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- Clifford Brown
Name:Clifford Brown
Location:Canada, Quebec, Montreal
Styles Of Music:House (1 total)
Techno -> Electrotech (2 total)
Description:Playing with every willing crew in numerous clubs in town, Clifford Brown knows how to bring down the house with his electro-flavoured and funky minimal tech-house beats. He currently is host & resident of's F.A.M.E. events, happening around once a month @ Academy Dancehall & beyond.

He is also a weekly resident at Bordello Fridays, a smooth ride through the underbelly of chilled out tech-house happening at Bistro de Paris with his co-host Romeo Kardec and their guests.

He sounds as if Sonny Crockett popped pills and stumbled upon a secret stash of 80's electro-house 12" while investigating a crime scene - and then decided to become a DJ.

Brown is not related to Barbara, but rather to an obscure spanish movie director who fraudulously borrowed his name in the late 70's for his porn productions.

You don't know what to expect with his sets as they all are, in a way, different. You can however expect some deep and funky analog rythms and basslines that will burn your soul alive. Bring on your dancing shoes.
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Events With Photos
Epic Coalition 3
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
685 Photos
Motion: Clifford Brown, Marinelli
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
4 Photos
Party à La Tour Levis
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
23 Photos
Piknic Electronik: Alex Under, Jimi Trip vs. Konpi
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
88 Photos
AF344 To MTL: Olivier GIACOMOTTO, Delon & Dalcan,
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
28 Photos
Electro-Chic 15 ¤¤¤ Akarien Christmas Bash ¤¤¤
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
74 Photos
Le Bal Masqué, 2ième édition
Canada, Quebec, Sherbrooke
151 Photos
Mirrorballs on Wellington
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
19 Photos
Bordello - Spins & Needles Edition w/ Jason Pellet
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
1 Photos
ECO Tronick 2007
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
109 Photos
Terra 3
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
939 Photos
Spins & Needles
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
1 Photos
F.A.M.E. & Soultek present a Red Circle Label Part
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
6 Photos
HeadzUp! Vs F.A.M.E. - Miles Moore Birthday Bash
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
1 Photos
Underground Resistance
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
72 Photos
Rock'N Wild Elektro Party w/ Clifford Brown, Fredd
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
24 Photos
Oxy Cottontail, Jokers of the Scene, Jordan Dare
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
33 Photos
Citizens 4 (Spring, breakz n' beatz)
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
142 Photos
Techcetera w/ Jas Nasty, Clifford Brown & Jason Pe
Canada, Ontario, Ottawa
12 Photos
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
74 Photos
F.A.M.E. Launch Party w/ Omni, Kosa & Kardec
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
118 Photos
Extend Finale - Clifford Brown's Birthday w/ Philg
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
24 Photos
Extend w/ Deebacc & Alexis Bowles
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
24 Photos
Extend - Caterpillars Edition w/ Axel Klein & X-Cu
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
37 Photos
Extend - Italians do it Better w/ Yugo & Leo Cruz
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
11 Photos
Extend - Birds Edition w/ Fancy Fhreek & Sean Kosa
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
29 Photos
Extend w/ Robeat & Philgood
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
62 Photos
Extend - Rock Hard w/ Marinelli & Jordan Dare
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
10 Photos
Extend - Acid Halloween w/ JohnG & Plastique de Rê
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
19 Photos
Extend w/ Omni & Stitch - Death Party
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
7 Photos
Bark at the Moon
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
14 Photos
Extend - Bliss' Birthday Bash !
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
1 Photos
Lancement Urbania - La Folie !
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
19 Photos
Extend w/ Yugo & Philgood - Porn Edition !
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
7 Photos
Extend w/ Sean Kosa & Marinelli - Fire Crotch !
