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- SeismoLogick
Location:Canada, Quebec, Montreal
Styles Of Music:Breakbeat (9 total)
Breakbeat -> Funky Breaks (1 total)
Description:Booking Info:

After 10 years of electronic rythms as a listener and as a freak/addict dancer, SeismoLogick was touched by the sound of the Breaksbeat. In 2005 she took her passion up to the next level by starting to mix vinyl. Since then, she's been living and breathing music. She’s down with atmospheric melodies who takes you to the next levels. SeismoLogick like her breaks served WELL DONE, with kicking electric and STRONG BASELINE by moment and with some funky, d&b, electro or acid flavors. Beats with soul and structure!!!

SeismoLogick is derived from these two worlds : Seismic and Logic. Seismic, illustrate the vibrant feeling that a good bass make you feel, the energy coming from it and sake you from the inside. Logick to refer to all the technical aspect of the music (structure and composition) as well as the complexity of the art of djing. Seismologik is surrounded and supported by lots of Montreal DJs/producers, and is an active member of the electronic music scene.

**Her first preoccupation : “taking over” the dance floor with good beats and make people have a natural blast!!

**Be careful....she's hungry of playing!!
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Events With Photos
Festival St-Jean BASStiste 2008
Canada, Quebec, Saint-Fortunat
847 Photos
Jungle Inity 5
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
124 Photos
Project P.L.U.R.
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
288 Photos
Les Bûcherons II
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
357 Photos
L.O.V.E #4: Pascale's Birthday Bash
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
61 Photos
Insomniacs On Crack Attack
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
383 Photos
Canada, Quebec, Saint-Fortunat
103 Photos
ECO Tronick 2007
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
109 Photos
Breakin' 7 - iDJ 5th Anniversary Party
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
200 Photos
Citizens 6: Jungle Urbaine
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
19 Photos
Citizens 5 * EcoLogick Village (share)
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
47 Photos
Citizens 4 (Spring, breakz n' beatz)
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
142 Photos
Citizens 3 (your booty is a temple, so shake it a
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
84 Photos
Citizens 2 (putting the 'C' back in citizens)
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
65 Photos
Special Blend
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
31 Photos
Special Blend
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
52 Photos
Good Citizens Have to Hit the Dance Floor
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
65 Photos
Special Blend
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
65 Photos
Special Blend
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
9 Photos
Special Blend
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
12 Photos
Special Blend
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
31 Photos
History Of Events [ 31 Total ] [ Show Flyers ]
2008-06-20 Festival St-Jean BASStiste 20082008-04-18 Jungle Inity 5
2008-03-07 Project P.L.U.R.2008-03-01 Les Bûcherons II
2008-02-29 deFEBrillator2008-02-09 A Month Before Going To Hell
2007-10-20 L.O.V.E #4: Pascale's Birthday Bash2007-09-29 The Happy Sugar Night
2007-09-28 Insomniacs On Crack Attack2007-09-15 Earthdance
2007-09-07 Black Moon A La Fontaine2007-09-01 Brainfreeze
2007-08-29 Cruise Controle vs. Southwest Collective2007-08-25 ECO Tronick 2007
2007-06-01 Citizens 7: Hot Wheels2007-05-26 Breakin' 7 - iDJ 5th Anniversary Party
2007-05-10 Philgood, FuAncko2007-05-04 Citizens 6: Jungle Urbaine
2007-04-06 Citizens 5 * EcoLogick Village (share)2007-03-02 Citizens 4 (Spring, breakz n' beatz)
2007-02-09 Citizens 3 (your booty is a temple, so shake it a little)2007-01-05 Citizens 2 (putting the 'C' back in citizens)
2006-12-03 Special Blend2006-11-05 Special Blend
2006-11-03 Good Citizens Have to Hit the Dance Floor2006-10-01 Special Blend
2006-09-03 Special Blend2006-08-06 Special Blend
2006-07-02 Special Blend2006-05-28 Special Blend
2006-04-30 Special Blend 
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