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- Sarcastic
Location:Canada, Quebec, Montreal
Labels:Level 4 Productions, Standard Re
Styles Of Music:Breakbeat (1 total)
Downtempo / IDM -> Dubstep (5 total)
Hip Hop (1 total)
Hip Hop -> Old School (1 total)
House (1 total)
House -> Booty House (4 total)
House -> Tech House (1 total)
Jungle / Drum and Bass (1 total)
Rock (5 total)
Techno (34 total)
Techno -> Acid Techno (1 total)
Techno -> Bouncy Techno (1 total)
Techno -> Detroit / U.S. Techno (2 total)
Techno -> Ghettotech (3 total)
Techno -> Minimal / Glitch Techno (1 total)
Trance -> Melodic Trance (1 total)
Trance -> Vocal Trance (1 total)
Description:more web links:


Founder of Montreal-based underground electronic music pantheon Level 4 Productions, this amorphous being has contributed to the subculture's cabalistic causes on many levels since the turn of the century as DJ, producer, promoter, music critic and label manager. Possessed since childhood with a needling drive to splice together discrete musical compositions, first with cassette decks, microphones, CD players or 8-tracks, it was only a matter of time before Sarcastic was introduced to his lifetime partner: the Technics 1200.

His love for the chugging repetitive nature of techno, acid house and hardcore genres remains informed by an early appreciation for hip-hop, stoner rock, jazz and psychedelia of all sorts. Equally at home behind two or three decks, Sarcastic’s diversity has allowed him to perform alongside many of his musical mentors: NYC’s Frankie Bones, Detroit ghetto-tech DJ Assault, Stockholm’s Slobodan and Thomas Krome, UK breakbeat stars Freestylers and Deekline, and minimal techno/dub genius Deadbeat.

Past residencies at Montreal clubs Saphir, Blue dog, Vinyl, Jai or Jello have seen Sarcastic spinning styles ranging from pure tek, minimal and experimental techno to acid, breakbeats, house and tek-house, booty, ghetto-tech and even DnB.

Champion of vinyl culture, Sarcastic is an avid record collector, also known for his nights, and mixes, that curate classic rock, soul, funk, hip hop, trip hop, blues, jazz and bluegrass selections.

Le fondateur du collectif Level 4 Productions basé à Montréal, cet être amorphe a contribué aux causes caballistiques de la sous-culture à plusieurs niveaux durant cette dernière décennie en tant que gérant d'étiquette, DJ, producteur, promoteur et critique de musique. Son amour pour la nature répétitive de la Techno et l'Acid House reste informé d'une longue appréciation pour le hip-hop, Stoner Rock, Jazz ainsi que la Psychedelia de toutes sortes. Tout aussi à l'aise que ce soit derrière deux ou trois platines, la diversité de Sarcastic lui a permit de jouer aux côtés de plusieurs de ses mentors tels; Frankie Bones de Brooklyn, DJ Assault de la scène Booty/Ghetto-Tech à Détroit, les valeures sûres de la Techno Suédoise Thomas Krome et Slobodan, les étoiles du Breakbeat Britannique Freestylers ou Deekline ainsi que le génie Techno Minimal/Dub Deadbeat. Avocat du mouvement "pro-vinyle", Sarcastic et aussi connu pour introduire du Rock, Blues ou même du Bluegrass dedans ses mixes soigneusement programmés. Dans ces compositions, qui ont d’ailleurs reçu de bonnes critiques des deux côtés de l'Atlantique, on y retrouve tant du Techno Minimal (Something Strange is Happening Downtown, Phoniq) comme des trucs plutôt "Hard" (Sarcastic’s remix de Pharagonescia, Wikkid Records).

Discography: for update discographies about Sarcastic and all other electronic music artists visit, Sarcastic's page here:

Sarcastic's 2016 EP "SARCASTIC IN DUB", can be listened to or downloaded here:

Sarcastic's 2014 album of original productions, "Newspaper Smile", can be downloaded here: (pay what you will)

Sarcastic: "Holophonic Samizdat" full-length album (Level 4 Productions/Standard Records, 2013)

Sarcastic: "Not For Sale" full-length album (Level 4 Productions/Standard Records, 2012)

Sarcastic: "Green Lantern at the OK Corral" feat. on Kidstatik's "Remains" EP 12" (Standard Records-002, 2011)