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
41 Photos
Cocoballz & Mirrornutz
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
1 Photos
Rassemblement Du Quart
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
3 Photos
Kick le .. Clavecin II by Robeat
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
2 Photos
Kick le Clavecin by Robeat
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
75 Photos
Shake Off w/ Clifford Brown
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
41 Photos
New Year's Bash @ Sophie's
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
20 Photos
Miami Vice II - Vice Is Nice
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
22 Photos
Bring Yo Own Mama @ Parking Lounge
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
14 Photos
Jeudis Vinyl w/ Clifford Brown @ Parking Lounge
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
80 Photos
History Of Events [ 156 Total ] [ Show Flyers ]
2011-01-30 Beat Boutique: Seb Fauteux, Clifford Brown2010-11-05 Clifford Brown, Nathan Burns, Elio Krass
2010-07-20 Microzoo: Clifford Brown, Marinelli, Nathan Burns2010-07-15 Clifford Brown
2010-07-06 Microzoo: Kressel, Clifford Brown2010-05-28 Epic Coalition 3
2010-04-27 Microzoo: Glimpse (Live), Nathan Burns, Clifford Brown2010-04-13 Microzoo: Jackie Spade, Clifford Brown
2010-04-06 Microzoo: Clifford Brown, Nathan Burns2010-03-05 Tech Nickal: Clifford Brown & Francis Lalonde
2010-02-23 Microzoo: Clifford Brown, Nathan Burns2010-02-09 Microzoo: James Teej, Jason Myles, Clifford Brown
2010-01-05 Microzoo: Pheek, Clifford Brown2009-12-29 Microzoo: Clifford Brown & Nathan Burns
2009-12-29 Microzoo: Logan Hollow, Clifford Brown2009-12-08 Microzoo: Mini, Clifford Brown
2009-11-24 Microzoo: Nathan Burns, Clifford Brown2009-10-31 Microballs - Halloween Edition: Clifford Brown, Marinelli, N
2009-10-20 Microzoo: Clifford Brown, Noway2009-10-06 Microzoo: Maher Daniel, Clifford Brown
2009-08-22 James Teej, Kenny Glasgow, My Favorite Robot, Clifford Brown2009-08-09 Beat Boutique: Clifford Brown, Soundshaper
2009-07-18 Motion: Clifford Brown2009-01-17 Motion: Nathan Burns, Clifford Brown & Marinelli
2008-12-20 Motion: Clifford Brown & Marinelli2008-11-29 Tek-Mission: Fancyfhreek
2008-11-28 Motion: James Teej, Clifford Brown2008-11-22 Stéfane Lippé, Eddie Thoneick (Allemagne), Mossa, Clifford B
2008-11-18 Dizzyphunk: Clifford Brown, Nathan Burns2008-10-24 Freak & Chic Party - Dan Ghenacia
2008-10-18 Motion: Clifford Brown, Marinelli2008-10-02 Overdose: Supermayer, Clifford Brown, Mini
2008-09-20 Motion: Jeff Samuel, Clifford Brown2008-09-19 Zoo Gang Invite Archipel, Monoblock
2008-09-13 Bark At The Moon 2: Beatmatch, Marinelli, Clifford Brown2008-09-12 The Gold Diggers: Clifford Brown, Alix
2008-08-31 Safari: Nathan Burns, Clifford Brown2008-08-23 Motion: Clifford Brown, Marinelli
2008-08-23 Party à La Tour Levis2008-08-22 Zoo Gang 2: Miskate, Yan Parenteau, Sequential Factory, Clif
2008-08-15 The Gold Diggers2008-08-09 Party Grolsch: Alix, Clifford Brown
2008-08-05 Clifford Brown, Nathan Burns2008-07-18 The Gold Diggers
2008-07-11 Zoo Gang: Billy Dalessandro2008-06-27 Clifford Brown and Ostrich
2008-05-31 Fizz Factory & Mirroballs presents Efdemin2008-05-25 Piknic Electronik: Alex Under, Jimi Trip vs. Konpiùta, Sety,
2008-05-10 AF344 To MTL: Olivier GIACOMOTTO, Delon & Dalcan, Sad Mafios2008-03-29 Un Zoo la Nuit: Water Lilly
2008-03-22 Clifford Brown, Marinelli, Sad Mafioso2008-03-08 Un Zoo la Nuit : Billy Dalessandro (Chicago)
2008-03-07 Klandestino 18 : Billy Dalessandro (Chicago)2008-02-23 Un Complot la Nuit - Mossa
2008-02-09 Un Zoo la Nuit with Adultnapper2008-02-02 Un Zoo la Nuit - DiskHoBalls
2008-01-05 Un Zoo la Nuit - Clifford Brown's B*day with Snax (Berlin)2007-12-29 Un Zoo la Nuit: Tags Night
2007-12-22 Un Zoo la Nuit - Clubber's Christmas2007-12-15 Un Zoo la Nuit Launch: Justin Martin (San Fran)
2007-11-30 Electro-Chic 15 ¤¤¤ Akarien Christmas Bash ¤¤¤2007-11-27 Jeff Fontaine & Clifford Brown : Twisted House Mafia
2007-11-23 Bordello Finale: Axel Klein, Andres Velilla, Marinelli, Rome2007-11-16 Bordello: Marinelli
