Venues - Aria, Afterhours
Name:Aria, Afterhours
Location:Canada, Quebec, Montreal
Phone:514-987-6688, 514-987-6712
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Rewire 3: The Bunny Strikes Back
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
611 Photos
Nick Pilon, Rickam, Clown
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
56 Photos
X-Cube, Axel Klein
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
9 Photos
Creator, Marco G
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
1 Photos
Gabriel Batz, Mad & Nick Pilon
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
5 Photos
Mini, X-Cube & Axel Klein
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
21 Photos
Mini, G O'Brien, Axel Klein & X-Cube
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
9 Photos
NYE 2005 @ Aria
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
1 Photos
Lee Burrige @ Aria
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
1 Photos
Ferry Corsten @ Aria
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
1 Photos
Seb Fontaine @ Aria
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
1 Photos
Roni Size, Stabba, Sase One
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
9 Photos
Danny Howells, John Digweed
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
26 Photos
Sasha, Steve Porter, Tall Paul
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
13 Photos
Infected Mushroom
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
19 Photos
Swirl 2005
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
11 Photos
DJ Dan @ Aria
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
4 Photos
Seb Fontaine @ Aria
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
3 Photos
Paul Oakenfold @ Aria
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
27 Photos
Dieselboy & DJ Rap @ Aria
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
2 Photos
Dieselboy, Rap
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
1 Photos
Infected Mushroom
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
14 Photos
Sasha & Steve Porter @ Aria
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
2 Photos
Armin Van Buuren @ Aria
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
1 Photos
Sander Kleinenberg
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
33 Photos
Tiesto & Misstress Barbara @ Aria!
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
11 Photos
James Zabiela, Adam Freeland
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
44 Photos
Laurent Garnier
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
1 Photos
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2007-04-06 Rewire 3: The Bunny Strikes Back2006-12-23 Aria's Closing Party
2006-12-09 No prom for this night/ Maybe Closed2006-11-25 Marco G & Miguel Graca
2006-11-18 Maus vs Nathan Burns All-night!2006-11-11 Maus, Miguel Graca
2006-11-04 Maus & Nathan Burns2006-10-28 Creator & Miguel Graça
2006-10-21 Maus & Creator2006-10-14 Marco G, Maus vs Scoy
2006-10-07 DJ Dan, Miguel Graça & Marco G2006-10-06 RM19: Moshic, Martin Villeneuve, Creator & Marco G
2006-09-30 Maus, Marco G2006-09-29 Nick Pilon, Rickam, Clown
2006-09-23 Miguel Graça, Green Velvet, Creator2006-09-22 Jason Delis, G O'Brien
2006-09-16 Maus, Miguel Graça2006-09-15 Charles Nasser, Seven Ways, Nick Pilon
2006-09-09 Marco G & Creator (Extended Set)2006-09-08 Mini, Axel Klein
2006-09-04 Aria 512006-09-03 Aria 51
2006-09-02 Ferry Corsten, Nick Pilon, Marco G2006-09-01 X-Cube, G O'Brien
2006-08-26 Marco G, Miguel Graça2006-08-25 Conduct
2006-08-19 Maus, Kenny Hawkes2006-08-18 X-Cube, Axel Klein
2006-08-12 Maus, Creator2006-08-11 Trance All-Night Series
2006-08-06 Pride Ball: Rauhofer, Offer Nissim, Deko-Ze, Robert de la Ga2006-08-05 Creator, Marco G
2006-08-04 Miguel Graça & G O'Brien2006-07-29 Marco G, Miguel Graça & Maus
2006-07-28 Mini, G O'Brien & Omni2006-07-22 Gene Farris, Marco G & Maus
2006-07-21 Private Party2006-07-15 Miguel Graça, Maus
2006-07-14 Gabriel Batz, Mad & Nick Pilon2006-07-08 Danny Howells & Creator
2006-07-07 Mini & G O'Brien2006-07-01 Creator, Vega
2006-06-30 Mini, X-Cube & Axel Klein2006-06-24 DJ Dan, Miguel Graça & Maus
2006-06-23 Preach, X-Cube2006-06-17 The Autist, Creator
2006-06-16 Insomnia, Nick Pilon & Ulrich Van Bell2006-06-10 Miguel Graça & Maus
2006-06-09 Mini, G O'Brien, Axel Klein & X-Cube2006-06-03 Maus & Creator
2006-06-02 G O'Brien, Nick Pilon & Kal2006-05-27 Maüs & Marco G.
