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- Cid K
Name:Cid K
Location:Canada, Quebec, Montreal
Labels:Vortek Records, Pressplay Record
Styles Of Music:Techno -> Bouncy Techno
Techno -> Electrotech
Trance -> Melodic Trance
Trance -> Progressive Trance
Trance -> Tech Trance
Description:Born 4th of Febuary 1982, Cedrik Hudon raised in Laval and Montreal, Canada, Cid K cut his teeth in the Montreal dance scenes.

Cid K's DJ and production career is the result of a love for electronic music that stretches back to the early 90s, when he used to buy dance and house CD's and compilations around the age of 12.

His original interests lay with eurodance and house music, the energetic sounds catching his attention way before he had ever heard of today's matured trance and techno sounds. He continues to be a part of and watch the growth and changes in the underground scene and sounds. Having listened to electronic music his whole life, he knew he was going to love DJing. At the age of 15, he attended his first rave and was introduced to the sound of trance music.

His DJ career began mixing at school parties and other small gigs and events, learning the ropes of djing as he went along. The small amount of money he made off of his DJing went towards buying vinyl and going to shows and events. Countless hours at parties and events were spent enjoying the music and watching other djs spin, learning new techniques from each of them.

Inspired by many trance and techno dj's across the world, Cid K is passionate about Uplifting and driving tech trance. Cid loves nothing more than using music, mixed together, to express himself and move people, sending his listeners and audience on a journey of sensations and feelings. Cid utilizes irresistible pumping rhythms, inspired by catchy trancy basslines and funky yet techish grinding vibes that both make you dance and smile.

He coined his energetic and driven style 'Tech-Trance-NRG' (A fusion of driving Tech Trance, High NRG and Euphoric Uplifting Trance).

As for his accomplishments, the list seems to do nothing but grow. In May 2006 he competed and won a DJ contest hosted by Proxoz Records which granted him a spot on ETN.FM. Also in 2006, he obtained DJ residency on Liquid.FM Radio; A title he wore on his belt till 2009. Since 2008 however, the possibilities seem endless for Cid. Having won a DJ contest on and beginning his residency at Circus Afterhours Montreal, one of the best afterhours in Canada which positioned 79th best club in the world by DJMag, has been an honor. His most recent achievement was in January 2009 when he parted from Liquid.FM to move on to bigger and better things as he obtained a new radio residency on the internationally known Afterhours.FM. With much more to come from Cid K in the future there's only one thing to do...

Tune In!! Be there or be a chair!!

Three words describe Cid K's vibes: ENERGETIC, CROWDPLEASING, AND EMOTIONAL, a reflection of his lifestyle.
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