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Dj Mini, Duvall || Velvet || Fri, Ven Jan 14
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
57 Photos
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
50 Photos
AMP: The Next Level Of Electro-Industrial, Harsh E
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
16 Photos
Cruz Control: Effet Joule
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
47 Photos
Love Machine
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
14 Photos
X-Cube, Maus
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
6 Photos
Vicious Nite: Omni, Axel Klein, Dirty Licious, Ala
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
6 Photos
Skitch's Birthday Bash
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
41 Photos
Creator @ X-Cube's Bday Party!
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
9 Photos
X-Cube *All Night*
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
7 Photos
X-Cube / Omni / Axel Klein
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
16 Photos
Dance Or Die 3
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
50 Photos
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
69 Photos
After New Years Party 2005
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
14 Photos
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2011-06-30 Climaxxx: Danny Torrence, Dj Malick2011-06-23 Fête De La Saint-Jean: Driss Skali, Matt Brancatella, Hakim
2011-01-14 Dj Mini, Duvall || Velvet || Fri, Ven Jan 142010-08-25 Blondezvous
2010-04-11 Bitch Slap: Dj Mini & Mary Hell2010-04-10 Minor Modes, Lebronze, Shaydakiss
2010-04-03 B'ugo, Zubi, And Mike Casali2010-03-27 Riviera, Victoria Lab
2010-03-20 Mad Maus: Mess With The Best2010-03-19 Mfr & No.19 Present "Mission": Art Department & My Favorite
2010-03-18 Velvet Renaissance: : 5 A 10 Vernissage: : Ft: : Kevin Ledo2010-03-14 Mary Hell, Dj Mini
2010-03-12 Luxe: Hatchmatik, Shaydakiss2010-03-07 Feat. Poirier (Ninja Tune) & Resident Eddie Lewis
2010-03-05 United Groove Feat Zubi & Panton2010-02-26 United Groove Feat Zubi And Merk Meny
2010-02-19 Mission 2.0: Kenny Glasgow (No.19, Mfr)2010-02-18 Jeudi Velvet Thursdays
2010-02-14 Donzelle, Dj Mini & Mary Hell2010-02-12 Dans Le Noir: A Naughty Velvet Valentines
2010-01-30 Myfavoriterobot2010-01-29 Luxe
2010-01-22 United Groove Feat Zubi & Madkids2010-01-21 Velvet Thursdays
2010-01-15 Night Trackin' | Azari & Iii2010-01-09 He Came To Dance
2010-01-08 Dans Le Noir @ Velvet2009-12-12 If Your Girl Only Knew...
2009-11-28 My Favorite Robot: Kenny Glasgow, Jonny White, And Nitin - M2009-11-19 Vivie-Ann, Melissa O, Kyle Kalma
2008-04-24 Urban Ground: Anima, Dark Alakazoo, Galaksy2008-04-19 AMP: The Next Level Of Electro-Industrial, Harsh Electro Mus
2008-04-18 Foule Statik2008-04-05 AMP [The Next Level of Electro-Industrial, Harsh Electro Mus
2008-04-03 Urban Ground: Dark Alakazoo, Ange Noir, La Boulette2008-03-29 Cruz Control: Effet Joule
2008-03-20 ElectroGround2008-03-15 AMP [The Next Level of Electro-Industrial, Harsh Electro Mus
2008-03-14 Royale Nights2008-03-14 Zebrick, Midstream, The Audio Vengefuls
2008-03-13 Dark Alakazoo, NA2008-02-14 Affinity
2008-02-01 Chemical V32007-12-31 NYE 2008 / / Industrial new Year
2007-12-15 AMP / / Harsh Electro-Industrial2007-12-13 Fizz Factory présente Ouïe special edition / w Paul Ritch &
2007-12-08 Chemical V.22007-12-01 Royale Nights
2007-11-23 Techno.FM2007-11-09 TECH CITÉ w/ Ottawa's Simon Lajeunesse and B'Ugo
2007-10-27 X-Cube, Furious & Logan X = Halloween Party!2007-10-26 Fizz Factory présente Ouïe, Öften Grüven 12" release party
2007-10-19 Why Not?2007-10-18 Yves Bash, Sebing, Doc Funk
2007-10-08 Rhythm & Fizz Afternoon /w Mat Ste-Marie & Seb Fauteux2007-10-05 In Progress V.09
