Events Calendar - September 12, 2004
Name:X-Makeena Live ! Dj Lazarus
City:Canada, Ontario, Toronto
Time:Sun Sep 12, 2004 @ 9:00am
Description:X Makeena are a five piece live electronic music band from France. They brew a tasty blend of Dn'B, Hip Hop and Dub with hints of ethnic sounds (they actually recorded a track with a Mongolian musician and another one with Moroccan gnawas).
Nico composes a lot of the music using computers and machines, Stef plays the dark and funky bass, Says and Vicking, the two hyper MC's, spit out a sharp hiphop/ragga/spoken word flow. And - last but not least – Karl, in gas-mask and mutant insect costume, dances like a mad man to provide the visual energy. A soulful and angry electro show with a slight punkisk flavor that pleases the most eclectic crowd, ranging from pumped up punk people to ravers without forgetting Hip Hop, Dub, Dn'B and Hard Tekno amateurs.
They have played with Israel Vibrations, Asian Dub Foundation, Sole, Buck 65 among others and are going to play with French Dj Laurent Garnier this summer in Brest, France. They will also be playing at two of the most popular music festivals in France (Les Vieilles Charrues and Astropolis).
Xmakeena have been awarded some subventions to come and play in Québec and they will be performing in Montréal as well as at a summer electronic music festival called FME taking place in Abitibi tomiscamingue.

But , more important, they’re gonna rock the place in some good TO electro venues to spread the wacko French touch. Check them out!
Extras:Tix at the door
Starts at 9PM
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