2006-05-26 Mini, Kal2006-05-20 Miguel Graça, Maüs & Creator
2006-05-19 Alex Bau2006-05-13 Maus & Graca
2006-05-12 G’Obrien & Kal2006-05-06 Creator (Ext. Set) + Miguel Graça
2006-05-05 Nick Pilon & Mini2006-04-29 Maus [Extended Set!!!] & Miguel Graça
2006-04-28 Mini (Extended Set)2006-04-22 Miguel Graça, King Louis & Creator
2006-04-21 Marco G & Kal2006-04-15 5e Anniversaire du Aria
2006-04-14 5e Anniversaire du Aria2006-04-08 Marco G & Miguel Graça
2006-04-07 Trance All Night Series: Nick Pilon & G O'Brien2006-04-01 Creator & Maus
2006-03-31 King Louis & Kal2006-03-25 Miguel Graça, Creator & King Louis
2006-03-24 Mini & G O'Brien2006-03-18 DJ Dan, King Louis & Miguel Graça
2006-03-17 Nick Pillon & Kal2006-03-11 Maus & Marco G
2006-03-10 Felix Da Housecat w/ Mini and G. Obrien2006-03-04 Randall Jones, Creator & Maus
2006-03-03 Marco G & Kal2006-02-25 Loco Dice, Maüs & Miguel Graça
2006-02-24 Mini & G O'Brien2006-02-18 Miguel Graça, Creator & King Louis
2006-02-17 Markus Schulz2006-02-11 Marco G & Creator
2006-02-10 Nick Pilon, Insomnia & WizZ2006-02-04 Maüs & Marco G
2006-02-03 King Louis, Junkie XL (Holland), Mauro Picotto (Italy) & Kal2006-01-28 King Louis, Miguel Graça & Maüs
2006-01-27 RM after party w/ Alex Bau (Germany), X-Cube & Kal.2006-01-21 Miguel Graça & Marco G
2006-01-20 Mini & G'Obrien2006-01-14 Creator & Marco G
2006-01-13 Mini & Kal2006-01-07 Maüs, Adam Freeland (UK) & Marco G.
2006-01-06 Nick Pilon & G. Obrien2005-12-31 NYE 2005 @ Aria
2005-12-31 Maus, Creator, Deep Dish, Danny Howells2005-12-30 Mini & G O'Brien
2005-12-23 King Louis & Kal (Chicago & Tech-House Night)2005-12-17 Miguel Graça, Creator & Marco G
2005-12-16 Mini, G O'Brien & Nick Pilon2005-12-10 Maüs, Marco G & King Louis
2005-12-09 Dieselboy2005-12-03 Creator & Marco G
2005-12-02 Christopher Lawrence @ Aria2005-12-02 Christopher Lawrence
2005-11-26 Miguel Graca, Creator, Maus2005-11-25 King Louis, Kal, Nick Pilon
2005-11-19 Miguel Graca, Maus, Creator2005-11-18 Mini, G O'Brien, Nick Pilon
2005-11-12 DJ Dan & Bad Boy Bill @ Aria2005-11-12 Bad Boy Bill, Dj Dan
2005-11-11 Mini, Kal2005-11-05 Creator, Marco G
2005-11-04 Mini, G O'Brien2005-10-29 Maus, Creator, Miguel Graca
2005-10-28 Preach, Marco G2005-10-22 Lee Burrige @ Aria
2005-10-22 Lee Burridge, Creator, Marco G2005-10-21 Mini, G O'Brien, Nick Pilon
2005-10-19 Carl Cox @ Club 12342005-10-15 James Holden (UK) @ Aria
2005-10-15 James Holden, Miguel Graca, Maus2005-10-14 Mini, Kal
2005-10-08 Ferry Corsten @ Aria2005-10-08 Ferry Corsten, Marco G, Nick Pilon
2005-10-07 Infected Mushroom @ Aria2005-10-07 Infected Mushroom