Sarcastic: "H.A.A.R.P.-Core" EP (Pertin-nce_32, 2010)

Sarcastic: "Horiz" EP (featuring remixes by Snork, Kidstatik, Algorithm Rec, 2010)

Sarcastic: "The Golden Mule" feat. on "Things Are Bad in Haiti" (Pertin-nce, 2010)

Sarcastic: "Cool Patch" remix feat. on Snork: "Contact" EP (Algorithm Rec, 2009)

DJ Sarcastic: "1969" b/w "Fearmonger" 12" (Wikkid Records 2009, WKD015)

Sarcastic: "Live A Little" (Groove Addict Records, FR, 2009)

Sarcastic: "The Trade Agenda" and "Split" featured on "Thanks for Tomorrow" (, 2009)

Sarcastic: "Workavoid" (EP, 2008)

DJ Sarcastic: "Keep Poppin Pills" b/w "Banana Cognac" 12" (Wikkid Records, 2007, WKD-012)

DJ Sarcastic: "Bad Trips" EP ( / Wikkid Online)

Sarcastic: Sunshine Blues EP (

Sarcastic: "Pharagonescia" (Sarcastic Remix) / Aiwa 12" (Wikkid Records, 2006) info:

Sarcastic: "Something Strange is Happening Downtown" (Phoniq, 2005) info:

(, 2007)

Contact / Booking :

Montreal, Canada

Level 4 Productions

if you want Sarcastic mixes on mp3 message me i'll hook it up. thanks for your support Montreal and beyond. !onelove and all dat.

* * *

One day (today, actually), for fun mostly, I decided to answer some of ravewave's "sample" questions...

Signed Under:
Level 4 Productions

Booking Info:

Where did you get your DJ Name from?
People kept calling me a sarcastic asshole and shit. My friends say I'm the biggest sarcastic bastard they ever met. But I actually think I'm usually being dead serious.
In terms of music I think it works also, 'cause people think techno is all about technology and computers... I fucking hate computers. I hate progress, and capitalism and all of that fucking shit... By churning out reams of bleepy linear geek music, it's like a sarcastic comment, an indirect critique of the evils of our world.. 'namean?

Current styles played?
Tek. deep, minimal, big, small, squelchy, glippy, bloppy, flucky, squooogly. As Sarcastic, that's what I play. Oh ya, and some tek-house. And booty. Ghettotek steez.

Styles played in the past?
Was weaned on hardcore, acid house, hard acid, back in the days. Will occasionally play shit like that still. see Time Rift, Renegade Legion, Bong. I also like playing movie soundtracks. Sometimes I mix "The Gravel Pit" with techno.

Years of experience acquired in General?
27 years of experience, in general, acquired thru living.

Years of experience acquired on the rave/party scene?
about 9 years. to this point. Depending on when you read this, it might change. It might add one day to my experience every day after today. But I am writing this today. On the day you are reading it it's probably still today. But not the SAME today. So, let's just say, I started listening to hard fucking banging NYC techno (read: Frankie Bones, Adam X, Jimmy Crash) circa 1993, and going to parties, and fucking around with Technics t-1200 turntables.

Equipment used (turntables - cds - gear)?
Technics t-1200 turntables.

Favorite record labels?
Level 4 Productions. Standard Records
Pom Pom. Code Red. Drumcode. Meta. H-Productions. Mhonday. Mhonolake. Projex. Shitkatapult. Force Inc. Compound. Compressed. Design. Art. Kanzleramt. Kurbel. Planet Rhythm. Primate. Primevil. Tortured. Torema. Tresor. Zync. Zenit. Axis. Art.
A lot more

Current favorite DJs & those that have inspired you since the beginning?
I get bored of most DJs but the first faves were Frankie Bones, Richie Hawtin, Jeff Mills, Algorithm, DJ Assault. More recently Ben Sims has really impressed me.

When did you first experiment with decks and mixing vinyl at home?
About ten years ago. "The Whipper of All Whips" got me started. Combine T-12's, old acid records, psilocybin, and many hours with nothing important to do. Equals DJ Sarcastic.

What was the first club/party you started spinning at?
Probably my friend Maniac Mike's parties at Bar Diana on Ste-Catherine Street. That's the REALLY nasty shit-hole near Atwater where old guys are passed out on the tables by noon. We used to rent it out and throw these ghetto parties once in a while. Or parties at my house... Back in the day, with Ryzen and Legs and The Whipper.

