Events Calendar - September 13, 2008
Name:I Am Funk - Tribute
City:Canada, Quebec, Montreal
Time:Sat Sep 13, 2008 @ 8:00pm
I AM FUNK - Tribute
This Saturday I have reserved Les Pas Sages.

What I propose is the following

Samm was special to all of us in a different way.
The space is available to us.
The manager himself knew Sammy, et il a été boulversé quand je lui ai donné les nouvelles
If you are a dj that was somehow touched by Sammy, pull out those tracks that you know were Samm's favourites
If you are a VJ plug into the projector, and show us what Sammy meant to you
Anyone that has an image, or a picture of Sammy, bring it and post it on the wall
If you are an artist, come and draw on the wall.
We are a community of artists that were all inspired in some way by this magnificent soul

This is an hommage to a man that in some way has touched us all in some way, and I'd like the community to come together to show and share our love for this wonderful being.

We need to get together and celebrate the life of one of the greatest individuals this community has ever known.
We all need a way to grieve together in a way that would honour the memory of Sammy

There are no particular djs/vj's/artist confirmed for this event, I want everyone in our community that loved Sammy to come out and show their love in a way that I know Sammy would have wanted.

Sammy was one of the best people I have ever had the PLEASURE to know, and I hope to have the community come together one last time to celebrate his life.

You know, all the bitterness and bullshit in the world just seems meaningless right now.
One of the true angels has ascended, and I invite all those that he touched in his lifetime to come out to celebrate his life.

I need the communitys assistance to bring this together.
The space already has a soundsystem, with 2 turntables and 1 cdj
I can donate my time, and serato for the event. I have some extra sound I can bring along too
Artists, I need your help to bring this to fruition, bring your supplies, bring your sheets as canvas, extra sound/equipment is always welcome, anything we can all put forward!
People to help with decor would be appreciated.
Sammy was important to so many of us in so many different ways.

I am at a loss still, so I am doing what I know best in order to occupy my thoughts.
Lets send our boy off the way he would have wanted!

PLease feel free to PM me here for more info
I can be reached via email at
I can give you my digits via pm

Spread the word, and spread the love

Sammy I miss you and love you bro!
I know that you are doing great things wherever you may be!
Room 1:
Db Vaig - - EZBAKE
Dialect (Electro Breaks) - - MonkeyDub BassBong Breakz R Boss
Fishead (Techno) -
Host1 -
Screwhead - Twisted Bass
Extras:Still need:
cdjs, and a four channel mixer.
VJ's, artists, and pictures, (hell even create a slide show) sheets for canvas, and peeps to lend a hand with deco.

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