2005-10-01 Seb Fontaine @ Aria2005-10-01 Seb Fontaine
2005-10-01 Seb Fontaine, Maus, Creator2005-09-30 Driss, Nick Pilon
2005-09-24 King Louis, Kal2005-09-24 King Louis
2005-09-23 Mini, G O'Brien2005-09-17 Timo Maas @ Aria
2005-09-17 Timo Mass, Miguel Graça, Creator2005-09-16 Roni Size (UK) @ Aria
2005-09-16 Roni Size, Stabba, Sase One2005-09-10 King Louis & Marco G @ ARIA :: September 10th
2005-09-10 King Louis, Marco G2005-09-09 Mini, Kal
2005-09-04 John Digweed and Danny Howells @ Aria2005-09-04 Danny Howells, John Digweed
2005-09-03 Miguel Graça, Kal2005-09-02 Markus Schulz @ Aria
2005-09-02 Nick Pilon, Markus Schulz, G O'Brien2005-08-27 Maus, Miguel Graça
2005-08-26 Marco G, Nick Pilon2005-08-20 Creator, Maus
2005-08-19 Mini, G O'Brien2005-08-13 Miguel Graca, Marco G
2005-08-12 Nick Pilon, G O'Brien2005-08-06 Creator, Maus
2005-08-05 Mini, Kal2005-07-30 Creator, Miguel Graca, Maus
2005-07-29 Marco G, Mini2005-07-23 Luke Fair, Marco G
2005-07-22 Astral Projection2005-07-16 Manny Ward, Randall Jones, Luke Fair
2005-07-15 Deep Dish, Dean Coleman2005-07-09 Dj Dan, Miguel Graça, King Louis
2005-07-08 G O'Brien, Mini2005-07-02 K-Swing, Creator
2005-06-25 Creator, Marco G, Simon Perreault2005-06-24 Mini, G O'Brien
2005-06-18 Simon Perreault, Miguel Graca2005-06-17 Melissa O, Maus, Driss
2005-06-11 Quest Birthday Party @ Aria2005-06-11 Sasha, Steve Porter & Tall Paul @ Aria
2005-06-11 Sasha, Steve Porter, Tall Paul2005-06-10 Infected Mushroom @ Aria
2005-06-10 Infected Mushroom2005-06-04 Maus, Creator
2005-06-03 Mini, Driss2005-05-28 Maus, Eddy Jasmin
2005-05-27 Mini, Marco G2005-05-22 Swirl 2005
2005-05-22 Desyn Masiello, Joubin, Robert De La Gauthier2005-05-21 Eddy Jasmin, Simon Perreault
2005-05-20 Darren Kay, Preach2005-05-14 Miguel Graça, Eddy Jasmin
2005-05-13 Mini, Marco G2005-05-07 Ravemontreal: Miss Kittin & Green Velvet May 7th
2005-05-07 Green Velvet, Creator2005-05-06 G O'Brien, Marco G
2005-04-30 DJ Dan @ Aria2005-04-30 Dj Dan, Maus, Simon Perreault
2005-04-29 GMS @ Aria2005-04-29 GMS, Marco G, G O'Brien
2005-04-23 Danny Howells @ Aria2005-04-23 Danny Howells, Eddy Jasmin, Simon Perreault
2005-04-22 Mini, Maus2005-04-16 Simon Perreault, Eddy Jasmin
2005-04-15 Ferry Corsten @ Aria2005-04-15 Ferry Corsten, Preach, Mini
2005-04-09 Maus, Eddy Jasmin2005-04-08 JPX, Marco G
2005-04-02 Creator, Simon Perreault2005-04-02 Adam Beyer @ Aria
2005-04-01 Adam Beyer, Preach2005-03-26 Maus, Eddy Jasmin
2005-03-26 Chris Liebing @ Aria2005-03-25 JPX, Mini
2005-03-25 Chris Liebing, JPX, Mini2005-03-20 Bad Boy Bill @ Aria