How many places have you DJed at?
See above. Nother stupid question.

What was the first vinyl you bought when you started spinning?
Ummm. The first new ones I remember were Joey Beltram's double on Trax, The Beltram Re-Releases 1989-91... Emmanuel Top's "Le Pipe A L'Eau" on Attack... I had some used vinyls too from The Whip. But those are the ones I remember buying in the store, and every time I see them or play them I think of them as my first records.

What is your most prized vinyl in your collection?
Level 4 Productions presents Standard 0001: The Contra Diction ep. Other than that, the obvious choice, there's ummm. This is a fucking hard one. Mike Ink, Dadajack, on Profan... Code Red 01. Hybrid's first few HPLP1201, 1202, 1203, etc... Definitive Acid House For All. Moby's track All That I Need is To Be Loved. No Pain No Gain 1998 Remix. Early JJ tracks, Plus8, Attack records...

Do you enjoy the songs you play?
No, you fucking quad. I spent thousands of dollars buying music that I think sucks. I choose to play experimental techno that nobody likes cause I thought it would make me rich and popular. My true love is gay house and commercial trance.

Do you ever get tired of hearing those songs?
Ya, sometimes. I really like mixing techno. Sometimes, when I just feel like listening to music, I don't wanna hear it. Then I listen to all sorts of other shit. Anything: funk, jazz, metal, hiphop, triphop, experimental, soul, the Beach Boys, the Ramones, Black Sabbath, Kyuss, Neil Young.

Which song(s) is/are requested to you the most?
I don't take requests. But a lot of the time people come up to me and say "Can you play something more... ummm... Mainstream? You know... like, commercial -a bit?" And I'm like, "Ya Sure, no PROBLEM!".. I give them a big smile and then reach into my record bag and play the most fucked-up, backwards-belching bassheavy industrial crunching mayhem that I can find.

When did you start getting into the scene and how did you get into it?
Refer to the other gay question above.
I got into it when the Whipper of All Whips kept coming back from NYC with all these ILL hardcore tapes. Friends of mine went to "raves" and shit. First I was into the music; then I started enjoying going out too, and I stopped thinking that ravers were the epitome of gay.

What's your favorite aspect of your job?
Mixing tracks, beat matching, hearing sick tracks on loud sound systems, going record shopping in different cities in the world. Getting head in VIP toilets, unlimited amounts of high quality cocaine, free flights all around the world.

What's your least favorite aspect of your job?
Sharks-ass niggas come and try to bite my steez. Liars. People that assume I do piles of drugs. Fuckers. What?!?! What??! The "scene", being categorized, playing with no monitors. Tables that skip.

When you hear other DJs, do you ever judge their talent, or do you just try to enjoy the music?
Both. Part of the reason I like listening to say, trance DJs, or DnB, is that I'll be less likely to give a fuck what tracks they are playing, and more likely to just listen and enjoy. It's tough. Sometimes I wish I could go back to the days when I wasn't so "conscious" of what other DJs were doing. I think I'm very critical. Many DJs bore me, and it makes me mad that they get the praise and $$ they do for sucking so hard, and being so fucking run-of-the-mill. Bong.

What's the strangest thing that's happened to you while DJing at a party?
I played in a room with a pool in it once. I played with Nter MCing over my tracks once. Sometimes I see people that look like aliens holding glowing cylindrical objects in their hands, waving them and shit. It's fucking weird. Honestly I usually just phase out when I'm playing, and don't notice anything around me.

What's the strangest thing that's been said to you while DJing at a party?
I dunno. Probably "are you Mindset?"?

Do you consider doing production (your own music) in the near future?
Done. What a skewed question.

