 Honky Tonk Tuesdays2010-03-22 Mondays To The Max
2010-03-21 Game Night2010-03-20 Trot The Fox
2010-03-18 Let's Get Rad Again2010-03-17 The Hump
2010-03-16 Honky Tonk Tuesdays2010-03-15 Mondays To The Max
2010-03-14 Game Night2010-03-13 Music & Mtl Roller Derby
2010-03-12 Trot The Fox2010-03-11 Let's Get Rad Again
2010-03-10 The Hump2010-03-09 Honky Tonk Tuesdays
2010-03-08 Mondays To The Max2010-03-07 Green Go, Nightwood
2010-03-06 The Family Jewels2010-03-05 Barton Fink, Afterparty, Nista
2010-03-04 Pierced Arrows2010-03-03 The Hump
2010-03-02 Honky Tonk Tuesdays2010-03-01 Mondays To The Max
2010-02-28 Game Night2010-02-27 The Family Jewels
2010-02-26 Trot The Fox2010-02-25 Let's Get Rad Again
2010-02-24 Elfin Saddle, Extra Life2010-02-23 Honky Tonk Tuesdays
2010-02-22 Mondays To The Max2010-02-21 Game Night
2010-02-20 The Family Jewels2010-02-19 Trot The Fox
2010-02-18 Let's Get Rad Again2010-02-17 Lowbrow, Hell's Angles
2010-02-16 Honky Tonk Tuesdays2010-02-15 Mondays To The Max
2010-02-14 Game Night2010-02-13 The Family Jewels
2010-02-12 Lickety Split: Make Love To That Mic Girl! Live Performances2010-02-11 Little Girls
2010-02-10 The Hump2010-02-09 Honky Tonk Tuesdays
2010-02-08 Le Trouble, Dan Schachter2010-02-07 Game Night
2010-02-06 The Family Jewels2010-02-05 Attack In Black, $100, The Hoof And The Heel
2010-02-04 Let's Get Rad Again2010-02-03 The Hump
2010-02-02 Honky Tonk Tuesdays2010-02-01 Mondays To The Max
2010-01-31 Game Night2010-01-30 Golden Isles 7" Release Show With Homosexual Cops
2010-01-29 Trot The Fox2010-01-28 Let's Get Rad Again
2010-01-27 The Hump2010-01-26 Honky Tonk Tuesday - Shane Murphy, Graham Playford And Alec
2010-01-25 Mondays To The Max2010-01-24 Game Night
2010-01-23 The Family Jewels2010-01-22 Gambletron, Supr Fossl Powr, Jacob & Francis
2010-01-21 Let's Get Rad Again2010-01-20 The Hump
2010-01-19 Honky Tonk Tuesdays2010-01-18 Mondays To The Max
2010-01-17 Game Night2010-01-16 Zeroes, Technical Kidman
2010-01-15 Trot The Fox2010-01-14 Let's Get Rad Again
2010-01-13 The Hump2010-01-12 Honky Tonk Tuesdays
2010-01-11 Mondays To The Max2010-01-10 Game Night
2010-01-09 The Family Jewels2010-01-08 Trot The Fox
2010-01-07 Let's Get Rad Again2010-01-06 The Hump
2010-01-05 Honky Tonk Tuesdays2010-01-04 Mondays To The Max
2010-01-03 Game Night2010-01-02 The Family Jewels
2010-01-01 Trot The Fox2009-12-31 Let's Get Rad Again
2009-12-30 The Hump2009-12-29 Honky Tonk Tuesdays
2009-12-28 Mondays To The Max2009-12-27 Game Night
2009-12-26 The Family Jewels2009-12-25 Trot The Fox
2009-12-24 Let's Get Rad Again2009-12-23 The Hump
2009-12-22 Honky Tonk Tuesdays2009-12-21 Mondays To The Max
2009-12-20 Game Night2009-12-19 Elfin Saddle, Lake Of Stew, Gambletron, The Points North
2009-12-18 Elfin Saddle, Lake Of Stew, Gambletron, The Points North2009-12-17 Let's Get Rad Again
2009-12-16 The Hump2009-12-15 Honky Tonk Tuesdays
2009-12-14 Mondays To The Max2009-12-13 Game Night
2009-12-12 The Family Jewels2009-12-11 The O'darling, Miss Emily Brown, Mr. Goldschneider And His P