2005-03-19 Maus, Steve Smooth, Bad Boy Bill, Simon Perreault2005-03-18 Preach, Marco G
2005-03-12 Simon Perreault, Eddy Jasmin2005-03-11 Preach, Mini
2005-03-05 Eddy Jasmin, Creator2005-03-04 Maus, G O'Brien
2005-02-26 Simon Perreault, Eddy Jasmin, Marco G2005-02-25 Maus, JPX
2005-02-19 Mark Farina @ Aria2005-02-19 Mark Farina, Simon Perreault, Eddy Jasmin
2005-02-18 Preach, Marco G2005-02-12 Simon Perreault, Eddy Jasmin
2005-02-11 Mini, G O'Brien, Preach2005-02-05 Seb Fontaine @ Aria
2005-02-05 Seb Fontaine, Creator, Brad Copeland2005-02-04 Mini, Preach
2005-01-29 Eddy Jasmin, Simon Perreault, Creator, Maus2005-01-28 Mark Oliver, G O'Brien
2005-01-22 Eddy Jasmin, Simon Perreault, Creator, Maus2005-01-21 Mini, Marco G, Preach
2005-01-15 Eddy Jasmin, Simon Perreault, Creator, Maus2005-01-14 Jpx, Preach, Marco G
2005-01-08 Eddy Jasmin, Simon Perreault, Creator, Maus2005-01-07 Marco G, Preach
2005-01-01 Creator, Eddy Jasmin, Simon Perreault2004-12-31 Infected Mushroom @ Aria
2004-12-31 Infected Mushroom, Maus, Laflèche, Marco G, Preach2004-12-25 Maus, Mini, Nic B
2004-12-23 Erick Morillo, Simon Perrault, Franco Fabi2004-12-18 Richie Hawtin & Lee Burrige @ Aria
2004-12-18 Laflèche, Lee Burrige, Ritchie Hawtin, Marco G2004-12-17 Maus, Mini
2004-12-11 Laflèche, Maus2004-12-10 Yaz, Mark Oliver, Marco G
2004-12-04 Maus, Simon Perreault2004-12-03 Donald Glaude at Aria
2004-12-03 Donald Glaude, Yaz2004-11-27 James Zabiela @ Aria
2004-11-27 James Zabiela, Simon Perrault, Nic B2004-11-26 Paul Oakenfold @ Aria
2004-11-26 Liquid Todd, Paul Oakenfold, Marco Carola, Mini, Preach2004-11-20 Lafleche, Simon Perrault
2004-11-19 Vitalic (LIVE) @ Aria2004-11-19 Vitalic, Yaz, Marco G, Preach
2004-11-13 Loco Dice @ Aria2004-11-13 Loco Dice, Maus, Nic B
2004-11-12 Mini, Marco G2004-11-06 Dj Greg, Maus, Lafleche
2004-11-06 Preach Intec Release @ Aria2004-11-05 Yaz, Preach
2004-10-29 Dieselboy & DJ Rap @ Aria2004-10-29 Dieselboy, Rap
2004-10-23 Nic B, Maus2004-10-22 Preach, Yaz
2004-10-16 Lafleche, Maus, Jung Park2004-10-15 Marco V @ Aria
2004-10-15 Marco V2004-10-10 DJ Dan @ Aria
2004-10-10 Dj Dan2004-10-09 Maus, Marco G, Nic B
2004-10-08 Infected Mushroom @ Aria2004-10-08 Infected Mushroom
2004-10-02 Desyn Masiello @ Aria2004-10-02 Desyn Masiello
2004-10-01 Boy George @ Aria2004-10-01 Boy George
2004-09-25 Adam Freeland (UK) at Aria2004-09-25 Adam Freeland @ Aria
2004-09-25 Adam Freeland2004-09-24 Chris Liebing @ Aria
2004-09-24 Chris Liebing2004-09-18 Lafleche, Simon Perreault, Nic B
2004-09-17 Mini, Marco G, Yaz2004-09-11 Lafleche, Franco Fabi, Maus