What do you think the future holds for you?
I dunno. Probably dying, eventually.
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2007-04-17 Plug & Play feat. AOT, Mr. Goodvibes, Karma & Lotus2007-04-14 Rhys Taylor vs. Sarcastic @ Plateau
2007-03-31 Back to the Groove2007-03-29 DJ Sarcastic's bday disaster feat. J-Fizz and The Rastitute
2007-03-22 Thank God it's Thursday2007-03-20 Tony Ezzy, Karma & Lotus & Sarcastic @ Plug n' Play
2007-03-18 Beat Me Up : Sarcastic + Mz Sunday Luv, Nellboy (Live) & Mar2007-03-09 Laura's Birthday Prom-Rave
2007-02-23 1er Anniversaire de Fractal2007-02-20 Plug & Play feat. Ashes on the Table (live), Karma & Lotus
2007-02-15 Ghislain Poirier, Sarcastic & Hectic2007-02-09 Citizens 3 (your booty is a temple, so shake it a little)
2007-02-06 Plug & Play2007-01-27 TwistedWave 3
2007-01-23 Plug & Play feat. Sarcastic, Ashes on the Table, Karma & Lot2007-01-18 Sean Kosa, Sarcastic, Axel Klein, Omni
2006-12-31 microzoo's NYE all night party w/ Maus, Soundshaper, Sarcast2006-12-28 Sarcastic & Rhys Taylor, Tipsy T, Axel Klein & Pinky, Jesse
2006-12-23 Electronic High V Christmas Bash : Rewired2006-12-16 Sarcastic & Tim Foran
2006-12-12 Telephunk w/ Sarcastic & Miss Bijoux2006-12-09 Big Bamboo Land
2006-12-07 In Concert Against Violence feat. The Stills, Fred Everythin2006-11-23 Wikkid Records Album Launch
2006-10-28 Diseased Epiglotic Acid Discharge2006-10-19 NCV + Mix Thursday present Frankie Bones
2006-10-13 Bad Luck Booty2006-09-23 Breakin' 4
2006-09-14 Mix Thursday: DJ Assault2006-09-08 Soukmachine
2006-09-04 Sarcastic2006-08-27 Arscenique w/ Jordan Dare, Sarcastic, Radarsat-1 and more
2006-08-17 Mighty Kat, Sarcastic, Melon, Miss Bijoux, Lil' Tut, Creatur2006-08-11 Planète break
2006-08-07 Heavy Traffic: Sarcastic, Ruby Jane2006-07-30 Moses Mayes: Sarcastic
2006-07-22 Pootie Tek2006-07-21 Dionysus
2006-06-29 4X4 (4 turntable tagteam)2006-06-22 Insomniak & Sarcastic @ Move On Up
2006-06-17 We Like The Bass I: Skools Out2006-06-10 Get Chrunk
2006-06-06 The Number of the Beast2006-06-04 Spank Me
2006-05-27 Keep the Secret2006-05-26 Planète Break
2006-05-20 Communism2006-05-19 Freestylers
2006-05-01 Planet Break2006-04-15 Rewire 2: Return of the Easter Bunny
2006-04-14 Hard as Fuck : World War V2006-04-06 Sarcastic, Tony Ezzy feat. Zark 22, Sean Kosa & Hatchmatik @
2006-03-31 DJ Assault2006-03-28 Budda Blaze @ the Grapevine
2006-03-25 Mambo Miam Miam2006-03-21 Speakeasy night @ the grapevine w/ Viceroy Fizzlebottom
2006-03-14 Killa Jewel @ Grapevine2006-03-09 Deekline @ Mix Thursday
2006-03-07 Cyan @ Grapevine2006-03-04 Break-Fu!
2006-02-28 Under The Covers @ The Grapevine2006-02-24 Goodbye chelsea, Happy b-day Gen & Tones
2006-02-23 The Mix Thursday Battle of the Sexes ft. Lynne T vs Spacekad2006-02-21 Dirty Dan's Filthy Birthday @ The Grapevine
2006-02-17 Sarcastic & Insomniak2006-02-14 Valentine's Day Love In @ The Grapevine: Journeys by DJ Jasm
2006-02-07 The Grapevine: Journeys by DJ Jasmine and Sarcastic ft. Rand2006-02-04 Sarcastic and Tim Foran
2006-02-01 The Wells, Sarcastic2006-01-31 Beni Bar B Cue & Plan A @ The Grapevine w/ Jasmine & Sarcast
