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Funk Me I'm Famous
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
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2011-07-22 Vendredis Royalty: Uppercut, Dj Mask-R2010-05-29 Saturdays
2010-05-28 Lancement Du Site Launch Party2010-05-22 Saturdays
2010-05-21 Freaky Fridays2010-05-15 Saturdays
2010-05-14 Freaky Fridays2010-05-08 Saturdays
2010-05-07 Freaky Fridays2010-05-06 Douster (Fr, Ar), Mmdm.Com, Pompe Tes Pipes Dj's
2010-05-01 Saturdays2010-04-30 Freaky Fridays
2010-04-24 Saturdays2010-04-23 Freaky Fridays
2010-04-17 Saturdays2010-04-16 Freaky Fridays
2010-04-10 Saturdays2010-04-09 Freaky Fridays
2010-04-04 Rokks And Pironti2010-04-03 Dj Blast
2010-04-02 Tony Touch Live Dj Set Hosted By Empire Isis2010-04-01 A-Rock
2010-03-27 Saturdays2010-03-26 Freaky Fridays
2010-03-20 Saturdays2010-03-19 Freaky Fridays
2010-03-13 Saturdays2010-03-12 Freaky Fridays
2010-03-06 Omar El Gamal, Blake Jarrel (Usa), Dj Malek2010-03-05 Freaky Fridays
2010-02-27 House Addiction2010-02-26 Beer Bash
2010-02-20 House Addiction2010-02-19 Party Celibataire
2010-02-13 Moulin Rouge2010-02-12 Sweet Valentine
2010-02-06 House Addiction2010-02-05 Strawberries And Champagne
2010-01-30 House Addiction2010-01-29 Strawberries And Champagne
2010-01-28 Blackout Party2010-01-23 Raneem, Tomac, Anna Rita
2010-01-22 Masquerade2010-01-21 Dj Green Lantern, Dj Redd Dredd, Dj Wreck, Dj Renegade
2010-01-16 House Addiction2010-01-15 Beat The Clock
2010-01-09 House Addiction2010-01-08 Strawberries And Champagne
2010-01-02 House Addiction2010-01-01 Strawberries And Champagne
2009-12-31 Bye Bye 20092009-12-26 Boxing Day Extravaganza
2009-12-25 Strawberries Champagne2009-12-21 Before X-Mas Party
2009-12-18 Dj Redd Dredd, Dj Renegade2009-12-05 Funk Me I'm Famous !!
2009-12-04 Dj Redd Dredd, Dj Renegade2009-11-28 Funk Me I'm Famous
2009-11-28 Girls Night Out2009-11-27 Tournée Captaine Morgan
2009-11-21 Euphoria: Fred Bishop2009-11-20 Redd Dredd, Dj Renegade
2009-11-19 Sexy Lingerie: Renegade2009-11-13 Laurent Wolf
2009-11-12 Casino Night: Dj Arabika, Renegade2009-11-06 Nico Concerto
2009-08-24 Uppercut, Rokks & Pironti, Kal, L.A, Et 8 Autres Djs !2006-06-07 Mono-Poly, Jaune, Novakim
2006-05-28 Full House w/DJ King Louis2006-05-05 Mad-Luv 5
2006-03-10 Mad-Luv III2006-03-01 Wet T-Shirt + Wet Boxers
2006-02-10 Mad-Luv II2006-01-20 Mad-Luv
2005-11-11 Luc Raymond2005-11-06 Francois Le Baron, The Autist
2005-10-31 Eloi Brunelle, Vega2005-10-23 Trevor Walker
2005-10-21 David Guetta2005-10-16 C-Side
2005-10-09 Eddie Amador, Frank Famery2005-10-02 Vega, The Autist
2005-07-02 Afrika Bambaataa, Keph, Fiend2005-03-26 Bruno Brown, Simon Perreault
2005-03-18 David Guetta2005-02-05 Breaks Freak
2004-12-16 Dj Gabo2004-12-15 Czech, Dj Keph
2004-09-17 Dimitri From Paris2004-09-10 Danny Torrence
2004-08-29 Dj Gabo, Phil Larochelle, Cotton2004-08-22 Max Hebert
2004-08-15 Pat Boogie2004-08-08 Max Hebert, Rob Brown
2004-08-01 Max Hebert2004-07-25 Dj Gabo, Phil Larochelle
2004-05-17 Christian Pronovost2004-05-14 Loco Fern, Ibra
2004-03-19 Ibra, Luc Raymond, Danny Torrence2004-03-18 XL, Eddy Jasmin, Ibra
2004-03-11 Dimitri From Paris2004-02-29 Uppercut, Renegade
2004-02-28 XL2004-02-27 Ibra
2004-02-25 Ibra2004-02-22 Uppercut, Renegade
2004-02-21 Xl2004-02-20 Ibra
2004-02-14 Xl2004-02-13 Ibra
2004-02-08 Rotation2004-02-07 XL
2004-02-06 Ibra, Philippe Larochelle2004-02-01 Marco G
2004-01-30 Runner And The Jet2003-12-31 XL, Luc Raymond, Loco, Ibra, Math Knobbs
2003-12-28 Marco G2003-12-21 Preach
2003-12-14 Preach2003-12-10 Dj Sin
2003-12-05 Roy Davis Jr2003-12-04 XL, Luc Raymond, Loco, Ibra, Math Knobbs
2003-12-04 Eddy Jasmin2003-11-29 Fasion Show
2003-11-19 Pure - Film Wrap Party2003-11-14 Anton, Ibra
2003-11-07 Frank Keller Jr., Ibra2003-11-05 Ja Rule
2003-11-02 Tiesto2003-10-31 Marco G, Ibra
2003-10-30 Eddy Jasmin2003-10-24 Les Jardiniers, Ibra
2003-10-17 Runner and the Jets, Ibra2003-10-12 Storm & Sherlok
2003-10-04 Luc Raymond2003-10-03 Luc Raymond
2003-09-26 Ibra2003-09-25 Eddy Jasmin
2003-09-18 Dj Loco, Eddy Jasmin2003-09-17 Lazy K, Christian Pronovost
2003-09-11 Maüs, The Autist, Eddy Jasmin2003-09-05 Behrouz
2003-09-04 Marco G2003-08-07 Marco G
2003-05-18 DJ Sherlok & Friends2002-11-02 Tiesto
2002-11-01 Black Out2002-07-28 Tron Huu
2002-07-21 Chris Fortier2002-07-14 Miche & Sultan
2002-06-09 Level2002-06-08 Diskotek
2002-06-07 Frank Famery2002-06-06 Everything
2002-05-12 Berouz2001-10-14 Karma St-Valentine
2001-10-11 Grand Opening2001-03-06 First Anniversary
2001-01-17 Les Coutch Potatoes 
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