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- Creator
Location:Canada, Quebec, Montreal
Styles Of Music:Techno -> Minimal / Glitch Techno
Description:For the last 10 years, Creator has contributed in a remarkable way to the evolution of the electronic music scene in Montreal.

His sound his unique, dark, twisted and electric. He can slip without the slightest effort between minimal, progressive and techno oriented sounds inspired by artists like Steve Lawler, Dubfire and John Digweed. Opening for some of the world's most popular djs or playing all night, Creator has become a weapon of choice when it comes to cutting edge, underground music.

Throughout the years, he has played alongside international talents such as Deep Dish, Seb Fontaine (3x), Satoshi Tomiie, King Unique, Ricky Stone, Green Velvet (3x), Marc Romboy, Moshic (3x), Alex Bau (4x), Danny Howells, Lee Burridge, Timo Maas and many, many more.

For NYE 2008, he was one of the few local talents to share the decks with Steve Lawler, Dj Vibe and Sander Van Doorn at Resolution, a massive New Year's Eve celebration (7,000 people).

Owner of, he also made more than 25 events. And therefore, has established himself has one of Montreal's most important EDM ambassadors.

Creator was a resident DJ of world famous clubs such as Aria and Stereo. He is today proud monthly resident of CIRCUS after-hours with his new night, BLACK OUT.
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Events With Photos
Chummey Fest 2011: Freedom, C-Side, Steve Candela,
Canada, Quebec, Saint-Gedeon-de-Beauce
35 Photos
X-Cube & Creator - F1 Week-End
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
2 Photos
Digital Fridays: X-Cube, Creator
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
23 Photos
Resolution '08
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
442 Photos
Piknic Electronik w/Marc Romboy
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
96 Photos
Underground Resistance
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
72 Photos
Creator @ X-Cube's Bday Party!
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
9 Photos
Laflèche, Maüs, Creator, X-Cube
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
257 Photos
Creator, Marco G
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
1 Photos
I Love Montréal 2
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
41 Photos
Silver 2006
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
19 Photos
Nervous, Lady Melodie, Steve Austin, G O'Brien, Cr
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
77 Photos
Apocalypse 2005
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
87 Photos
Elevation 2004
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
99 Photos
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
298 Photos
Rave Montreal 11
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
14 Photos
History Of Events [ 146 Total ] [ Show Flyers ]
2012-03-23 Exotek Nights (Dark Tek Night 4) : Creator, Highestpoint, Na2011-10-07 Gary Beck (Gb), Creator, Wippenberg (All),,
2011-09-03 John Digweed (Gb), Creator, Stéfane Lippé2011-08-05 Black Out: Creator
2011-07-01 Erphun (Usa), Creator, François Lebaron, Vivie-Ann2011-06-03 Black Out: Brian Sanhaji (All), Creator, Viktor Destin
2011-05-21 Chummey Fest 2011: Freedom, C-Side, Steve Candela, Vs, Chane2011-05-06 Creator, Joseph Capriati (Ital), Mike Laz, D & D
2011-04-15 Creator, Ryan Lazanis, Hakim Guelmi2011-04-01 Black Out: Perc (Gb), Creator
2011-03-04 Pfirter (Argentina), Creator2011-02-25 Pulse: Creator
2011-02-04 Black Out: Tommy Four Seven (All), Creator, Ramon Tapia (Bel2010-12-03 Black Out: Monoloc (All), Creator
2010-12-02 Play: Creator, Maüs2010-11-05 Black Out: Creator
2010-08-06 Creator2010-07-02 Chris Liebing (All), Creator, Mateo Murphy, Yovan
2010-06-04 Mark Knight (Usa), Scott James, King Richard, Brian Sanhaki 2010-05-07 Alex Bau (All), Creator, Hugo Turenne
2010-04-02 Black Out: Creator's Welcome Back Party With Guest Paul R.2010-02-05 Black Out: Creator, Michel Lloyd
2010-01-01 Black Out Nye: Creator & Hakim Guelmi2009-12-31 Bender, Creator
2009-12-04 Black Out: Tommy Four Seven (Berlin), Creator2009-11-06 Creator, Erphun (Usa), Mike Sickini, Dj Square, Domenic Pand