2004-09-10 Marco G, Preach2004-09-03 Dave Clarke @ Aria
2004-09-03 Dave Clarke, Misstress Barbara2004-08-31 Lafleche, Simon Perreault, Maus
2004-08-28 Tiga & K-Swing @ Aria2004-08-28 K-Swing, Lafleche, Maus
2004-08-27 Yaz, Preach, Marco G2004-08-21 Bad Boy Bill @ Aria
2004-08-21 Bad Boy Bill, Steve Smooth, Maus, Nic B2004-08-20 Green Velvet @ Aria
2004-08-20 Green Velvet @ Aria2004-08-20 Green Velvet, Mini, Yaz
2004-08-14 Infected Mushroom @ Aria2004-08-14 Danny Howells @ Aria
2004-08-14 Infected Mushroom, Yaz, Preach2004-08-13 Danny Howells @ Aria
2004-08-13 Danny Howells, Lafleche2004-08-07 Lafleche, Simon Perreault, Nic B
2004-08-06 Yaz, Mini, Marco G2004-08-01 Peter Rauhofer
2004-07-31 Maus, Nic B2004-07-30 Astral Projection & Irene @ Aria
2004-07-30 Astral Projection, DJ Irene2004-07-24 Yousef (UK) @ Aria
2004-07-24 Lafleche, Nic B2004-07-23 Yahel @ Aria
2004-07-23 Wizz, Preach, Yaz2004-07-17 Brad Copeland @ Aria
2004-07-17 Maus, Nic B2004-07-16 Yaz, Marco G, Mateo Murphy
2004-07-10 DJ Laflèche Birthday Party @ Aria2004-07-10 Lafleche
2004-07-09 Sasha & Steve Porter @ Aria2004-07-09 Sasha, Steve Porter
2004-07-03 Nic B, Lafleche2004-07-02 Armin Van Buuren @ Aria
2004-07-02 Armin Van Buuren2004-06-26 Timo Maas, Lafleche, Maus
2004-06-25 Yaz, Marco G2004-06-19 Sander Kleinenberg
2004-06-19 Sander Kleinenberg, Brad Copeland2004-06-18 Yaz, Marco G
2004-06-12 Wanda's @ Aria!2004-06-12 Barbara Brown, Laflèche
2004-06-11 Tiesto & Misstress Barbara @ Aria!2004-06-11 Tiesto, Mistress Barbara
2004-06-05 Lafleche, Nic B2004-06-04 Yaz, Marco G
2004-05-29 Maus, Nic B2004-05-28 Ben Sims @ Aria
2004-05-28 Ben Sims2004-05-23 Dj Dan, Maus, Nic B.
2004-05-22 Nick Warren (Way Out West) @ Aria2004-05-22 Way Out West
2004-05-21 Johan Gielen @ Aria2004-05-21 Johan Gielen @ Aria
2004-05-21 Johan Gielen2004-05-20 Preach, Lafleche
2004-05-15 Laflèche, Nic B2004-05-14 Yaz, Preach, Marco G
2004-05-08 Adam Freeland & James Zabiela @ Aria!2004-05-08 James Zabiela, Adam Freeland
2004-05-07 Greg Gow2004-05-01 Richard Humpty Vision @ Aria
2004-05-01 Richard Humpty Vision, Laflèche, Nic B2004-04-30 Yaz, Preach
2004-04-24 Laflèche, Nic B2004-04-23 Laurent Garnier
2004-04-23 Laurent Garnier2004-04-17 Laflèche, Nic B
2004-04-16 Preach, Yaz, Marco G2004-04-10 Laflèche, Maus
2004-04-09 Preach, Yaz, Marco G2004-04-03 Laflèche, Nic B
2004-04-02 Yaz, Mateo Murphy, Marco G2004-03-28 DJ Dan @ Aria!!!
2004-03-27 DJ Dan, Lafleche2004-03-27 Kal, Preach & Yaz @ Aria
2004-03-26 Preach, Kal, Yaz2004-03-21 Steve Lawler @ Aria!!
2004-03-20 Steve Lawler, Lafleche, Nic B.2004-03-20 Jeff Mills @ Aria!!
