Events Calendar - April 10, 2010
Name:M A C H I N E (Samedis Salades Soniques Edition Techno) : Invitees Toltech & Axe
City:Canada, Quebec, Montreal
Time:Sat Apr 10, 2010 @ 9:00pm
le techno mensuel
presentee par Level 4, Noisefloor, Beat Disease & Samedis Salades Soniques
SAM AVRIL 10 2010
special guests:


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TOLTECH is the name given to the last surviving descendant of the ancient Toltec empire that, in its heyday, spread across most of Mexico, the Yucatan and Guatemala. Much like the leaders of the Toltecs, Carlos is revered by devoted tek-heads as a deity whose youthful demeanor will be eternally preserved. Continuing the militaristic aesthetic style of his heirs, the incomparable Toltech drops merciless hard tek cuts for MTL’s Level 4 production company and Jester Records. He thrives under pressure, performing perhaps his best sets when condemned to distorted sound systems and bruised mixing consoles, cementing his stature as an underground soldier. The percussive nature of Latin American rhythms continually pervades Toltech’s productions and DJ sets, as this modern warrior acts as the sole spokesperson for a dying lineage.

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Once upon a time outback in the country, a little boy named Axel was born. Raised on Depeche Mode and Guns n' Roses, this kid stumbled upon electronic music at 9 years old, and started to produce it at 11. Beginning to DJ by 15, he flew away from sleepy Trois-Pistoles to Quebec City to cut his teeth. On his way to adulthood he fell in love with two specific genres : techno and acid house. Because of the latency involved in the transfer of any information from city to country, he's still in his phase where the old school sounds are great -and they sound even better with the new technologies! Released on Techment Records for his remix of Axel Karakasis track 'Average' and on Pertin_nce for his acid house project "l.e.os", he mixes his various musical influences to create a unique techno sound that is as banging as uplifting. Axel is currently based in Montreal.

avec residents

DJ SARCASTIC - level 4 , wikkid records , , algorithm records
MILTON CLARK - the beat disease
DESTRO - noise floor productions

MACHINE @ Pearl, 2021 St-Denis 10pm-3am $5 / beerspecL>2/7$ / smoking terrace pour fumeurs / BIGSYSTM/ small rm

"Don't follow the leader. Dance to the beat of your own drum and don't be scared to do it." (Juan Atkins)
Room 1:
A X CELL (Canada, Quebec, Quebec) - - Shabu Records
Milton Clark -
Sarcastic (Techno) - - Level 4 Productions, Standard Re
Toltech - - Level 4 Productions, Jester Rec.
Extras:MACHINE techno once a month . we love minimal and tech-house 2 BUT this night is about the whole thing, the One, the Truth, the Light. A sound that we call techno that rules from the pulsating center of the ultraworld encompassing realization, SUB-culture, the four, the four, the four, the four, the all-knowing nothingness, reflection, prediction, absorption, Contra Diction, Detroit, Berlin, Stockholm, Montreal, the urban sphere, General Motors, Compound, Compressed, Design, Conform, A.I., Alan Turing, Underground Resistance, Mike Dearborn, STORM raves, Axis, Schallplatten, P.L.U.R., Adam X, Frankie Bones & Jimmy Crash, Heather Heart, T-1000, Adam Beyer, Code Red, Tresor, Force Inc., Transmat, Nils @ the Exchange, DAVE the Drummer, Ben Sims, Thomas Krome, Corb, Stigmata, Primate Records, Chris Liebing, Andre Walter/Andrew Wooden, Alex Bau, V. Enzinger, B. Sanhaji, Phlipstrax, B. Channel, Robert Armani, Dave Clarke, the Red Series, 808, 909, 303, 606, Contact Rec, Question, POUNDING GROOVES, Reload, Synewave, Damon Wild!, 101111010111101000111110010101111011, 12", Sonic Groove records, Thrust Rec, the Belleville Four!, Jeff Mills, Purposemaker, Juan Atkins, Cybotron, Kevin Saunderson, Derrick May, Theo Parrish, Octave One, Nigel Richards, 611 Rec, Afrikaa Bambaataa and the Zulu Nation, Mateo Murphy, DJ Rush, Bam Bam, Percy X, Spiral Tribe, Free Tekno, the Liberators, Stay Up Forever, CARI LEKEBUSCH, Hybrid Productions, JOEL MULL, Monolink, Headroom, Skunkworks, Hardcell, Shokoy, Patrik Skoog, the Ehrlins, Djax, Miss Djax, Sebastian Prelar, Yaz, Inside Rec!, Terminal Rec!, Henrik B, Zync, Fieber, Parotic Music, U-Turn, i220, JAMES RUSKIN, blueprint rec, Woody McBride, Zenit, Ante Zenit, Corrado Izzo and the whole ELP Medien family, Carola, Parisio, Rino Cerrone, Ground Rec, High Octane, Fumiya Tanaka, DJ Shufflemaster, Takaaki Itoh, FANON FLOWERS, JAY DENHAM, Glenn Wilson, TIM XAVIER, Monika Kruse, Pascal FEOS, Andrei Morant, Colin McBean, schranz!, Cisco Ferreira, Black Nation, Surgeon, Regis, Female, Planetary Assault Systems, STEVE STOLL, Umek, CLAU, Plus8, Plastikman, Carl Craig, Ian Void, Materials, 40 Foot Puma, Joey Beltram, Grindvik, OLIVER HO, Surface records, Alexander Kowalski, Jerome Sydenham, Punkt, Overdrive Rec, Johannes Heil, Heiko Laux, Richard Bartz, Kurbel, Kanzleramt, Charles Siegling, John Thomas, Sino, Logistic Rec.!, Christian Smith, Tronic, Template, Evil Deception, WJ Henze & Delirium Red / Federation of Drums, Ortin Cam, Cave, Invasion Rec, Tony Rios, Marcel Dettmann, Norman Nodge, Vince Watson, Nico Awsventin, Chris McCormack, SPEEDY J...
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