2009-12-10 Let's Get Rad Again2009-12-09 Goodbye Wack Decade
2009-12-08 Honky Tonk Tuesdays2009-12-07 Mondays To The Max
2009-12-06 Game Night2009-12-05 The Family Jewels
2009-12-04 A.A Bondy, Willy Mason2009-12-03 Let's Get Rad Again
2009-12-02 The Hump2009-12-01 The Lovely Feathers, Cotton Mouth, The Breezes
2009-11-30 Mondays To The Max2009-11-29 Game Night
2009-11-28 Darling Ghost, Hannah Speirs2009-11-27 Trot The Fox
2009-11-26 Let's Get Rad Again2009-11-25 The Hump
2009-11-24 Honky Tonk Tuesdays2009-11-23 Mondays To The Max
2009-11-22 Game Night2009-11-21 Prom Night: Mark Berube And The Patriotic Few, Erin Lang And
2009-11-20 Trot The Fox2009-11-19 Let's Get Rad Again
2009-11-18 Paper Lions, This Invention Matters, Our Book And The Author2009-11-17 Honky Tonk Tuesdays
2009-11-16 Mondays To The Max2009-11-15 Smoked Meat Fax MacHine, Les Tristes Tropiques
2009-11-14 The Family Jewels2009-11-13 The Old Ceremony, The Modern Skirts
2009-11-12 Let's Get Rad Again2009-11-11 The Hump
2009-11-10 Honky Tonk Tuesdays2009-11-09 Mondays To The Max
2009-11-08 Game Night2009-11-07 The Family Jewels
2009-11-06 Trot The Fox2009-11-05 Let's Get Rad Again
2009-11-04 The Hump2009-11-03 Honky Tonk Tuesdays
2009-11-02 Mondays To The Max2009-11-01 Game Night
2009-10-16 Rubik (Finland), The Ghost Is Dancing, Revised Edition, Slee2009-10-14 Grand Archives, Zeus
2009-09-26 Mikey Wax, This Invention Matters, Laurent Bourque2009-09-25 The Refined, Line Spectra
2009-09-24 Menace Ruine, Grand Trine2009-09-11 Sunriser, Golden Light, Stereo Hotbox
2009-09-10 Complications2009-09-05 The Family Jewels
2009-09-04 Guilty Pleasures2009-09-03 Let's Get Rad Again
2009-09-02 The Hump2009-09-01 Honky Tonk Tuesdays
2009-08-31 Mondays To The Max2009-08-30 Game Night
2009-08-29 The Family Jewels2009-08-28 Roads
2009-08-27 Aun, Thisquietarmy2009-08-26 The Hump
2009-08-25 Honky Tonk Tuesdays2009-08-24 Dreamcatcher, Dead Bush, Dj Dj Tanner
2009-08-23 Game Night2009-08-22 Modernboys Moderngirls, This Invention Matters, The Balconie
2009-08-21 Guilty Pleasures2009-08-20 Dead Wife
2009-08-19 The Hump2009-08-18 Honky Tonk Tuesdays
2009-08-17 Mondays To The Max2009-08-16 Game Night
2009-08-15 Kara Keith2009-08-14 Guilty Pleasures
2009-08-13 Let's Get Rad Again2009-08-12 The Hump
2009-08-11 Honky Tonk Tuesdays2009-08-10 Mondays To The Max
2009-08-09 Wooden Wand2009-08-08 Cotton Mouth, The Hoof And The Heel, Black Hat Brigade
2009-08-07 Guilty Pleasures2009-08-06 Shortpants Romance, Desert Owls
2009-08-05 In Lights, Black Mystic, Stereo Hotbox, Eric En2009-08-04 Alan Mann, Langhorne Slim
2009-08-03 Mondays To The Max2009-08-02 Game Night
2009-08-01 The Family Jewels2009-07-31 Guilty Pleasures
2009-07-30 Whiskey Trench, Prevenge (Double Record Release)2009-07-29 The Hump
2009-07-28 Honky Tonk Tuesdays2009-07-27 Mondays To The Max
2009-07-26 Game Night2009-07-25 The Family Jewels
2009-07-24 Electroluminescent, Below The Sea2009-07-23 Prevenge, Whiskey Trench