2004-03-19 Jeff Mills2004-03-13 DJ Laflèche, Maüs ? XL @ Aria!
2004-03-13 XL, Lafleche, Maus2004-03-12 Ferry Corsten & Kid Vicious @ Aria!
2004-03-12 Ferry Corsten2004-03-12  Ferry Corsten, Ronald Van Gelderen , Yaz, Marco G
2004-03-06 DJ Laflèche, XL & Nic B @ Aria!2004-03-06 Nic B, Laflèche, XL
2004-03-05 Preach, Yaz & Marco G @ Aria!2004-03-05 Marco G, Yaz, Preach
2004-02-28 Timo Maas @ Aria!2004-02-28 Timo Maas
2004-02-27 Marco G, Yaz, Mateo Murphy2004-02-21 Desyn Masiello (UK) @ Aria
2004-02-21 Desyn Masiello , Lafleche, XL2004-02-20 Yaz, Marco G & Mateo Murphy @ Aria!
2004-02-20 Yaz, Marco G, Mateo Murphy2004-02-14 Maus, Lafleche, XL
2004-02-13 Green Velvet , Marco G., Yaz2004-02-07 Gabriel & Dresden , Lafleche, Maus
2004-02-06 Yaz, Marco G, Preach2004-01-31 Max Graham
2004-01-30 Mauro Picotto - Extended Set at Aria2004-01-30 Mauro Picotto
2004-01-24 Nic B., Laflèche, XL2004-01-23 Marco G, Yaz, Preach
2004-01-17 Maus, Laflèche, XL2004-01-16 Infected Mushroom
2004-01-16 Infected Mushroom2004-01-10 XL 8 Hrs Set
2004-01-09 Mateo Murphy, Preach, Mickey Mental2004-01-03 Nic B., Laflèche, XL
2004-01-02 Mateo Murphy, Marco G. vs Preach2003-12-31 ARIA NYE with Deep Dish & Gangstarr
2003-12-31 Deep Dish2003-12-27 Dave Ralph & Luke Fair @ ARIA
2003-12-27 Luke Fair, Dave Ralph, XL, Nic B2003-12-26 Donald Glaude @ ARIA
2003-12-26 Donald Glaude, Mateo Murphy, Yaz2003-12-20 Bad Boy Bill, Steve Smooth, XL, Nic B
2003-12-19 Preach, Mateo Murphy, Yaz2003-12-13 DJ Dan, Maüs, XL
2003-12-12 Guy Ornadel, Yaz, Preach, Marco G2003-12-06 Sneak, XL, Nic B
2003-12-05 Adam Beyer, Preach, Mateo Murphy2003-11-29 Acquaviva & Derrick Carter & Steve Lawler
2003-11-28 Misstress Barbara, Marco G2003-11-22 DJ Dan, Luke Solomon, XL
2003-11-21 Sven Vath, Yaz2003-11-15 Max Graham
2003-11-14 Christian Vogel, Yaz, Preach2003-11-08 Jimmy Van M, XL, Maüs, Nic B
2003-11-07 Technasia, Yaz, Mateo Murphy2003-11-04 Pure - Film Shoot
2003-11-01 Hyper, Chris Fortier, XL2003-10-31 Christian Smith, Marco Carola, Danilo Vigorito, Yaz
2003-10-25 Seb Fontaine, XL, Nic B2003-10-24 Johan Gielen, Preach, Yaz
2003-10-18 XL, Maüs, Nic B2003-10-17 Ken Ishii, Yaz, Preach, Marco G
2003-10-12 Armin Van Buuren, Marco G, Yaz2003-10-11 DJ Dan, Nic B, Fred Everything
2003-10-10 Speedy J, Mateo Murphy, Preach2003-10-04 Xl
2003-10-03 Marco G, Yaz, Mateo Murphy2003-09-27 Max Graham
2003-09-26 Steve Bug2003-09-20 Heather
2003-09-19 Mateo Murphy, Marco G, Yaz2003-09-13 XL, Nic B, Fred Everything
2003-09-12 Marco V2003-08-31 Mauro Piccotto, Justin Robertson
2003-08-30 Sasha2003-08-29 Micro
2003-08-01 Infected Mushroom2003-07-26 Cut Killer + Max Graham