2007-09-28 Fizz Factory présente Ouïe, Seb Fauteux, Alex Hender & FFT2007-09-21 Love Machine
2007-09-07 PART'É2007-08-31 Fizz Factory présente Ouïe, Seb Fauteux, mParadis
2007-08-25 Infrasonik avec Creator & Moevalith2007-08-17 Tech Cité - Soundshaper, B'Ugo
2007-07-21 Amp : The next level of Electro Industrial2007-07-14 One Way Ticket
2007-07-13 X-Cube, Maus2007-06-23 Jeff Grosse's Birthday: Jeff, Allied Nations
2007-06-16 X-Cube, Eddy Jasmin2007-06-02 Vicious Nite: Omni, Axel Klein, Dirty Licious, Alakazoo
2007-05-26 Earrational with Driss, Viktor Destin & Moevalith2007-05-19 Noir sur Blanc
2007-05-12 L'Exception II2007-05-11 In Progress V.08
2007-04-28 X Cube, Viktor Destin & Moevalith2007-03-30 L'Excepcion
2007-03-10 Party Deepsound2007-02-23 It's Hawt! - Mateo Murphy + X-Cube
2006-12-16 AMP :: The next level of Electro Industrial2006-12-09 Skitch's Birthday Bash
2006-12-08 Tribalicious at velvet club2006-11-25 Amp :: The next level of Electro Industrial
2006-11-24 Creator @ X-Cube's Bday Party!2006-09-29 X-Cube *All Night*
2006-05-19 In Progress V.062006-05-06 66 Beats
2006-04-29 Mini, X-Cube & Axel Klein2006-04-01 66 Beats
2006-03-04 66 Beats2006-02-18 Interstate
2006-02-04 66 Beats2006-01-14 X-Cube / Omni / Axel Klein
2005-12-03 The Bass Insane2005-11-05 Techno 66
2005-10-14 Bender2005-10-01 Route 66 vs Level 4
2005-09-17 No Danger 32005-09-03 Fusion II
2005-07-23 Backtrax 3: Only 90's2005-07-08 In Progress: Camo, Tao aka Tao-Nhan, Wizz
2005-06-04 Axel Klein, DeepJ Max, Mr. Nice Guy2005-05-27 Camo, Nivoc, Tao
2005-05-19 Let's Get Hard Canadian tour2005-05-14 Fusion
2005-05-12 N-Key, Zed Aksis, TranceFuzion, Akkronik2005-04-30 Will Taylor, Präe, Mr. Nice Guy, Kane, Adrenalin, Aka Sleepe
2005-04-21 Will Taylor, Prae, Mr. Nice Guy, Kane, Twenty4Seven, AJ2005-03-31 Tyluke B-Day
2005-03-05 Tao-Nhan, B. Weiser, Camo2005-02-26 Dance Or Die 3
2005-02-13 Réunion2005-01-01 After New Years Party 2005
2004-10-16 chubchub party2004-07-22 Evolution Radar One Pre-Party
2004-06-11 Insomnia, X-Cube, Paranoid2004-06-03 Mekroon
2004-05-29 Eloi Brunelle, Francois Le Baron, Baya2004-05-28 Maus, Leo Cruz
2004-05-22 François le Baron, Leo Cruz2004-05-21 The Autist, Vega, Yoni
2004-05-15 Pheek, Eloi Brunelle2004-05-14 Anniversary Night
2004-05-08 Baya, Pero2004-05-07 Mini, G O'Brien
2004-05-06 Thomas Krome @ Velvet Club2004-05-01 Christian Thibault, Francois Lebaron, Baya
2004-04-30 Insomnia, Phil Furious2004-04-24 Monokini
2004-04-23 Paranoïd, Francis Face2004-04-17 Blunted's B-Day
2004-04-10 Monokini2004-04-03 Baya, Francois LeBaron
2004-04-02 Maus, The Autist, Vega2004-04-01 X-Cube & Mekroon
2004-03-27 François LeBaron, Pfreud2004-03-26 Paranoïd, Francis Face
2004-03-20 Baya, Philgood2004-03-19 Alex Mattews & Buffalo Dave
2004-03-13 Eloi Brunelle, Eric Trudel2004-03-12 Vega, The Autist
2004-03-05 Joubin, DeepJ Max2004-03-04 Mekroon & X-Cube
2004-02-28 Baya, Nivoc2004-02-27 Stereomovers
2004-02-21 Eloi Brunelle's B-Day2004-02-20 Saturnin, Francis Face
2004-02-19 Accuface, Nick Pilon, Juniah, Nutron2004-02-14 Francois Lebaron, Miguel Graca
2004-02-13 Francis Face , Marc des Reines2004-02-07 Eloi Brunelle, Francois Lebaron, Baya
2004-02-06 Wizz, Francis Face2004-02-05 X-Cube and Mekroon
2004-01-31 X-Rated Nation2004-01-30 Serge Duchesne, Francis Face
2004-01-29 The Nitrous, Axionfigga, Galaksy, Jada, PI672004-01-24 B. Weiser, Lady Melodie
2004-01-23 Francis Face, One2004-01-22 Creator, Yaz
2004-01-17 Pink Feria Birthday2004-01-16 Prae, Nick Pilon, Francis Face
2004-01-15 The Nitrous, Axionfigga, Galaksy, Jada, PI672004-01-09 Mat Ste-Marie & Francis Face
2003-12-11 Rm Christmas Party 
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