Events Calendar - February 5, 2010
Name:Tek-Mission: Mike Shannon, Vincent Lemieux
City:Canada, Quebec, Montreal
Time:Fri Feb 5, 2010 @ 10:00pm till Sun Feb 7, 2010 @ 3:00am
Description:TeK-mission Vendredi 5 Fevrier

Vincent Lemieux (musique risquée)
Mike Shannon (cynosure / wagon repair / berlin)

Mike’s origins in Kitchener Ontario and the developing relationship with his Montreal comrades led to a distinct sound, which spanned from Detroit to Montreal, influenced from everywhere in between and abroad. Cynosure provides a platform for unique left side dance floor tracks that fuse the finer elements of house, techno and experimental sound design. If you take a listen to the label back catalogue, Deep Funk is always a major factor in the sound that makes up Cynosure recordings. Cynosure is the brother label of Revolver Canada records that Mike and Jeff Milligan founded together simultaneously Since 1999, Cynosure and Revolver Canada have collectively released a catalog primarily consisting of Canadian artists and friends including Montreal's Akufen, Mole, Mike Shannon, Mossa and Deadbeat, Toronto’s Adam Marshall, Tomas Jirku, Matt Thibideau (Altitude) and Pan/tone, and Kitchener's, J Hunsberger, Tim Bones and Moral Undulations. Many titles in the back catalogue were the debut releases for a majority of the aforementioned artists. Revolver Canada and Cynosure have collaborated with various prolific international artists with remix and production work appearing by artists like Perlon’s Dimbiman (Germany), London's Mark-Henning, Pier Bucci (Chile) Sieg uber die Sonne’s Tobias Freund and Dandy Jack (Germany), Monolake (Germany), SLG (Poland) and Ark(Paris).
Music:Room 1:
Mike Shannon (Canada, Ontario, Toronto)
Vincent Lemieux
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