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Name:Millenium, Club
Location:Canada, Quebec, Montreal
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Canada, Quebec, Montreal
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Paul Van Dyk, Ned Shepard, Insomnia, Wizz
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
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2009-12-18 Louis-Georges Cazabon, Maxwell House2009-12-11 Louis-Georges Cazabon, Maxwell House
2009-12-05 Louis-Georges Cazabon, Maxwell House2009-11-28 Louis-Georges Cazabon, Maxwell House
2009-11-27 Louis-Georges Cazabon, Maxwell House2009-11-21 Louis-Georges Cazabon, Maxwell House
2009-11-20 Louis-Georges Cazabon, Maxwell House2009-11-14 Louis-Georges Cazabon, Maxwell House
2009-11-13 Louis-Georges Cazabon, Maxwell House2009-11-07 Louis-Georges Cazabon, Maxwell House
2009-11-06 Louis-Georges Cazabon, Maxwell House2009-10-31 Louis-Georges Cazabon, Maxwell House
2009-10-30 Bal Masque2009-10-24 Louis-Georges Cazabon, Maxwell House
2009-10-23 Extreme Production2009-10-17 Paint My Body
2009-10-16 Cheerleaders2009-10-11 Femme Fatale
2009-10-10 Louis-Georges Cazabon, Maxwell House, Manny Lehman (La), Mar2009-10-09 Extreme Production
2009-10-03 October Fesse2009-10-02 Miss Bikini Canada 2009
2009-09-26 A2z Production2009-09-25 College Girls
2009-09-19 A2z Production2009-09-18 Extreme Production
2009-09-12 A2z Production2009-09-11 Extreme Production
2009-09-06 Fuck Mon Ex Youre Next2009-09-05 A2z Production
2009-09-04 Miss And Mr Univers2009-08-29 Bleu Nuit
2009-08-28 Body Paint2009-08-22 Bleu Nuit
2009-08-21 Body Paint2009-08-15 Bleu Nuit
2009-08-14 Body Paint2009-08-08 Bleu Nuit
2009-08-07 Body Paint2009-08-01 Bleu Nuit
2009-07-31 Body Paint2009-07-25 Bleu Nuit
2009-07-24 Body Paint2009-07-18 Bleu Nuit
2009-07-17 Body Paint2009-07-11 Bleu Nuit
2009-07-10 Body Paint2009-07-04 Ferry Corsten (Holland)
2009-07-03 Body Paint2009-06-27 Bleu Nuit
2009-06-26 Body Paint2009-06-23 Delicious
2009-06-20 Cabaret2009-06-19 Hollywood
2009-06-13 Bleu Nuit2009-06-12 Body Paint
2009-06-06 Car Fever2009-06-05 Body Paint
2009-05-30 Sahara2009-05-29 Body Paint
2009-05-23 Bleu Nuit2009-05-22 Body Paint
2009-05-16 Bleu Nuit2009-05-15 Body Paint
2009-05-09 Bleu Nuit2009-05-08 Body Paint
2009-05-05 10e Anniversary2009-05-02 I Love 90s
2009-05-01 Summum Girl2009-04-25 Louis-Georges Cazabon, Maxwell House
2009-04-24 Fridays2009-04-18 Louis-Georges Cazabon, Maxwell House
2009-04-17 Fridays2009-04-12 Playboy Mansion
2009-04-11 Louis-Georges Cazabon, Maxwell House2009-04-10 Fridays
2009-04-09 The Erotic Circus2009-04-04 Louis-Georges Cazabon, Maxwell House
2009-04-03 Fridays2009-03-28 Seduce Me
2009-03-27 Nuit Tropicale2009-03-21 Louis-Georges Cazabon, Maxwell House
2009-03-20 Fridays2009-03-14 Louis-Georges Cazabon, Maxwell House
