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- Julian Prince
Name:Julian Prince
Location:Canada, Quebec, Montreal
Styles Of Music:Electronica (1 total)
House (1 total)
History Of Events [ 50 Total ] [ Show Flyers ]
2011-09-22 Julian Prince, Yanik Coen, George Franklin2011-08-25 Vivie-Ann, Julian Prince
2010-08-06 Julian Prince, Terry Tilldawn2010-02-26 Julian Prince & Jeff Mainelli
2010-01-16 Julian Prince2009-12-31 Nye 2010: Danny Torrence, Joubin, Nicola Torriero, Julian Pr
2009-12-31 Julian Prince, Danny Torrence, Joubin, Nicola Torriero, Brun2009-12-26 Boxing Day Extravaganza: Julian Prince, Nyan Narine
2009-11-22 Julian Prince, Pat Boogie2009-08-27 Julian Prince, Ryan Lazanis
2009-07-23 Julian Prince, Ryan Lazanis2009-04-04 Clubdawg Millionaire: Bender, Julian Prince
2009-03-27 Patrick Dream, Julian Prince2009-01-16 Erik El, Bruno Brown, Julian Prince, Scott Free
2008-12-10 The Other People's Secret Weekend2008-12-10 The Other People's Secret Weekend
2008-12-05 Superbar: Bender, Julian Prince, Camo2008-11-07 Bender, Julian Prince, Marinelli, Mr: P
2008-10-31 Scary-O-Bar: Oly Arsenal, Julian Prince, Jeff Fontaine2008-10-03 Bender, Julian Prince, Max Rain
2008-09-05 Julian Prince, Bender2008-06-06 Dirty: Julian Prince, Jeff Fontaine
2008-04-05 Lost Tribe Gatherings2008-04-04 Bender, Julian Prince
2008-03-27 Mile End Jam Session: Patrick Dream, Julian Prince2008-01-18 Vivie-Ann, Julian Prince
2007-12-08 Bender & Julian Prince2007-11-09 Bender & Julian Prince
2007-09-14 Julian Prince, Vivie-Ann2007-08-11 Julian Prince, Bender
2007-08-10 King Louis, Julian Prince2007-07-06 Julian Prince, Vivie-Ann, Allied Nations
2007-06-07 Julian Prince, Vivie-Ann2007-06-02 Panorama: Julian Prince, Bender
2007-01-07 No Excuse, Bender, Julian Prince2006-12-16 Republik: Palash, Julian Prince, David Laguer
2006-11-23 Dirty - Julian Prince, Bender2006-10-27 Reactor: Nathan Barato, Driss, Julian Prince
2006-10-01 Kal, Julian Prince2006-09-22 Julian Prince, Kal
2006-08-27 Kal, Julian Prince2005-10-15 Julian Prince, Steve Bear Sas, Patrick Dream
2005-09-16 Eli Wilkie, Steve Porter, Julian Prince2005-03-25 Patrick Dream, Julian Prince
2005-02-04 Robert De La Gauthier, Julian Prince2004-11-12 Julian Prince, Matt Dimond
2004-09-18 Julian Prince2004-08-22 Julian Prince, Jeff Fontaine, Ooly
2004-08-14 Julian Prince, Franco Fabi, Lexis, Jeff Fontaine, Vivie-Ann2004-08-13 Luke Native, Max Hebert, Rob Brown, Julian Prince, Jeff Font
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