Events Calendar - May 8, 2010
Name:M A C H I N E: Djs Iznogood, Daddy G, Milton Clark, Destro & Sarcastic
City:Canada, Quebec, Montreal
Time:Sat May 8, 2010 @ 9:00pm
Description:machine le techno mensuel presentee par
Beat Disease, Noisefloor Prod., Level 4 Prod., & Samedi Salade Sonique presente:

IZNOGOOD - Discphunktionnal Records

the legend, the mind-reader, the Guinness Book of World Records holder for the longest DJ set (56 hours, Arrival, 2000), the psionic adventurer and brain-melting time wizard, returns to join us behind the decks at Machine. It is true, get naked and spread the werd of God.

DADDY G - / L'Esprit Frit
( true techno from the needle into the system, through your heart and soul and back down into the dancefloor, Daddy G hosts L'Esprit Frit each week and pushes the rael sound.

and starring

MILTON CLARK = in a starring role as HIMSELF , coming of age once again, we'll celebrate the eternal rite of rebirth under the sign of the Taurus

DESTRO = the cobra commander.

SARCASTIC = special dub techno opening set 10pm - 11pm.

MACHINE @ peaRL 2021 sT-dENIS $5 10pm-3am

Room 1:
Daddy G
IZNOGOOD - - Discphunktionnal records
Milton Clark -
milton clark - -
Sarcastic (Techno) - - Level 4 Productions, Standard Re
Extras:MACHINE techno once a month . we love minimal and tech-house too but this night is about the whole thing, the One, the Truth, the Light: a sound we call techno that rules from the pulsating center of the ultraworld encompassing realization, sub-culture, the four, form over content, the all-knowing nothingness, reflection, prediction, absorption, Contra Diction, Detroit, Berlin, Stockholm, Montreal, the urban sphere, Underground Resistance, Axis, Adam X, Frankie Bones, Jimmy Crash, T-1000, Sonic Groove records, Cloned, Thrust, the Belleville three, Jeff Mills, Purposemaker, Juan Atkins, Cybotron, Kevin Saunderson, Derrick May, Adam Beyer, Code Red, Tresor, Force Inc., Compound, Compressed, Design, Conform, Transmat, Nils @ the Exchange, DAVE the Drummer, Eddie Flashin Fowlkes, Neil Landstrumm, Holy Ghost, Ben Sims, Thomas Krome, Corb, Stigmata, Primate Records, Chris Liebing, Andre Walter/Andrew Wooden, Alex Bau, V. Enzinger, Brian Sanhaji, The Underground Shadow, Standard Records, Phlipstrax, B. Channel, X-Trax, Robert Armani, Johan Bacto, DJ Misjah, Mankind, Level 4 Productions, Dave Clarke, the Red Series, 808, 606, Contact Rec, Question, Pounding Grooves, Adverse, Reload, Synewave, Damon Wild!, 12", Theo Parrish, Octave One, Nigel Richards, 611 Rec, Afrikaa Bambaataa and the Zulu Nation, Schallplatten, PLUR, Lars Klein, Mike Dearborn, Michael Burkat, Mateo Murphy, Max Duley, Markantonio, Labrynth, Michaelangelo, DJ Rush, Bam Bam, Percy X, Edit Select, A.I., Alan Turing, Spiral Tribe, Free Tekno, the Liberators, Stay Up Forever, Cari Lekebusch, Hybrid Productions, Joel Mull, Casey Hogan, Monolink, Headroom, Skunkworks, Hardcell, Shokoy, Patrik Skoog, the Ehrlins, A. Paul, Heather Heart, Djax, Sebastian Prelar, Yaz, Inside Rec!, Terminal Rec!, Henrik B, Zync, CLR, Fieber, Parotic Music, U-Turn, i220, James Ruskin, Robert Hood, Blueprint, Mark Verbos, Woody McBride, Kirk6, Leandro Gamez, Aux-88, Carl Cox, Dustin Zahn, General Motors, Zenit, Ante Zenit, Corrado Izzo and the whole ELP Medien family, Carola, Parisio, Rino Cerrone, Savinto, Ground Rec, Deetron, Box Blaze, High Octane, 909, 303, Fumiya Tanaka, DJ Shufflemaster, Takaaki Itoh, Fanon Flowers, Jay Denham, Glenn Wilson, Tim Xavier, Monika Kruse, Pascal FEOS, Andrei Morant, Colin McBean, schranz!, Alexander Kowalski, Cisco Ferreira, Black Nation, Surgeon, Regis, Female, Bluelight Isms, Slobodan, Planetary Assault Systems, Steve Stoll, Umek, CLAU, Min_s, Plus8, Plastikman, THC, Carl Craig, Ian Void, Materials, Planet Rhythm, 40 Foot Puma, Joey Beltram, Fredrik Almquist, Tommy Four-Seven, Grindvik, Christian Bloch, Oliver Ho, Paul Mac, Countdown, Surface records, Alexander Kowalski, Jerome Sydenham, Punkt, Overdrive Rec, Johannes Heil, Heiko Laux, Richard Bartz, Kurbel, Kanzleramt, Charles Siegling, John Thomas, Sino, Logistic Rec.!, Christian Smith, Tronic, The Anxious, Robert Natus, Template, Evil Deception, WJ Henze & Delirium Red, Inigo Kennedy, Token, Phase, Ignition Technician, Lenk, Chester Beatty, Federation of Drums, Ortin Cam, Cave, Invasion Rec, Tony Rios, Marcel Dettmann, Norman Nodge, Vince Watson, Nico Awsventin, Chris McCormack, Speedy J (TBC)
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