2007-11-15 Mix Thursdays: NCV CD Launch2007-11-09 Bordello - Microtek V.6 Pre-Party w/ Mike Dee
2007-11-02 Bordello w/ Rhys Taylor2007-11-01 Fuck Stars
2007-10-30 Dizzyphunk's Halloween w/ Clifford Brown & Maus2007-10-27 Le Bal Masqué, 2ième édition
2007-10-26 Bordello w/ Sarcastic2007-10-19 Bordello - Resident's Night
2007-10-18 Mix Thursdays : Rhys Dreams Out Loud2007-10-13 Dead Cat Films Fundraiser Bash
2007-10-12 Bordello w/ Mary Hell2007-10-07 Ez Bake
2007-10-05 Bordello w/ Chris Paré2007-09-22 Electro Bop w/ Jason Pelletier & Clifford Brown
2007-09-21 Bordello w/ Marinelli2007-09-14 Bordello w/ Nathan Burns
2007-09-14 Damian Lazarus, Mateo Murphy, Philgood-diskho 2 year anniver2007-09-07 Bordello w/ Sean Kosa
2007-09-01 L'Appel de la Meute2007-09-01 Mirrorballs on Wellington
2007-08-31 Bordello - Spins & Needles Edition w/ Jason Pelletier and Je2007-08-26 Beat me Up w/ Mary Hell & Clifford Brown
2007-08-25 ECO Tronick 20072007-08-24 Bordello w/ X-Cube
2007-08-18 Terra 32007-08-17 Bordello - Terra 3 Official Pre-Party
2007-08-16 Mix Thursdays: Rhys Taylor, Fu Ancko & Clifford Brown2007-08-10 Bordello: Kardec & Brown
2007-07-14 Mirrorballs Live on Ste-Catherine2007-07-13 Bordello: Omni, Marinelli, Clifford Brown
2007-07-12 Jeudis Du Helm: Clifford Brown2007-07-07 HeadzUp: Miles Moore, Façade, Clifford Brown
2007-07-06 Bordello: Pakman, Romeo Kardec, Clifford Brown2007-06-15 Bordello w/ Romeo Kardec & Clifford Brown
2007-06-14 Helm: Clifford Brown2007-06-11 Spins & Needles
2007-05-24 Jeudis du Helm w/ Clifford Brown2007-05-18 F.A.M.E. & Soultek present a Red Circle Label Party feat. Ke
2007-05-06 "Bite My Style" Music 4 Money, Sunday Luv, Clifford Brown, S2007-04-26 HeadzUp! Vs F.A.M.E. - Miles Moore Birthday Bash
2007-04-22 Axel Klein & Clifford Brown2007-04-20 Underground Resistance
2007-04-19 Jeudis du Helm w/ Clifford Brown2007-04-02 Rock'N Wild Elektro Party w/ Clifford Brown, Freddie Wilde &
2007-03-30 Oxy Cottontail, Jokers of the Scene, Jordan Dare2007-03-29 F.A.M.E. w/ Clifford Brown, M.I.M. (Quebec), Kardec & Kosa
2007-03-15 Jeudis Du Helm: Marinelli, Clifford Brown2007-03-10 Nu Ravers On The Block 2
2007-03-08 F.A.M.E. w/ Jason Pelletier & Nathan Zahn2007-03-02 Citizens 4 (Spring, breakz n' beatz)
2007-02-25 No Excuse Finale w/ Vega, Bender, Marinelli & Clifford Brown2007-02-23 Techcetera w/ Jas Nasty, Clifford Brown & Jason Pelletier
2007-02-17 SUGR2007-02-15 Lancement des Jeudis Noctambulesques
2007-02-08 F.A.M.E. Launch Party w/ Omni, Kosa & Kardec2007-01-03 Extend Finale - Clifford Brown's Birthday w/ Philgood
2006-12-28 Onii Aho, FancyFhreek, Alexis Bowles & Clifford Brown2006-12-18 Extend w/ Deebacc & Alexis Bowles
2006-12-11 Extend - Caterpillars Edition w/ Axel Klein & X-Cube2006-12-04 Extend - Rewind w/ Yafi & Bliss
2006-11-27 Extend - Italians do it Better w/ Yugo & Leo Cruz2006-11-20 Extend - Birds Edition w/ Fancy Fhreek & Sean Kosa
2006-11-13 Extend w/ Robeat & Philgood2006-11-10 Paul Kalkbrenner Live
2006-11-06 Extend - Rock Hard w/ Marinelli & Jordan Dare2006-11-05 Beat Me Up : Clifford Brown, Mary Hell, MZ Sunday Luv
2006-11-04 Party de l'autre côté du miroir @ Lobby Bar Lounge2006-10-30 Extend - Acid Halloween w/ JohnG & Plastique de Rêve
2006-10-28 Popgasm: Clifford Brown2006-10-23 Extend w/ Omni & Stitch - Death Party
2006-10-21 Bark at the Moon2006-10-16 Extend - Bliss' Birthday Bash !
2006-10-14 Popgasm w/ Clifford Brown2006-10-13 Lancement Urbania - La Folie !
2006-10-09 Extend w/ Yugo & Philgood - Porn Edition !2006-10-07 Popgasm w/ Marinelli & Clifford Brown
2006-10-07 So... Electro w/ Robeat & Clifford Brown2006-10-06 Bender
2006-10-02 Extend w/ Sean Kosa & Marinelli - Fire Crotch !2006-09-25 Extend Launch w/ Romeo Kardec
2006-09-14 Casa Electric2006-09-06 Cocoballz & Mirrornutz
2006-09-03 Rassemblement Du Quart2006-07-21 Kick le .. Clavecin II by Robeat
2006-07-15 Brooklyn, 19872006-05-12 Kick le Clavecin by Robeat
2006-03-11 Shake Off w/ Clifford Brown2005-12-31 New Year's Bash @ Sophie's
2005-12-17 Miami Vice II - Vice Is Nice2005-12-10 Bring Yo Own Mama @ Parking Lounge
2005-11-25 Noir Fair2005-11-17 Jeudis Vinyl w/ Clifford Brown @ Parking Lounge
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