2003-07-25 Chris Liebing2003-06-28 Carl Cox
2003-06-21 Felix Da Housecat & Tiga2003-06-20 Ferry Corsten
2003-06-19 Uberzone - Live p.a2003-06-14 Terry Francis - Nigel Richards
2003-06-13 Tiesto, Armin Van Buuren, Guy Ornadel2003-06-06 Josh Wink
2003-05-18 Mistress Barbara & Christian Smith2003-05-17 Deep Dish
2003-05-16 Sven Vath2003-05-10 Hyper
2003-05-09 Yaz, Mateo Murphy, Preach2003-05-03 Steve Lawler
2003-05-02 Yaz, Marco G, Maüs2003-04-26 James Lavelle, Maus, Nic B
2003-04-25 Yaz, Marco G2003-04-20 Kid Capri, Majess, Mike Mission vs. Crowd, Kwite Sane
2003-04-19 Nicolas B2003-04-18 Yaz, Marco G
2003-04-17 Paul Van Dyk2003-04-12 Derrick Carter, Fred Everything, Maus
2003-04-11 Aria 2nd Anniversary Party!2003-04-05 Maüs, Fred Everything
2003-04-04 Yaz, Mateo Murphy2003-03-28 Preach vs Marco G., Yaz vs Miko
2003-03-22 Maus, Nicolas T, Loco Fern2003-03-21 Adam Beyer & Marco Bailey
2003-03-15 John Aquaviva & Charles Feelgood2003-03-14 Umek & Valentino Kanzyani
2003-03-08 Bad Boy Bill2003-03-07 Ferry Corsten
2003-03-01 Roy Davis Jr.2003-02-28 Marco Carola
2003-02-22 Hybrid2003-02-21 Anne Savage
2003-02-15 Mark Farina2003-02-14 Karnaval of Love
2003-02-08  Maus, Mateo Murphy, Nic B2003-02-07 Christian Smith, Thomas Krome
2003-02-01 Maus, Nic B., Nicola T2003-01-31 Yaz, Marco G, Preach
2003-01-25 Behrouz & MV2003-01-24 Marco V & John ''00'' Fleming
2003-01-18 Derrick May, Green Velvet2003-01-17 Tall Paul
2003-01-11 Maüs, Nic B2003-01-10 Mateo Murphy, Preach, Yaz
2003-01-04 Maüs, Marco G, Nic B2003-01-03 Jack de Marseille
2002-12-31 Break2002-12-28 Advance 02
2002-12-27 Yaz, Preach, Marco G2002-12-21 Josh Wink, Yaz, Nic B, Jazzy Jeff
2002-12-20 Ben Sims, Preach, Mateo Murphy2002-12-14 Little Louie Vega, Nic B, Maus
2002-12-13 Tiesto, Yaz, Preach2002-12-07 Maus, Mateo Murphy, Nic B
2002-12-06 Yaz, Marco G, Preach2002-11-30 Maus, Preach, Mateo Murphy
2002-11-29 Misstress Barbara2002-11-23 Heaven, Ministry of Sound, Mateo Murphy, Nic B
2002-11-22 Guy Ornadel, Yaz, Preach2002-11-16 Maus, One, Nic B
2002-11-15 C1, Mateo Murphy, Yaz2002-11-09 Terry Lee Brown, Maus, Marco G, Nic B
2002-11-08 Mateo Murphy, Yaz, Preach2002-11-02 Steve Lawler, Tony Touch, Yaz, Maus
2002-11-01 Luke Slater, Mateo Murphy, Preach2002-10-26 Nic B, Maus, One
2002-10-25 Chris Liebing2002-10-19 Maus, Nic B, Marco G
2002-10-18 Sasha, Chris Fortier2002-10-13 Dieselboy, Capital J, Mauro Picotto
2002-10-12 DJ Dan, Maus, Nic B2002-10-11 Ferry Corsten, Yaz, Preach, Mateo Murphy
2002-10-05 Derrick Carter2002-10-04 Paul Walker
2002-09-28 Beatnuts2002-09-27 Cisco Ferreira, Mani
