Venues - Barfly
Location:Canada, Quebec, Montreal
History Of Events [ 42 Total ] [ Show Flyers ]
2010-03-11 Pick A Piper, Ace Kinkaid, Captain 4track2010-02-27 Goldman
2010-02-11 Mia Verko, Les Bois Francs, Metro League, Gabriel Larocque2010-01-29 The City Streets, Choyce, Sean Foster
2009-12-17 GĂ©raldine Et Rose De Au Barfly!!2009-11-19 Fattooth Ft. Ominous Monsta, Monachs Of Dissaray
2009-11-14 Big Game Hunt, Tiny Empire2009-07-24 Tiny Empire & Sebastien Hell Blues Konnecshun
2009-07-05 The Mercy Now, Squalor2009-07-04 The Mercy Now, Squalor
2009-06-30 Royal So And So's, Wannados2009-06-12 The Motorleague, Derbert Plaza, Nerve Control
2009-06-05 Squalor, Tiny Empire2009-05-29 A Devil's Din, Durt Loader, The Histrionics
2009-05-14 Lowbrow, Derbert Plaza, Birdsacrosswater, Kitty And The Tit-2009-04-23 Katie Stelmanis
2009-04-11 Starvin' Hungry, Merle's Guitar Band, Leamers2009-04-09 The Angry Parrots, French Connexion
2009-02-27 Trigger Effect, The Enjoyer, Nerve Control2009-02-07 Hollerado
2008-12-19 Les Temps Liquides, Baby Louve, Golden Collider2008-12-05 Intensive Care, Katie Loves Pain
2008-11-15 And The Saga Continues [Record Release], Preying Hands2008-11-08 Muffler Crunch, Dutch Oven
2008-11-07 Subversive, The Expectorated Sequence2008-05-31 The I Spies, Mount Royal, Crystal Moustache, Women
2008-04-03 Lay Poo Pay Pod Tight, Manymental Mistakes, Crabe2008-03-28 Dinosaur Bones, Explode & Rebuild, Hawkes
2008-03-25 Bad Uncle Says So Long2008-03-20 Share, The Two-Minute Miracles, Construction And Destruction
2008-02-23 Expo 672008-02-12 The David Sanders Band
2008-01-26 Empire Lights, Ethervalve, Reversing Falls2007-01-13 Ash Lee Blade
2006-01-13 Ash Lee Blade2005-05-21 The Psycho party in the Jiangxi
2005-03-18 Night Of The Living Death2005-01-31 Slutty Bingo
2004-12-27 Slutty Bingo2004-11-29 Slutty Bingo
2004-06-12 Fallen Year, Wintersleep, Infinite moksha, On your own2004-05-08 Crackpot, 2 sets
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