2009-07-22 Laurent Bourque, Charlotte Cornfield, Guest2009-07-21 Honky Tonk Tuesdays
2009-07-20 Mondays To The Max2009-07-19 Nista, Black Mystic
2009-07-18 Whiteroom, Stars & Sighs, The Nevers2009-07-17 Hexes And Ohs
2009-07-16 Metallian2009-07-15 The Hump
2009-07-14 Swift Years, Richard Rigby & Daniel McKell [Lake Of Stew]2009-07-13 Mondays To The Max
2009-07-12 Game Night2009-07-11 The Family Jewels
2009-07-10 Guilty Pleasures2009-07-09 Burning Brides
2009-07-08 The Hump2009-07-07 Honky Tonk Tuesdays
2009-07-06 Mondays To The Max2009-07-05 Game Night
2009-07-04 Hoof And The Heel, Monster Party, The Wind Up Radio Sessions2009-07-03 Guilty Pleasures
2009-07-02 Mad Parish, Summerhill2009-07-01 The Hump
2009-06-30 Trips And Falls, Kram Ran, Cresting2009-06-29 Mondays To The Max
2009-06-28 Game Night2009-06-27 This Invention Matters, Will Currie & The Country French, Th
2009-06-26 Guilty Pleasures2009-06-25 Let's Get Rad Again
2009-06-24 The Hump2009-06-23 Honky Tonk Tuesdays
2009-06-22 Mondays To The Max2009-06-21 Pterodactyl, Antoine Tremblay-Beaulieu (Ex-Varge)
2009-06-20 Lioness, Dynamo Coleoptera, The Red Phone2009-06-19 Angela Desveaux & The Mighty Ship, Englishman, David McLeod
2009-06-18 Starvin' Hungry, Mantle Of Atlas2009-06-17 The Hump
2009-06-16 Maia Davis, Little Burgundy Jug Pushers, No Barbers Required2009-06-15 Suprfoslpwr, Tune-Yards, Woodhands
2009-06-14 Nut Brown, Spiral Beach, The Sunday Sinners2009-06-13 Ruby Jean & The Thoughtful Bees, Green Go, Saccidinana
2009-06-12 Snailhouse, Share, Silver Starling2009-06-11 The Great Sabatini, Trung Hoa, The Desert Owls
2009-06-10 The Hump2009-06-09 Honky Tonk Tuesdays
2009-06-08 Mondays To The Max2009-06-07 Game Night
2009-06-06 The Family Jewels2009-06-05 Guilty Pleasures
2009-06-04 The O-Voids, Ultrathin, Pink Noise2009-06-03 The Hump
2009-06-02 Honky Tonk Tuesdays2009-06-01 Mondays To The Max
2009-05-31 Broadcast Radio, Fighter, Lover, Reversing Falls2009-05-30 The Family Jewels
2009-05-29 Guilty Pleasures2009-05-28 Let's Get Rad Again
2009-05-27 The Hump2009-05-26 Racoons, Lagoons, Dustin Hawthore (Dj Set)
2009-05-25 Mondays To The Max2009-05-24 Game Night
2009-05-23 The Family Jewels2009-05-22 Guilty Pleasures
2009-05-21 Windom Earle2009-05-20 The Hump
2009-05-19 Mount Royal, Braids, Little Girls2009-05-18 Mondays To The Max
2009-05-17 Game Night2009-05-16 The Family Jewels
2009-05-15 Guilty Pleasures2009-05-14 Let's Get Rad Again
2009-05-13 The Wind Up Radio Sessions, Henrietta, Hippies With Guns2009-05-12 Honky Tonk
2009-05-11 Mondays To The Max2009-05-10 Bent By Elephants, Michelle Tompkins, Miesha And The Spanks
2009-05-09 The Family Jewels2009-05-08 Guilty Pleasures
2009-05-07 Let's Get Rad Again2009-05-06 Montreal Nintendo Orkestar, Dora Bleu, Cloudscapes
2009-05-02 The Family Jewels2009-05-01 Mice Parade, Gregory & The Hawk
2009-04-30 Hexes & Ohs, Sister, Cfcf2009-04-28 The Youjsh, Leif Vollebekk, Emily Brown
2009-04-27 On Bodies, The F In Fresh2009-04-25 Dance! Dance! Dance!