2002-09-21 Hybrid2002-09-20 Gaetano Parisio
2002-09-14 Bad Boy Bill2002-09-07 Jay Tripwire
2002-09-06 Richie Hawtin & Sven Vaeth2002-09-01 Aria Special Event
2002-08-31 H:Fondation, Hipp-E, Halo2002-08-30 Armin Van Buuren
2002-08-24 One2002-08-23 Marco V
2002-08-17 Dayhota2002-08-16 Yaz, Preach, Marco G
2002-08-10 Jimmy Van M2002-08-09 Preach, Yaz, Miko
2002-08-03 Abel, Hatiras2002-08-02 Nuclear Ramjet, Seb
2002-07-27 VJ Fight2002-07-26 Rank-1, Michel de Hey
2002-07-20 Arman Van Helden2002-07-19 Dylan Drazen, Technasia
2002-07-13 Sneak2002-07-12 Space DJZ
2002-07-06 Fred Everything, Maus, Nic B2002-07-06 Fred Everything, Maus, Nic B
2002-07-05 Billy Nasty, Danilo Vigorito2002-06-30 Danny Howells, Berouz, Aquasky, Freaky Flow
2002-06-29 Paul Oakenfold2002-06-23 Tony Touch
2002-06-22 Sandra Collins, Cut Killer2002-06-21 Johan Gielen
2002-06-20 Armand Van Helden2002-06-15 Steve Lawler
2002-06-14 Christian Smith2002-06-07 Jack de Marseille, De La Soul, Choclair
2002-05-31 Ben Sims2002-05-25 Pascal Feos
2002-05-18 Luc Raymond, Nic B2002-05-17 The Advent
2002-05-11 Roger Sanchez, Craig Richards, Cashmoney2002-05-03 Dave Clarke
2002-04-26 Kenny Glasgow2002-04-13 Derrick Carter, Kid Capri
2002-04-12 Armin Van Buuren2002-04-06 Smokin Joe
2002-04-05 Slam2002-03-31 Q-Bert, Clue, Jay-Z
2002-03-29 Ken Ishii2002-03-23 Miss Honey Dijon
2002-03-22 Marco Carola2002-03-16 Sander Kleinenberg, Steve Porter
2002-03-15 Marco Bailey & Damon Jee2002-03-09 Peace Division
2002-03-08 Marco G, Yaz, Mateo Murphy2002-03-02 Anthony Pappa
2002-03-01 Cut Killer2002-02-23 Saeed & Palash
2002-02-16 Luc Raymond, Ody-Roc, JS-12002-02-15 Misstress Barbara & Scott Bond
2002-02-09 Stacey Pullen2002-02-08 Frankie Bones, Adam X
2002-02-02 Luc Raymond2002-02-01 Ferry Corsten, Jerry Bonham
2002-01-18 Guy Ornadel2001-12-31 Break 2001
2001-10-20 Erick Morillo2001-09-21 Joey Beltram
2001-09-14 Monika Kruse2001-09-07 Jerry Bonham
2001-09-01 DJ Sneak2001-08-31 Dave Clarke
2001-08-25 Johnny Fiasco2001-08-24 Adam X, Robert De La Gauthier
2001-08-17 Jack de Marseille2001-08-11 Sandy Rivera
2001-08-10 Derrick May2001-08-04 Onionz
2001-08-03 Stacey Pullen2001-07-14 Sandy Riviera
2001-07-13 Laidback Luke2001-07-07 Mazi
2001-07-06 Sandra Collins & Ali Ajami2001-07-01 Justin Robertson
2001-06-16 Cevin Fisher2001-06-15 AK1200
2001-06-09 Onionz2001-06-08 Kenny Larkin
2001-06-02 Hector Romero, Lord G2001-06-01 Mateo Murphy & Yaz
2001-04-28 Dj Pierre2001-04-27 John Kelley
2001-04-21 Benji Candelario2001-04-20 Kevin Saunderson
2001-04-14 Hipp-E, Halo, Onionz & Dajae2001-04-13 La Nuit Blanche
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