2009-03-13 Fridays2009-03-07 Louis-Georges Cazabon, Maxwell House
2009-03-06 Fridays2009-03-05 Military
2009-02-28 Amnesia2009-02-27 Quebec Erotique 2009
2009-02-21 Louis-Georges Cazabon, Maxwell House, Nick Cannon2009-02-20 Fridays
2009-02-14 Sex Trouble2009-02-13 St-Valen13
2009-02-07 Louis-Georges Cazabon, Maxwell House2009-02-06 Fridays
2009-01-31 Louis-Georges Cazabon, Maxwell House2009-01-30 Fridays
2009-01-24 Louis-Georges Cazabon, Maxwell House2009-01-23 Fridays
2009-01-17 Saturdays2009-01-16 Fridays
2009-01-10 Samedi Bleu Nuit2009-01-09 Fridays
2009-01-03 Saturdays2009-01-02 Fridays
2008-12-31 Joy 20092008-12-27 Louis-Georges Cazabon, Maxwell House
2008-12-26 Louis-Georges Cazabon, Maxwell House2008-12-25 Noel
2008-12-20 Lick My Lollipop: Louis-Georges Cazabon, Maxwell House2008-12-19 Louis-Georges Cazabon, Maxwell House
2008-12-13 Quebec Erotique2008-12-12 Louis-Georges Cazabon, Maxwell House
2008-12-10 Staff Party2008-12-06 Break For Love
2008-12-05 Louis-Georges Cazabon, Maxwell House2008-11-29 Louis-Georges Cazabon, Maxwell House
2008-11-28 Louis-Georges Cazabon, Maxwell House2008-11-22 Louis-Georges Cazabon, Maxwell House
2008-11-21 Louis-Georges Cazabon, Maxwell House2008-11-15 Louis-Georges Cazabon, Maxwell House
2008-11-14 Louis-Georges Cazabon, Maxwell House2008-11-08 Louis-Georges Cazabon, Maxwell House
2008-11-07 Louis-Georges Cazabon, Maxwell House2008-11-01 Louis-Georges Cazabon, Maxwell House
2008-10-31 Louis-Georges Cazabon, Maxwell House2008-10-25 Louis-Georges Cazabon, Maxwell House
2008-10-24 Louis-Georges Cazabon, Maxwell House2008-10-18 Louis-Georges Cazabon, Maxwell House
2008-10-17 Louis-Georges Cazabon, Maxwell House2008-10-11 Louis-Georges Cazabon, Maxwell House
2008-10-10 Louis-Georges Cazabon, Maxwell House2008-10-04 Louis-Georges Cazabon, Maxwell House
2008-10-03 Louis-Georges Cazabon, Maxwell House2008-09-27 Louis-Georges Cazabon, Maxwell House
2008-09-26 Louis-Georges Cazabon, Maxwell House2008-09-20 Victor Calderone, Danny Torrence, Louis-Georges Cazabon, Max
2008-09-19 Louis-Georges Cazabon, Maxwell House2008-09-13 Louis-Georges Cazabon, Maxwell House
2008-09-12 Louis-Georges Cazabon, Maxwell House2008-09-06 Louis-Georges Cazabon, Maxwell House
2008-09-05 Louis-Georges Cazabon, Maxwell House2008-08-31 Steve Angello (Suede), Sebastian Ingrosso (Suede), Jester, B
2008-08-30 Louis-Georges Cazabon, Maxwell House2008-08-29 Louis-Georges Cazabon, Maxwell House
2008-08-23 Louis-Georges Cazabon, Maxwell House2008-08-22 Louis-Georges Cazabon, Maxwell House
2008-08-16 Louis-Georges Cazabon, Maxwell House2008-08-15 Paul Van Dyk, Ned Shepard, Insomnia, Wizz
2008-08-15 Louis-Georges Cazabon, Maxwell House2008-08-08 Louis-Georges Cazabon, Maxwell House
2008-08-02 Louis-Georges Cazabon, Maxwell House2008-08-01 Louis-Georges Cazabon, Maxwell House