2009-09-05 Piknic Electronik - James Holden (Uk), Fm Radio Gods (Ca), C2009-09-04 Black Out: Creator, Viktor Destin
2009-08-07 Black Out @ Circus: Creator All Night Extended2009-07-03 Maus, Creator, X-Cube
2009-07-03 Hakim Guelmi, Creator2009-07-02 Boogie Night: Pat Boogie
2009-06-05 Creator, X-Cube2009-05-09 Hakim Guelmi & Creator
2009-05-09 Week-End D'ouverture: Hakim Guelmi, Creator2009-02-06 Creator
2009-01-02 Black Out - X-Cube, Creator, Viktor Destin2008-12-05 Black Out: Alex Bau (Munich), Creator
2008-11-07 Creator All Night Extended Set2008-06-13 Green Velvet, Creator
2008-06-06 X-Cube & Creator - F1 Week-End2008-05-02 Creator, Viktor Destin
2008-04-19 King Unique (UK) live set w. DJ Creator2008-04-03 Black Out: Creator
2008-03-21 Creator2008-03-07 Digital Fridays: X-Cube, Creator
2008-03-06 Black Out: Creator, Erphun2008-02-06 Blackout: Creator
2008-01-11 Bender, Creator2007-12-31 Resolution '08
2007-11-16 Green Velvet - Creator2007-09-16 Piknic Electronik w/Marc Romboy
2007-07-13 Voices: Creator, Martin Villeneuve2007-05-11 RM20: The last Ravemontreal event
2007-04-20 Underground Resistance2007-03-23 Satoshi Tomiie, Creator
2007-01-26 Voices: Martin Villeneuve (MV), Creator2006-12-31 Silver 2007
2006-12-23 Aria's Closing Party2006-11-24 Creator @ X-Cube's Bday Party!
2006-10-28 Creator & Miguel Graça2006-10-21 Maus & Creator
2006-10-06 RM19: Moshic, Martin Villeneuve, Creator & Marco G2006-10-05 Seb Fontaine + Creator
2006-09-24 After8: Creator2006-09-23 Miguel Graça, Green Velvet, Creator
2006-09-09 Marco G & Creator (Extended Set)2006-08-18 NeverEnding Beat
2006-08-13 Laflèche, Maüs, Creator, X-Cube2006-08-12 Maus, Creator
2006-08-05 Creator, Marco G2006-08-03 Creator
2006-07-01 Creator, Vega2006-06-17 The Autist, Creator
2006-06-10 I Love Montréal 22006-05-13 Tistik - Creator, The Autist, Vega, Arsen
2006-04-15 5e Anniversaire du Aria2006-03-09 DJ Booth Fund Raiser
2006-03-04 Randall Jones, Creator & Maus2005-12-31 Silver 2006
2005-12-31 Maus, Creator, Deep Dish, Danny Howells2005-12-17 Miguel Graça, Creator & Marco G
2005-12-03 Creator & Marco G2005-11-26 Miguel Graca, Creator, Maus
2005-11-19 Miguel Graca, Maus, Creator2005-11-11 Rave Montreal 17: The Scumfrog, MV, Creator, B. Weiser
2005-11-05 Creator, Marco G2005-10-29 Maus, Creator, Miguel Graca
2005-10-22 Lee Burridge, Creator, Marco G2005-10-01 Seb Fontaine, Maus, Creator
2005-09-17 Timo Mass, Miguel Graça, Creator2005-08-20 Creator, Maus
2005-08-06 Creator, Maus2005-07-30 Creator, Miguel Graca, Maus
2005-07-29 X-Cube & Creator @ EXODE Afterhours2005-07-02 K-Swing, Creator
2005-06-25 Creator, Marco G, Simon Perreault2005-06-04 Maus, Creator
2005-06-03 X-Cube & Creator @ EXODE Afterhours2005-05-07 Green Velvet, Creator
2005-04-02 Creator, Simon Perreault2005-03-05 Eddy Jasmin, Creator
2005-02-12 Nervous, Lady Melodie, Steve Austin, G O'Brien, Creator, Ins2005-02-05 Seb Fontaine, Creator, Brad Copeland
2005-01-29 Eddy Jasmin, Simon Perreault, Creator, Maus2005-01-22 Eddy Jasmin, Simon Perreault, Creator, Maus
2005-01-15 Eddy Jasmin, Simon Perreault, Creator, Maus2005-01-08 Eddy Jasmin, Simon Perreault, Creator, Maus
2005-01-01 Creator, Eddy Jasmin, Simon Perreault2004-12-31 Apocalypse 2005
2004-12-11 Dave The Drummer, Creator, Tao Nhan2004-11-12 Moshic, Alex Bau, Yaz, Creator, Uppercut
2004-09-25 RM Free Party2004-08-20 Pink Feria, Creator, Noah Pred
2004-07-16 Nivoc, Creator, Philgood2004-06-13 Un Nuit Blanche
2004-05-21 Nivoc, Soundshaper, Creator2004-05-07 Rave Montreal 14
2004-04-02 Adam Jay2004-02-20 Nuclear Ramjet, Pink Feria, Creator
2004-02-14 Love 62004-01-30 Pink Feria, Creator, Miko
2004-01-22 Creator, Yaz2004-01-17 Pink Feria Birthday
2003-12-31 Elevation 20042003-12-20 RM X-Mas Party
2003-11-08 Rave Montreal 132003-10-31 Scream
2003-10-30 Yaz & Creator2003-07-18 Evolution Radar One 2003
2003-06-27 Faith2003-06-26 Soho Thursdays
2003-05-17 Triforce 22003-04-04 Rave Montreal 11
2003-03-08 Red Flash2003-01-17 Rave Montreal 10
2002-11-15 Rave Montreal 92002-08-31 Rave or Die 4
2002-07-19 Evolution Radar One v52002-06-14 Bliss @ Level
2002-04-12 Rave Montreal 72002-04-06 The Launch
2002-03-01 Hot & Spicy 22002-02-09 Kumiko
2002-01-25 Rave Montreal 62001-06-02 New York City
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