2009-04-24 Guilty Pleasures2009-04-23 Let's Get Rad
2009-04-18 Azeda Booth, Valleys, Nightwood2009-04-17 Guilty Pleasures
2009-04-16 Let's Get Rad2009-04-11 Dance! Dance! Dance!
2009-04-10 Guilty Pleasures2009-04-09 Let's Get Rad
2009-04-04 Dance! Dance! Dance!2009-04-03 Guilty Pleasures
2009-04-02 Let's Get Rad2009-04-01 Nomo
2009-03-30 Starvin' Hungry, Desert Owls2009-03-28 Dance! Dance! Dance!
2009-03-27 Guilty Pleasures2009-03-26 Emma-Lee
2009-03-21 Dance! Dance! Dance!2009-03-20 Guilty Pleasures
2009-03-19 Herod Layne, Infinite Moksha, Lemonade, Absynthe2009-03-14 Dance! Dance! Dance!
2009-03-13 Women, Braids2009-03-12 Let's Get Rad
2009-03-11 The Waiking Eyes2009-03-07 Dance! Dance! Dance!
2009-03-06 Guilty Pleasures2009-03-05 Let's Get Rad
2009-03-04 The Old Ceremony2009-02-28 Dance! Dance! Dance!
2009-02-27 Guilty Pleasures2009-02-26 Let's Get Rad
2009-02-21 Dance! Dance! Dance!2009-02-20 Guilty Pleasures
2009-02-19 Let's Get Rad2009-02-14 Dance! Dance! Dance!
2009-02-13 Guilty Pleasures2009-02-12 Crash Parallel
2009-02-07 Dance! Dance! Dance!2009-02-06 The Winks, The Robot Ate Me, Emperor X, Dj Stupid
2009-02-05 Let's Get Rad2009-02-03 Kirtsten Price
2009-02-02 Ben Taylor2009-01-31 Dance! Dance! Dance!
2009-01-30 Guilty Pleasures2009-01-24 Dance! Dance! Dance!
2009-01-23 Guilty Pleasures2009-01-18 Drink & Draw
2009-01-17 Dance! Dance! Dance!2009-01-16 Guilty Pleasures
2009-01-14 Nickel Eye2009-01-10 Dance! Dance! Dance!
2009-01-09 Guilty Pleasures2009-01-03 Dance! Dance! Dance!
2009-01-02 Guilty Pleasures2008-12-27 Dance! Dance! Dance!
2008-12-26 Guilty Pleasures2008-12-20 Dance! Dance! Dance!
2008-12-19 Guilty Pleasures2008-12-13 Dance! Dance! Dance!
2008-12-12 Guilty Pleasures2008-12-06 Dance! Dance! Dance!
2008-12-05 Guilty Pleasures2008-12-04 Swamp Sex Robots, Superfossilpower, Free Beer
2008-11-29 Dance! Dance! Dance!2008-11-28 Guilty Pleasures
2008-11-22 Dance! Dance! Dance!2008-11-21 Guilty Pleasures
2008-11-15 Dance! Dance! Dance!2008-11-14 Guilty Pleasures
2008-11-08 Dance! Dance! Dance!2008-11-07 Guilty Pleasures
2008-11-01 Dance! Dance! Dance!2008-06-20 Guilty Pleasures
2008-01-26 Dance! Dance! Dance!2008-01-25 Guilty Pleasures
2007-06-11 Spins & Needles2006-06-30 Thomas Von Party
2006-06-23 Thomas Von Party2006-06-22 Insomniak & Sarcastic @ Move On Up
2006-06-16 Thomas Von Party's Von Birthday Party2006-06-05 Panospria Soirée 02
2006-04-05 Ghetto Pony, Danny Lutz2006-02-17 Sarcastic & Insomniak
2005-12-07 Green Room Wednesday: Tony Ezzy, Bold Saber Live, DJ Insomni2005-11-24 Panospria Soirée 01
2005-05-08 Women On Wax 
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