2006-01-24 The Grapevine: Journeys by DJ jasmine & sarcastic (all wu ta2006-01-20 Kilobyte & Sarcastic @ Mystique
2006-01-17 The Grapevine: Journeys by DJ jasmine & sarcastic feat. D.D.2006-01-10 The Grapevine: Journeys by DJ jasmine & sarcastic feat. Kiff
2006-01-03 The Grapevine: Journeys by DJ jasmine & sarcastic feat. Gala2005-12-31 The Future Is Now @ Olympic Tower
2005-12-29 Mix Thursday: Rhys Taylor, Sarcastic, Sean Kosa, Jacob Asher2005-12-22 Dirty XXXmas feat. Speaker Phreaker, Doc Savage, A-Rock, Nat
2005-12-20 The Grapevine: Journeys by DJ jasmine & sarcastic feat. Kai2005-12-17 Electronic High IV
2005-12-13 Journeys by DJ Jasmine & Sarcastic w/ Melon2005-12-10 Collide rave
2005-12-06 Journeys by DJ Jasmine & Sarcastic w/ Ruby Jane2005-12-02 Helipath
2005-11-29 Journeys by DJ Jasmine & Sarcastic w/ special guest Viceroy 2005-11-22 Journeys by DJ Jasmine & Sarcastic w/ Tashish
2005-11-15 journeys by dj jasmine & sarcastic w/ special guest DIALECT2005-11-11 Benefit Concert for Earthquake Victims in Pakistan
2005-11-10 tag team night vol. 2 @ Mix feat. Sebastian Prelar & Sarcast2005-11-08 Journeys: Jasmine, Sarcastic, Insomniak
2005-11-01 DJ Luv, Jasmine, Sarcastic2005-10-29 Cankered Meat Pile
2005-10-25 journeys by DJ jasmine & sarcastic w/ RHYS TAYLOR2005-10-22 BINO Bday BASH
2005-10-21 IzNoGood2005-10-18 The Grapevine: journeys by DJ jasmine & sarcastic w/ special
2005-10-13 Alpha Beatz2005-10-08 Amalgam 2
2005-10-07 Get Your Tek2005-10-03 EZ Bake: Sarcastic, Punany Bizness
2005-10-01 Route 66 vs Level 42005-09-19 Mike Babins' Birthday Bash @ BAR DIANA
2005-09-10 Step Up for the Cure @ Molson Stadium2005-09-10 In The Penthouse
2005-09-10 Dysklo's Loft Party2005-08-27 1234 Loft Event
2005-08-08 EZBake: Sarcastic, Bind2005-07-30 Melon, Sarcastic, Pinky 38, Spacekadet
2005-07-16 Alien Styles2005-07-07 Jordan Dare, Pinky 38, Dave O'Brien, Sarcastic & Jasmine
2005-06-25 Electric Church2005-06-24 Broken Crew presents Quebec: Je Me Souviens
2005-06-19 Doggy Style: Sarcastic, Pinky 382005-06-17 Bounce Action w/ Level4
2005-06-03 Freak The Frequency v0.12005-05-26 Black Market, Blakkar Noir, Kiffah, Milton Clark, Naughty Ma
2005-05-21 Good Vibrations2005-05-16 Sarcastic @ Ez Bake
2005-05-14 3666 St Laurent2005-05-14 Fusion
2005-04-24 Doggy Style w/Sarcastic, Freebass2005-04-09 Hard as Fuck : XXX
2005-04-08 Nostalgia2005-03-26 Rewire
2005-03-19 Blink Blinkblink, Dave O'Brien, Delix, Sarcastic2005-03-18 Generik Fridays
2005-03-12 Elixir2005-03-05 In Da Jungle-3rd anniversary
2005-02-27 Booty Sunday2005-02-19 Phoniq Netlabel Launch Party
2005-02-13 Some Old Bullshit2005-01-29 Peace and Development Fundraiser
2005-01-22 Konnekt2005-01-18 Bassbin Blowout
2005-01-15 Free People Network2005-01-10 The Grapevine: JOURNEYS by DJ jasmine & sarcastic feat. KIFF
2005-01-09 Some Old Bullshit2004-12-31 Let's Do This!
2004-12-25 Electronik High 32004-12-12 Some Old Bullshit
2004-11-07 Some Old Bullshit2004-10-30 Halloween In Da Jungle
2004-10-30 Halloween Bash at the 18302004-10-29 Combined Elements
2004-10-21  Nimi's Welcome Home Party2004-10-16 Sarcastic and Somsay
