Events Calendar - February 13, 2010
Name:Techno.Electro: Snork (Live P.A), Milton Clark, Dialect, Destro & Sarcastic
City:Canada, Quebec, Montreal
Time:Sat Feb 13, 2010 @ 9:00pm
Description:les Samedis Sonic Salade presente
techno. electro Sat Feb 13th
Sarcastic.level 4. pertin-nce.wikkid records
Milton Clark. the beat disease

special guests/invitees
Destro. noisefloor
Dialect. ezbake
Snork LIVE PA . algorithm / noerg / pertin-nce

$5 a la porte / no guestlist 10pm-3am @ salon pearl 2021 st-denis
Room 1:
Dialect - - MonkeyDub BassBong Breakz R Boss
Milton Clark -
Sarcastic - - Level 4 Productions, Standard Re
Snork - Noerg / Pertin_Nce
Extras:local heroes gather from 5 points to form 2010 Technoelectro SAT FEB 13 @ Salon Pearl, 2021 St-Denis. dancers, DJs, producers, get ready four

featuring, in our producer spotlight, a live P.A. from special guest

SNORK: The musical voyage of Dominic Martin alias Snork started in the early nineties when he was 13 years old. At that time he started experiencing trumpet and drum in various rock bands. At the beginning of the year 2000, Dominic made a major change in his musical orientation by going into electronic music. Snork is the nickname he adopted for his producing projects, and the pseudonym Kataleptic for his performances as a DJ. He has made many public appearances in ambient, IDM and hardcore.

He quit djing in 2001 to work on his snork projet to eventually perform his compositions live. He has been concentrating in different musical spectrums that range from techno to break to minimal ETC. The Montreal public has seen him perform at various events such as Piknic Electronik, Soma and FFW. His first EP Coccinelle was released on the label Pertin-nce and his first album, Bedroom Works, varying from downtempo to experimental is available on iTunes as of March 2009.

During the summer of 2009 Snork joined the collective Noerg, and continues to produce new varieties of techno and down tempo with touches of break and IDM.

visit Snork's Noerg page here : []

DIALECT: Straight out of the northern lands of Deux-Montagnes...
Initially influenced by hip hop acts such as KRS One, Native Tongues, Gangstarr, Jeru the Damaja., He began to pursue a Hip Hop scratch dj status in 97. With the newer generation of "Shit-Hop" emerging from numerous Hip Hop labels, he became frustrated, fed up, and discontinued purchasing Hip Hop vinyls altogether.

Still producing Hip Hop instrumentals, and working with local MC's, Dave Dialect was still unsatisfied with the current "scene" until his first visit to the afterhours. An easy convert to the Break Beat sound, Dialect blends the precision skills of turntablism with an ear for the underground electronic music community. Dialect can be heard spinnin' "Erectro, Real Skool Breaks, Dirty Disco, Drug-Step, Bassline Whore-House, Fist Funk" and more.

Soundcloud: []

DESTRO : Longtime Montreal techno DJ Destro is also a partner in Noisefloor Productions, helping to organize banging techno-friendly parties at Stereobar, Salon Daome and the Tour Levis recently. Though steeped in hard techno, with the advent of digital technology Destro's DJ sets have been given over to exploring the more minimal sounds of the present and future.


DJ SARCASTIC - founder of Level 4 Productions and local music critic since 2001, Sarcastic's L4P crew organized raves last decade including !Onelove, Communism, Flux, School, Good Vibrations, 2K4, club night Tekstyle Thursdays @ the ole' bluedog, Mix Thursdays @ Saphir with Rhys Taylor... more recently...
2009: released "Cool Patch" (DJ Sarcastic remix) for Snork's Contact EP (Algorithm Records).
2009: released 12" 1969 for Wikkid Records.
2009: released experimental dub single The Trade Agenda and tech-house track Split on Pertin-nce's Thanks for Tomorrow compilation. pertin-nce
2008: named as "Avant-Scene" artist to watch by Nightlife Magazine
2008: nominated as Montreal's Top DJ by Mirror's Best of Montreal polling

Sarcastic continues to perform carefully-programmed DJ sets at local club nights (Beat Boutique (Salon Daome), Forward Music (Passeport), Noerg Monthly (Salon Daome), Tekmission (Pearl)), playing carefully-programmed sets of tasteful, angular techno and tech-house records. A widespread interest in dub music has also seen Sarcastic's dub-techno and experimental sets in demand: in 2009 Sarcastic opened for Goth Trad at the infamous Komodo Dubs monthly and performed with Montreal's 'UK funky' crew ESL. Since 2002 Sarcastic plays records weekly with the Level 4 Productions family on The 4th Level online radio show, currently housed at

a couple of DJ Sarcastic mixes online ...
DJ Sarcastic Reflections [] (techno)
DJ Sarcastic He Who Treads on the Tiger's Tail [] (tech-house)
Sarcastic on myspace >>>> []

MILTON CLARK: With roots in the rave scene circa 1998, Milton Clark has become synonymous with the raw sounds of the Montreal Underground. Milton is constantly refining his own production as well as hosting a weekly radio show on dubbed the Beatdisease...

Mixes : [] or []

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