2008-05-29 Louis-Georges Cazabon, Maxwell House2008-05-22 Louis-Georges Cazabon, Maxwell House
2008-05-15 Louis-Georges Cazabon, Maxwell House2008-05-08 Louis-Georges Cazabon, Maxwell House
2008-05-01 Louis-Georges Cazabon, Maxwell House2008-04-24 Louis-Georges Cazabon, Maxwell House
2008-04-17 Louis-Georges Cazabon, Maxwell House2008-04-10 Louis-Georges Cazabon, Maxwell House
2008-04-03 Louis-Georges Cazabon, Maxwell House2008-03-27 Louis-Georges Cazabon, Maxwell House
2008-03-20 Louis-Georges Cazabon, Maxwell House2008-03-13 Louis-Georges Cazabon, Maxwell House
2008-03-06 Louis-Georges Cazabon, Maxwell House2008-02-27 Louis-Georges Cazabon, Maxwell House
2008-02-20 Louis-Georges Cazabon, Maxwell House2008-02-13 Louis-Georges Cazabon, Maxwell House
2008-02-06 Louis-Georges Cazabon, Maxwell House2008-01-30 Louis-Georges Cazabon, Maxwell House
2006-09-28 Antoine Clamaran (France)2006-06-10 Bob Sinclar
2006-04-13 Benny Benassi & Louis-Georges Cazabon2005-12-31 Joy 2006
2005-05-28 Les Samedis True Sound2005-05-27 Un Derriere Qui Fesse
2005-05-21 Les Samedis True Sound2005-05-20 Un Derriere Qui Fesse
2005-05-14 Les Samedis True Sound2005-05-13 Un Derriere Qui Fesse
2005-05-07 Les Samedis True Sound2005-05-06 Fireball 2 (Party De Pompier)
2005-04-30 Les Samedis True Sound2005-04-29 Un Derriere Qui Fesse
2005-04-23 Les Samedis True Sound2005-04-22 Un Derriere Qui Fesse
2005-04-16 Les Samedis True Sound2005-04-15 Un Derriere Qui Fesse
2005-04-09 Les Samedis True Sound2005-04-08 Un Derriere Qui Fesse
2005-04-02 Les Samedis True Sound2005-04-01 Un Derriere Qui Fesse
2005-03-26 Les Samedis True Sound2005-03-25 Un Derriere Qui Fesse
2005-03-19 Les Samedis True Sound2005-03-18 Un Derriere Qui Fesse
2005-03-12 Les Samedis True Sound2005-03-11 Un Derriere Qui Fesse
2005-03-05 Les Samedis True Sound2005-03-04 Un Derriere Qui Fesse
2005-02-26 Les Samedis True Sound2005-02-25 Un Derriere Qui Fesse
2005-02-19 Les Samedis True Sound2005-02-18 Un Derriere Qui Fesse
2005-02-12 Les Samedis True Sound2005-02-11 Un Derriere Qui Fesse
2005-02-05 Les Samedis True Sound2005-02-04 Un Derriere Qui Fesse
2005-01-29 Les Samedis True Sound2005-01-28 Un Derriere Qui Fesse
2005-01-22 Les Samedis True Sound2005-01-21 Un Derriere Qui Fesse
2005-01-15 Les Samedis True Sound2005-01-14 Un Derriere Qui Fesse
2005-01-08 Les Samedis True Sound2005-01-07 Un Derriere Qui Fesse
2005-01-01 Les Samedis True Sound2004-12-25 Les Samedis True Sound
2004-12-24 Un Derriere Qui Fesse2004-12-23 Party de noel Jetsepq .com
2004-12-18 Les Samedis True Sound2004-12-17 Un Derriere Qui Fesse
2004-12-11 Les Samedis True Sound2004-12-10 Un Derriere Qui Fesse
2004-12-04 Les Samedis True Sound2004-12-03 Un Derriere Qui Fesse
2003-11-24 Paul Oakenfold 
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