Events Calendar - September 8, 2005
Name:Mix Sessions: The Proton Sessions
City:Canada, Quebec, Montreal
Time:Thu Sep 8, 2005 @ 7:00pm
Description:As the live incarnation of Proton Radio, the Proton Sessions are back in Montreal to redefine your clubbing experience.

Started in 2001, Proton Radio, now boasting over 80 exclusive shows from around the globe, was nominated these last 2 years for best internet radio station at Miami’s Winter Music Conference. Coming in second only to BBC Radio 1, Proton continues to expand the international platform for artists and DJs both upcoming AND established.

To showcase these fresh perspectives on house music in a live setting was the (a novel idea by) brainchild of Proton programmer Alex Ambroziak. The concept originated in 2002 at none other than Montreal’s own STEREO, then spread to other places such as Miami, Jacksonville, Chicago, San Francisco, even Peru and Mexico (to name a few).

This special edition of Proton Sessions brings you Lance Cashion from Texas who is currently touring in support of the first in the new compilation series for Proton Music. His mix entitled ’THE SOUND ’ is comprised solely of unsigned tracks and is available exclusively through Proton. Its goal is to further Proton’s ability to act as an incubator, providing exposure for the artists it features and the DJ who compiles it.

Playing alongside Lance will be Proton pioneer, New Yorker Steven Caicedo, and two Montreal based talents, Nadir Agha and Sari Zafran. Together they will be concocting their own unique version of house, which some like to call ’’deep progressive electro latin tech funk’’ ! And VJ Ladyroll will add a touch of dazzle to the evening.

Lance Cashion
Lance Cashion is a Texas native who has been deeply involved with electronic music since getting his first real taste in Orlando, Florida in the early 1990’s. Though his DJ experience stretches back to the age of 14, Lance has been playing in clubs for 10 years. From his humble beginnings in a small club in Winter Park, Lance had regular spots and held events at every major club in Orlando and even had the honor of playing the legendary Firestone before leaving Florida in 1998 for Austin, Texas.

Steven Caicedo
Steven Caicedo’s interest began when he bought his first pair of turntables after completing boot camp in the summer of 1997. Like many DJs, he taught himself how to spin records by watching and emulating the DJs he admired. Eventually, he developed a sound of his own, which he classifies as "deep house with a moody progressive edge". Steven grew up with his older brother, sister and Columbian born parents in Queens, New York. By age 16, he found himself sneaking out of his parent’s house eager to check out local DJs at Manhattan’s infamous Tunnel nightclub, namely Danny Tenaglia. Little did he know that only five years later, he would fortuitously find himself inside the DJ booth of that very same club, playing his records and perhaps even influencing an upcoming generation of DJs. His live sets epitomize what Steven does best; creating and sculpting a particular atmosphere through his intricate mixes, rather than simply spinning one record after another, as many DJs have taken to doing. His mixing style is smooth, refined and focused, while never losing its momentum.

Nadir Agha
Nadir Agha, 21 year-old Pakistani, was born and raised in the United Arab Emirates. He has always found passion in art, especially music and films. After exploring his talents as a DJ, producer, and an inspiring filmmaker, Nadir’s sound carries various funk-flavored elements of techno that is bounded by deep house, categorizing itself as “tech-house”. His narrative approach to his DJ sets under his ‘Ostrich’ moniker, allows his art to speak through music. He is now based in Montreal where he is pursuing a passion for music, alongside his studies in cinema.

Sari Zafran
Sari Zafran is a DJ's DJ. His passion for music started a the young age of 13. He would play at house parties and nightclubs in Dubai, U.A.E untill he moved to Florida for University to study Film Production. Being constantly around house music, he found his talent and embraced it upon arriving to Montreal. A few years down the road he found himself playing at Stereo Nightclub, Stereobar, London Bar, and Jai Bar just to name a few. Sari alongside long time friends Ali Ajami, Mike Daniel, and Genie who co-founded and started Chug Records, Opek Music, as well as teaming up with them under the LSM umbrella. Sari has played alongside local Montreal talents such as Big Al and Luc Raymond at Stereo and has left a profound impression everytime he gets behind the decks.

VJ Ladyroll
Partner to Joseph [aka jocool] Lefèvre for many years, she produced most of her recent work in collaboration with him. Since 2001, she became active in the VJ scene (live audiovisual mixing) and performs on a regular basis. She has a fascination for video mixers and interacting with images. From her very first live experience with Wetfish in 2001, she hasn’t stopped jamming. "It’s the beat and the music that guide me", she says. "The images I mix are rhythm and substance. I can bring them to life in many different ways".
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