2004-10-12 GHETTOBLAST2004-10-08 Miami Vices
2004-09-30 Milton Clark, Dysklo -CANCELLED2004-09-23 DJ Static
2004-09-16 Corey K2004-09-09 Dave O'Brien & Deliz
2004-09-04 syndroma presente naw a la galerie rouje2004-09-02 Somsay, DJ Rue
2004-08-27 Robo/tek v42004-08-26 MACHINE @ Fluid Thursdays
2004-08-21 Hostyn 20042004-08-19 DJ Bliss
2004-08-12 Axel Klein2004-08-05 Nitrous, PI 67, Mc Loco
2004-07-29 Philgood, Gerald Belanger2004-07-22 Toltech, Freebass, Kilobyte
2004-07-20 Sebastien Prelar, Sarcastic2004-07-15 Fluid Thursdays
2004-06-19 Big Floppy Donkey Dick2004-06-11 Robo/tek
2004-05-29 Dems Da Breaks2004-05-22 School
2004-05-18 Ghettoblast w/Rain Force + Sarcastic + Toltec2004-04-22 Sarcastic & Karl Marx
2004-04-10 Kafwin's Surprise Party2004-04-02 Sarcastic & Sean Kosa
2004-03-27 Bunker-0042004-03-26 Sarcastic, Noah Pred, Philgood & G. O'Brien
2004-03-19 Hooked 2 [Cancelled]2004-02-21 Kaka Dans Le Pantalons
2004-02-09 Mash-Up Monday w/ special guest Blackmarket & Sarcastic2004-02-07 Electro Steez
2004-02-06 I.Forgo.T2004-01-01 After New Years 2004
2004-01-01 New Year's Day Madness2003-12-31 2K4
2003-12-20 Electronik High II2003-12-06 Sarcastic @ Club Mtl
2003-11-14 Sub Culture2003-10-31 Dr Noh Halloween Kegger
2003-10-25 Nter & Sarcastic @ The Graff (Sherbrooke)2003-10-23 The Dramatic Conclusion @ Amnesia
2003-10-17 Makina2003-10-09 Terminate The Source
2003-10-03 Birthday Bash2003-09-06 Cloud 6
2003-08-09 Hostyn 20032003-07-31 Hit It From the Back
2003-07-04 Source Of Light2003-07-03 Nostalgia
2003-06-26 Club246 Fundraiser2003-06-20 Om Summer Solstice Festival
2003-06-05 Bleep2003-05-31 Flux
2003-05-29 Preflux2003-05-21 Digital Levels V.Tek
2003-05-15 A.W.O.L.2003-05-03 Flying Fortress
2003-05-01 Bleep2003-04-19 Time Rift
2003-04-17 AlphaBeetz2003-04-09 Digital Levels v2
2003-04-03 Booty Slappin'2003-03-27 Bleep
2003-03-13 Glitz2003-03-06 Bong!
2003-02-22 Spread The Word2003-02-13 Tek Showdown
2003-01-23 Fried Tekstyle2002-12-26 Sarcastic @ Bluedog
2002-12-14 L'Eclipse2002-11-30 X-ploit
2002-10-13 Turkeybreast @ Jingxi2002-10-10 Sarcastic
2002-09-12 Preach2002-09-05 Baby Dino
2002-08-31 Hooked2002-08-29 Pat Davis
2002-08-24 Full Moon2002-08-22 Dorobo
2002-08-16 Hostyn 20022002-08-15 Andrew Duke
2002-08-11 Departure2002-08-10 Arrival 6
2002-08-08 Arrival Pre-Party2002-07-25 Noah Pred & Cyan
2002-07-18 Deadbeat2002-07-11 Toltech
2002-06-27 Naw @ Tekstyle2002-06-21 Launch Party
2002-06-20 Fructose2002-06-16 Booty Break 6
2002-06-13 Destroy2002-06-06 The Sorcerer
2002-06-01 Dendrophilia2002-05-30 Mindlabs & Granny'Ark
2002-05-19 Booty Break 52002-05-11 !onelove
2002-04-11 Granny'Ark2002-04-06 That!!
2002-04-04 Collin Sylex2002-03-28 Kidstatik & Freqboy
2002-03-21 Mini2002-03-14 Insomniak & Kikit
2002-03-07 Algorithm2002-03-02 AmalgaNation
2002-02-28 Mickey Mental2002-02-14 Toltech vs Freebass
2002-02-07 Neerav2002-01-31 Yaz @ Tekstyle
2002-01-24 Caitlin2002-01-17 Dekalogue
2002-01-04 OS/22002-01-03 Alex de Freitas
2001-12-27 Tao-Nhan2001-11-24 House Kinox
2000-11-03 Beat Ween Us 
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